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Bay Boy

Twenty four

I woke up and felt Jordan's arms around me, his leg slung over mine. I would have thought it was really lovely but I desperately had to pee. I managed to wiggle out from Jordan's grasp and made a mad dash to the master bathroom, which was conveniently attached to Jordan's bedroom. I heard Jordan stir and I washed my hands and emerged. I walked over to the bed, where Jordan had sat up and was yawning. Jordan gave me a sleepy, slow morning kiss.
"Morning babe," he said.
"Good morning baby," I said.
A couple months ago I probably would have smirked and made gagging noises at Jordan and I's cutesy exchange, but with Jordan it didn't feel sugar coated and nauseating, I was blissfully ignorant of what a mush-ball I'd become.

A couple minutes later, I was downstairs in Jordan's kitchen, simultaneously flipping pancakes and omelets. Jared wandered down, rubbing his eyes sleepily, and took a seat at the island next to Jordan. I put Jordan's cheddar cheese omelet on his plate, along with three pancakes.
"Good morning Jared, what do you want in your omelet?" I asked cheerily.
"Lots of cheese, and meat." he said.
I smiled to myself, Staals were so predictable.
I finished making my own omelet, which was loaded up with green peppers, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes and feta cheese, before starting on Jared's ham and Swiss one. After three minutes, Jared's omelet was ready, as were the last batch of pancakes.
"Okay, everything's ready. If you want something else, speak now or forever hold your peace. Once I get my ass down, it's down." I said, putting the frying pan in the dishwasher.
"Hey Mila, can I lick the pancake batter spoon?" Jordan asked.
I laughed, Jordan was such a child sometimes, but it was beyond adorable.
"Go for it Jord. Can you put it and the batter bowl in the sink afterward though?" I said, sitting down to eat.
Jordan nodded, his baby blue eyes all lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

"Jared, do you want to come to practice?" Jordan asked after we'd finished eating.
"Yeah!" Jared said enthusiastically, and very loudly.
"Jared, try not to kill my eardrums next time?" I said and Jared blushed before apologizing.
I knew the youngest Staal was just excited to get to practice with the Penguins, an NHL team and I didn't hold his excessive excitement against him. It was kind of cute actually, the way Jordan and Jared's faces got all smiley at just the mention of hockey. It was a wonder they didn't get tired of it. Even I got tired of studying sometimes. But then again, hockey didn't involve learning every single bone and muscle in the body.

"Do you guys know when you'll be back?" I asked meekly, wondering how much time I'd have with Jordan.
"What do you mean? You're coming to practice Mila." Jordan said and my stomach got that cliche butterfly feeling. I jutted my hip out. "And suppose I don't want to?" I said in my best sassy diva voice, trying to channel my inner brat. It didn't work, I doubled over laughing at Jordan's amused face and Jared's expression of total and utter shock. I was laughing so hard I was struggling to breathe. "You. . . should have seen. . .your. . .face. . ." I said, gasping, my face tomato red. Jordan shook his head and chuckled, while Jared looked worried his brother was dating a psychopath.
I regained my composure.
"Okay, when are we leaving? Cause I'm ready to go whenever you are," I said happily.
"Uh. . .Jord," Jared muttered, glancing at his brother.
"Babe, you're still in boxers. I think you look hot but I wouldn't want any of my teammates staring. We have to leave in forty five minutes, is that enough time for you?" Jordan asked, winking at me.
"Luxury, I'll only need half of that," I said, quoting a Sherlock Holmes line from Elementary, my favorite show.
"Okay, well I'm gonna shower. Call if you need anything Mila."

I quickly showered in the guest bedroom and dressed for the chilly December day. I wore jeans, a tank top and a warm, oversize cardigan, as well as my pea coat. Jordan came into his room, freshly showered, just in boxers. I wanted to jump him, he was perfection, but I stopped myself. Jordan pressed his lips against mine urgently, as if his life depended on it and I kissed back just as fiercely. I could feel his skin against mine and I wanted him closer, so much closer. I could feel the thin cotton of his boxers pressed against my jeans. I could feel his erection, even through my jeans, and I moaned as Jordan's tongue gained entrance to my mouth. Jordan pressed his chest to my ribcage, and our bodies were too close to each other to be able to tell where I ended and Jordan began. I was up against a wall now and Jordan broke away from our kiss, leaving me breathless. I whimpered lowly, missing the feel of him already. Jordan left a trail of gentle kisses down my neck. "Jord," I pleaded.
"Mila, do you know what you do to me baby?" Jordan asked huskily, his voice giving me chills and I shivered. I could feel the hard presence in between his legs pressed against me now and I wanted him desperately. He kissed me hard again and all I could think of was how badly I wanted him.
"Jordan! C'mon, we can't be late!" Jared shouted from downstairs, sounding impatient. Jordan groaned and cursed under his breath before biting into my neck lightly, hopefully lightly enough not to leave a hickey, and then swiftly lifting me onto his back and piggy-backing me down the stairs, where Jared was waiting.
Jordan set me down and as he was putting me down he leaned into my ear and whispered lowly "To be continued."
I was almost shaking at the thought of having Jordan that close to me, feeling him again. Jordan drove to practice, Bach playing softly, and I could feel Jordan's eyes on me, tracing my outline, while Jared sat oblivious in the backseat.
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