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Bay Boy


Jordan's POV

As I laced my skates up for the game I wondered if she'd came. Milena. The girl with the different colored eyes, the blonde hair, and the face that looked pretty and was always smiling-even when her nose was bleeding. Milena, the girl who had no idea I played for the Penguins. It was refreshing, not having her throw herself at me. Yes, the puck bunnies were nice for a quick lay, but they'd take off their panties if I so much as looked at them. I missed the chase. It was no fun to get everything easy. Well, maybe it was fun but I wanted Milena, she would be a challenge. I warmed up, shooting pucks at Flower and soon the game started. The Habs were a good team and I had to work hard to get in their zone. It was the first game of the season and I wanted to start it off right, with a win. Besides, I wanted to impress Milena. Finally, Letang passed to me and I got away on a breakaway and delivered a slap shot into the top right corner of the night. Carey Price had no idea what had hit him. Goal! I'd scored! Yes! That was the way to start off the season.

The second and third periods went by slowly and Sid managed a goal with Geno giving him the assist. We'd played good, solid hockey and I was proud. Dan gave us a quick talk and then I hit the showers. I'd instructed the people at will call to give Milena a pass so she could come down to the guest locker room and told them to have security escort her. I showered quickly and did the obligatory media stuff. As usual, Sid was getting bombarded with microphones. A couple of the guys' wives and girlfriends came and some people left. I was beginning to worry Milena wasn't going to show. Had she really blown me off? Me, Jordan Staal? I thought running into her on the McGill campus where I'd gone to visit an old friend maybe happened for a reason. She was pretty, smart, funny and nice. And if I was with her maybe my mom would stop pestering me. I got into my dress shirt and slacks, ready to hit the clubs, when security came in practically dragging Milena. She was screaming. "Let me go! I'll call the cops! This is a violation of my Miranda rights!" I couldn't help but laugh. I had no idea what Miranda rights were or what she was talking about, but generally security dragged screaming girls out of the locker room, not into it. Sid looked unimpressed. "She's giving me a headache,"he complained. Finally Milena spotted me. "Jordan! Thank God!" I motioned to the security guards to let her go and they released her arms. "Hey Milena!" Milena glared at me with her two gorgeous multi colored eyes. "Care to explain why I was dragged here?" Her tone was icy. "Well, I figured you'd want to meet the Pens. I owe it to you, especially after what happened." Milena shook her head. "I was so scared. After the game, the security guards told me I needed to come with them and dragged me down a series of tunnels. I thought you got me a fake ticket or something. But they wouldn't tell me what was going on. That's why I was screaming. I wanted to get my Miranda rights,y'know, knowing what you're being charged with, the right to remain silent, all that." Sid now looked slightly amused. "Sid, this is Milena Narkov. She goes to McGill. Milena, this is Sidney Crosby, my captain." Milena smiled and put her hand out. "It's an honor to meet you Sidney." Sid chuckled, sounding like a pre-pubescent girl. "It's great to meet you too, Milena. So you go to McGill? Are you a Habs fan?" Milena shook her head. "Caps fan," Sidney grimaced "Ooh, bad taste. At least you're not a Flyers fan I guess." Milena laughed, her laugh was like a calming cup of earl gray tea. "Please, you're just jealous the Caps have kick ass players like Ovie and Semin. You guys don't have enough Russian power." Sid practically shrieked "What!? We have Geno, he's like five Russians." He motioned the tall Russian over."he doesn't speak English very well," he warned Milena. "That's fine," she nodded, "I speak Russian." Geno came over and Milena said "Zhdrasvuyete,",her Russian accent thick. It was pretty hot. Geno's eyes widened. "Ti gavireesh parouski?" She chuckled. "Kaneshna." They bantered back in forth in quick Russian and Geno roared with laughter at something she said. They talked for about ten minutes before Geno put his arm around her and said "Gronk, I like her. Not screw up with her." My face turned red as I tried to explain to Geno that she wasn't my girlfriend. But who knew, maybe someday she would be. Wait, what? Since when do I want a girlfriend? Sure, Milena's hot but I could see us being friends or maybe just hooking up once or twice. I, Jordan Staal, do not do relationships.
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The Russian means:
At first, Milena says hello.
Then Geno asks if she speaks Russian
She says of course