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Bay Boy

Twenty one

Jordan and Jared raced to Jordan's counter and I handed them plates, forks and knives. "Where's the food?" Jared asked.
Yup, he and Jordan were definitely related. I smiled and told him to pass me his plate before putting one of the three fillets, the biggest one, on it. I put the medium sized one on Jordan's plate and the smallest one on mine. Jordan noticed that Jared had gotten the biggest piece of fish and pouted.

"How come Jared got a bigger piece?! You're dating me, not him! Besides I'm the one who has a game tonight."
Jared smirked and took a huge bite of his fish, mocking Jordan.
"Chill out Jordan. I'm just being nice to him. I'll give you more pancakes when I make breakfast, okay?"
Now Jordan smirked. Oh man, the Staals had the sexy smirk down pat.
"Mila makes awesome breakfast food, Jarhead. Too bad you'll only be getting a little bit. Ooh Mila, can you make omelets again?"
I sighed and nodded. "But only if you behave! You have to be nice to Jared," I said jokingly.
Jordan stuck out his bottom lip and made a puppy dog face that made my insides melt. "Please Mila? Your omelets are amazing."
"Fine Jordan. God, I think I'm dating a five year old sometimes."

Jordan grinned and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. Jared made gagging noises.
"Shut up!" Jordan said to Jared. The two youngest Staal brothers certainly had an interesting family dynamic.
"Make me," Jared taunted.
Sensing a fight, I intervened. "Both of you shut up before I throw mango salsa at you two! And when I aim I don't ever miss," I said, giving both of them my best death glare.
"Okay, okay," Jared said, putting his hands up while laughing.
I smiled brightly and bit into my own fish.

The rest of lunch was enjoyable. Jared asked me about college and was pretty surprised it wasn't just frat parties and drinking out of red solo cups. He seemed impressed that I was in medical school. He was a nice kid. He and Jordan bickered constantly though. After about a half hour, Jordan and Jared thanked me for cooking. Jordan announced he was going to take his pre-game nap and Jared offered to do the dishes. I was left without anything to do until Jordan grabbed my hand and led me up the staircase.

We got up to his room and I was shocked to see Jordan's bed was actually made. Jordan lifted me up and placed me gingerly on his king bed. He curled in beside me. "I'm sorry about Jared baby. I would have given you advance notice if I'd known."
"It's okay Jord, he's a lot of fun. You guys fight like cats and dogs though."
Jordan chuckled. "No, we fight like Staal brothers. It's normal."
"Maybe it's a good thing I'm an only child then. Having siblings seems exhausting," I said, yawning. Jordan put his arm around me.
"Are you tired baby?" There it was again. He'd called me baby again.
I nodded. "Yeah, I'll get up though. I know you need to get your pre-game nap in."
Jordan pulled me even closer to him, until my face was buried in his chest. "No, stay. There's plenty of room. Unless you don't want to," Jordan said, saying the last part lower, almost dejectedly. I turned up to face him and looked into his beautiful eyes.
"Of course I want to stay. I just don't want to mess with your pre-game routine and your superstitions and stuff."

"You won't mess my routine up. And as for superstitions, you can be my good luck charm." Jordan kissed me slowly on the lips and I decided I liked being held by him. "Kay, sounds good Jordy."
He gave me a kiss on the top of my head. "Go to sleep Mila," he said, his voice as soothing and smooth as green tea. I curled into his large, warm body and buried myself under his blanket, not caring that I was still in jeans.

An alarm went off, it's annoying ringing sounded in my ears and I groggily sat up. Jordan was also just waking up, rubbing his eyes. He looked adorable in his sleepy state. I wondered what it would be like to wake up next to him in the morning before I reprimanded myself. I couldn't fall too fast, this couldn't be like Tyler all over again. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to keep the flood of memories from hitting me like a tidal wave.

"Hey Mil, we gotta get up. C'mon." Jordan said and I couldn't help but notice that he said we, as if we were a team, partners, two halves to a whole. Just like Tyler and I had been. I nodded and sat up, stretching my arms over my head. I stood on Jordan's wooden floor and retreated to the guest room to change into my jersey and black Keds.

Jared was in the guest room, watching TV, and he briefly left so I could get dressed. I was out five minutes later and Jared stared at me.
"What?" I said.
"Nothing, just usually girls take forever to get ready, and you took like five minutes or something like that. Tanya and Lindsay take at least an hour to get ready for anything," he said, referring to Eric's wife and Marc's fiancé. Fuck. They probably wore dresses, like some of the other WAGs did, to games, not jerseys. For the umpteenth time in my life, I didn't fit in, I wasn't quite right.
"Oh um, okay," I said nervously, not quite sure what to say.
"No, it's cool. It's nice to not have to wait such a long time for you to get ready. And I'm sure Jordan will appreciate, since he has no patience," Jared said, putting me at ease.

Just then Jordan called out "Mila! Jared!"
"Speak of the devil," Jared muttered under his breath.
"Yeah?" I yelled back.
"Let's go!" Jordan shouted, his voice full of enthusiasm.
Hearing how excited he was about his game made me beam. I was glad Jordan loved what he did, he probably had just as much passion for hockey as I did for medicine. He wasn't just out for money, unlike Tyler. Ugh, I couldn't get the goddamn douche bag out of my head.
We met Jordan downstairs and he grasped my hand, his huge paw of a hand enveloping my much smaller hand. We walked out to his Range Rover, which was parked in his driveway. He opened the front passenger seat door and I slid on before he went over to the driver's side. I turned on the radio, surprised to find it was already on the classical music station even though I hadn't been in Jordan's car for weeks. Jordan saw my quizzical expression and pulled out of his posh neighborhood before gripping my hand.
"I listen to that station sometimes. It reminds me of you," he said.
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