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Bay Boy

Twenty nine

I woke up the morning after my biochemistry final, December 23rd, feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I'd cried over Skype to Jordan the night I'd told Dad I'd be gone for Christmas and Jordan had slowly erased all the guilt from my conscience, like an iron smoothing over wrinkles. As I hurriedly put on leggings and a big sweater, I felt calm.

I stepped up to the lady at the terminal and she scanned my ticket before letting me board the massive plane. I was headed to Pittsburgh first, then Thunder Bay with Jordan. I'd be in Thunder Bay, Ontario in a little less than ten hours. In that time I had to prepare myself for meeting Jordan's family. As if making a good impression on his parents wasn't daunting enough, I also had to worry about being accepted by Eric and Marc, Jordan's older brothers. Needless to say, my holiday season was a bit more stressful than usual this year.

Stashing my black suitcase in the airplane's overhead bin I let out a deep breath, trying to calm myself down. Jordan was amazing but I wasn't quite sure I was ready to meet his parents. What if they didn't like me? What if Jordan broke up with me because of his parents' disapproval? Oh god no. In the short time we has been together, Jordan had become my world. He was my moon, my stars, my sun. I couldn't imagine life without him. Days that went by without me talking to Jordan, well, those days were just no good. No one could put a smile on my face like the childish blond giant. Shoving the overhead bin closed, I sat down in my seat and buckled up, preparing or takeoff.

"We have landed in Pittsburgh! You may now unfasten your seat belts." The flight attendant cheerily announced and I shot up out of my seat, eager to get off the goddamn plane and find Jordan. I felt like an over needy girlfriend but I really need him to comfort me right now. Weaving through the crowds at the Pittsburgh airport, I finally spotted Jordan's towering body.

"Jord!" I yelled and he turned to face me, a wide, goofy smile filling up his face.
"Mila!" He yelled back and we began running forwards each other like they did in those old movies. We met in the middle of the Pittsburgh airport, among the chaos, crowds and luggage and Jordan pressed his lips against mine hard. We stayed like that for a couple more seconds before someone ran over my toe with a crocodile skin wheelie suitcase. Bitch. Jordan sighed contently and we pulled apart, but our hands stayed intertwined. I had been away from Jordan for long enough and I couldn't stand to be apart from him for any longer. All Dad's stern warnings about PDA with Jordan had flown out of my head the moment I'd seen Jordan like a strong northern wind carried leaves off of trees in autumn. As we snuggled up on leather chairs in the airport's first class lounge I couldn't help but love Jordan. The way his arm felt around my shoulders, the soft tone his voice took on when he said my name, when he'd bitten out of his chocolate croissant pieces had gone flying everywhere. Every thing he did, no matter how seemingly insignificant and tiny, made me love him. I wanted to blurt it out, let him know right now, right here, in the airport lounge. But I had more tact than that so I held my tongue.

"Now boarding flight 685 to Toronto, flight 685 to Toronto!" The loudspeaker cackled.
Jordan led me onto the plane and stashed our luggage in the overhead bin, which was easily accessible to him because of his height. I sat down in the window seat and leaned back, listening to the flight attendants demonstrate how to use the emergency safety equipment. I knew Air Canada was a safe, reliable airline that took good care of it's planes, keeping them in tip-top condition, but something inside nagged at me. Stop being such a baby Mila, I told myself. I knew flying was safe and I had no reason to worry but planes did crash. Oh god, oh god, oh god. I almost started to hyperventilate, my knuckles white from clutching the seat's armrests, when Jordan placed his large, warm hand overtop mine. Jordan quickly buckled my seatbelt, tightening it around my waist, and as the plane began to lift up off the runway, gaining altitude, I panicked inside. No, no, no. It was all wrong. I couldn't do this. What had I been thinking, thinking I could do this? I couldn't go to Toronto, or Thunder Bay, I couldn't be on this plane. Another wave of panic hit me as Jordan looked over at my stricken, nervous expression, his face twisted up in that way it did when he was concerned. My heart dropped in my chest and I put on a fake smile for Jordan. Jordan smiled, seeming satisfied, and drifted off to sleep.

As we neared Toronto the plane started to experience some turbulence, more than enough to kick my hypersensitive nerves into overdrive. I shut my eyes tightly, imagining the plane crashing. Jordan woke up, startled at the sudden jerky movements of the plane. The plane hit another gust of wind and the whole cabin shook.
"Oh god, oh god, Jord, the nose is going to dip, the plane's going to go down, Jordan, oh god, oh god, I can't do this." I exclaimed, my voice panicked. Jordan placed a kiss to my temple gently. And then another one. And then one in my forehead.
"Mila, it's okay. You're going to be alright. Nothing's going to happen to me or you or anyone here. We're fine, I promise."
I looked up at Jordan meekly.
"I would never lie to you. I love you Mila."
Suddenly a feeling of calm washed over me like a wave. Jordan loved me. I would be alright.
Just as I was about to tell Jordan I loved him, the flight attendant's voice cut through the cabin.
"Now landing in Torontol!" She squeaked and the moment was gone.

As we walked to the Toronto airport's Panera Bread, we passed a homeless man and I dug out a dollar and placed it in his cup. I rejoined Jordan and he took my hand once again. I leaned up to him.
"I love you too Jord," I said quietly.
Jordan pulled me to him and kissed me, my knees turning to jelly.
He pulled away a moment later, his blue eyes serious.
"I was scared you wouldn't feel the same way Mila. I love you Milena Narkov," Jordan said, planting a kiss on my cheek.
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