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Bay Boy

Twenty two

Jordan gave me a quick kiss and then headed off to the locker room, leaving me and Jared standing alone in the family lounge. Jared shifted from foot to foot, something that I've noticed he does whenever he's nervous. It looks pretty funny but I guess everyone's entitled to their quirks. I've certainly got more than my fair share of strange habits. "Jared, do you want to grab something to eat?"
It's been four hours since lunch and Jared is Jordan's brother, he's probably hungry. I know Jordan constantly needs to be fed, he's almost like a child. I don't mind though, it's actually pretty damn cute.
"Yeah Mila food sounds good. Oh shit, is it okay if I call you Mila? Or is that like Jordan's name for you?"
I laughed lightly before shaking my head. "Don't worry about it, everyone's called me Mila practically since I was born, so you're welcome to call me it too."
Jared nods and says "Gotcha," and we take off to Buffalo Wild Wings.

Jared looks up from his plate of wings, well wing bones, he's eaten everything. He has red barbecue sauce on his chin and I find it hilarious. It matches his hair.
"Jared you got a little something on your chin," I say.
Jared wipes at his chin frantically with his napkin and gets most of the sauce off. "Did I get it all?"Jared asks.
"Almost," I say, before wiping the remaining sauce off with my napkin. I smile at my handiwork. "You're all good now," I say.

Jared and I ran up to the WAG box and plopped down into seats. We'd spent over an hour at Buffalo Wild Wings and the puck drop was in just twenty minutes. The time at the restaurant had been fun though, the initial awkwardness had faded quickly and Jared was really funny. I hoped meeting the rest of the Staals, whenever that would happen, would be as easy and pain free. That was if Jordan wanted me to meet the rest of his family. We'd only been together for two months and I wondered if our relationship was ready for the ultimate test, meeting the parents. Probably not. I knew I was going to wait a while before I introduced Jordan to Dad. Dad was even more overprotective than the average father, especially after Tyler. I really wanted Dad to like Jordan, because I liked Jordan a lot. I was afraid that I liked him too much, too soon. I was scared that I'd surprise him and I'd find him in bed with another girl, and I'd have have to deal with the heartbreak Tyler had put me through all over again. No, no, I was not going to take a trip down memory lane, not now, not here, not with Jared right next to me.

"Mila, it's so nice to see you again!" Vero squealed, snapping me out of the haze I'd been in. She hugged me and her chic beige cashmere scarf slipped, revealing the hickeys on her neck. She was engaged to Marc and they'd been together since they were fifteen, she was no slut, but I couldn't help but smirk at her.
"You too, V!" I said, using her nickname. Vero and I had grown closer and texted quite a bit now, she was a great girl and knew the ins and outs of being a WAG. Vero readjusted her scarf before sitting down next to me. I was now sandwiched in between Vero and Jared.
"Jare bear!" Vero exclaimed excitedly when she saw Jared.
"Hi Vero," Jared said, giving Vero a small wave.
"I take it this isn't the first time you've sat in the WAG box?" I asked Jared.
He nodded sheepishly. "They have really good food and comfy chairs, okay?"
I laughed. "Okay Jared, whatever you say. I know you're secretly dating Sid."
Vero smacked my shoulder lightly.
"Shush! I'm already worried that Sid is gay, you don't need to bring it up."

The game started and it was fast paced, as it always was when the Pens played the Flyers. The rivalry was stronger than ever now that Max Talbot was in orange. It was bound to be an exciting game.

And a crazy game it was. The Pens ended up winning 3-2 in a shootout, Geno scaring the winning goal. The team dog piled him and Jared, Vero and I headed down to the family lounge to wait for the guys. Half an hour later, Matt Cooke exited and told Vero that Marc would be out in a couple minutes. He turned to me and stared for a second before his eyes lit up with recognition. "Oh! You're Jordan's girlfriend right? He was just finishing up with the media." I smiled and thanked Matt. Matt was a good guy and his wife Michelle, who I'd briefly met tonight, seemed sweet. In general, the whole Penguins crew, WAGs included, had been nothing but kind and welcoming to me so far.

Jordan walked into the lounge and grabbed Jared and I in a big, group bear hug. Jordan was a tough, cold hockey player most of the time but deep down he was incredibly affectionate.
"Sorry I took so long. Media was ridiculous. You should have seen how they swarmed Geno. Poor guy."
Jordan took my hand and we went out to the player's parking lot. Jordan unlocked his Range Rover and he drove back to his house, Jared recapping the highlights of the game in the back seat. You could tell Jared adored hockey.

Jordan parked the car in his garage and we all stumbled out of the car, fatigued. Once we got inside there was the matter of sleeping arrangements though.
"Jared you'll take the uh, alternative guest room okay?" Jordan said quietly. Jared nodded.
I pulled Jordan aside. "Jordan. I know what that room was for, I overheard you earlier. Don't make Jared sleep there."
Jordan's face paled. "I don't do that stuff anymore Mila. I swear." Jordan said solemnly, his blue eyes serious.
"I know Jord, and I believe you one hundred percent. But knowing you, I doubt you've changed the sheets or cleaned that room lately and it's probably best nor to scar Jared for life. I'll take the couch."
Jordan nodded. "Fine, but you're not sleeping on the couch. There's plenty of room in my bed."
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