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Bay Boy


Boarding the small plane, I gripped Jordan's hand tightly. Not because of fear this time though, just anxiety. What if his parents hated me? What if Christmas went horribly? What if Christmas 2011 was a disaster for Dad? I voiced all my insecurities to Jordan, who brushed them away.
"My family will love you Mila. You're the first girl I've ever brought home. You're the one that tamed me, as my mom would say. And your dad will be fine without you, okay? It's just a couple of days."
"Okay." I gulped.

Stepping off the plane, I wanted to run right back onto it or even better, book the next ticket right back to Montreal, or maybe even DC. But Jordan's arm around my waist steered me gently over to to a ginger Staal, Marc. Jordan's big brother. Oh god.

"Jord!" Marc yelled affectionately, Jordan dropping my hand to give his brother a one arm hug.
"You must be Milena, Jordan's told me all about you! Its great to finally meet you!" Marc said and I gave Jordan a quick stink eye before turning back to Marc.

"Oh! Jordan's told me lots about you too. Nice to meet you too." I said, sticking my hand out for a handshake, something that was a go-to greeting back in DC.
Marc laughed loudly and pulled me in for a hug and I mouthed "help" to Jordan.

"C'mon Marc, don't steal my girlfriend." Jordan brandished, sensing how uncomfortable I was in the grasp of his big brother.
"You're right, you probably can't get another one little brother."
Jordan snorted. "At least I'm not an ugly ass ginger like you."
"I'll have you know Lindsay loves my hair. Do you guys have all your luggage?"
"Yup!" I said, finally finding the courage to speak.
We headed out to the Staals' pickup truck and Jordan climbed into the passenger seat while I hopped into the back.

The drive to the Staal farm from the airport was about forty five minutes, but it felt much shorter. The beautiful farm country was like eye candy to a city girl like me and I practically gasped at the gorgeous landscape. It was so raw and natural.

We pulled up to the Staal's sod farm, the truck's tires crunching the rocky gravel driveway. Marc and Jordan insisted on grabbing all of Jordan and I's luggage, leaving my hands empty and fidgeting, searching for something to do. I was used to dissecting human tissue with a scalpel and adjusting knobs on a microscope, not having my hands hanging limply at my sides. It was unnerving to me. I wanted to reach for Jordan's hand but both of them were occupied, one wheeling a rolling suitcase, the other gripping my duffel bag. I filed into the Staal house, almost hiding behind Marc and Jordan's towering frames.
"Jordan!" Linda Staal cried, running to her giant blond son and scooping him up into a hug.
"Hey Mom," was his reply.
A few seconds later, Jordan was launched into his father's arms, once again doing that manly one armed hug thing.

"Jordan, where are your manners!? You haven't introduced us to Milena! I thought I raised you better than that." Jordan's mom scolded.
Taking my hand, Jordan guided me over to his parents and I couldn't help but feel like I was being fed to the sharks. Oh god.
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