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Bay Boy


Turns out, Milena's worries about the Staal's liking her were silly. That Christmas dinner, when Parker began to choke Mila performed CPR which Eric, Tanya, Linda and Henry are still thankful for. Later that night, Henry pulled Jordan aside and gave him some advice: marry that girl.

Jordan asked Mila to move with him to Carolina when he got traded that summer. After applying to Duke and UNC, Mila was accepted to only UNC and while she grappled with whether or not she was willing to live in Carolina if it meant going to a less prestigious school, she ultimately decided to attend. Jordan's still thanking his lucky stars she agreed. They rented a cute little apartment halfway between Raleigh and Chapel Hill together, where they remained until Milena graduated medical school, with highest honors of course.

But there were bumps in the road for the happy couple. They hit a rough patch a month after their big move to Carolina, at their apartment warming party. Upon seeing Tanya's children Milena realized Jordan wanted kids-soon. He wanted her to be a mother. She wanted to be a doctor. Milena ended it and they were apart for three months before Jordan finally reassured her he was okay with having kids later in life, as long as he had them with her. She moved back in.

A year later, when they'd been together for almost two years, Jordan got down on one knee, in the kitchen, pancake batter all over his face from his attempt at making Mila breakfast in bed. She said yes.

Jordan was there for Mila every step of the way and she was there for him. He rubbed her feet after long days during her last, incredibly intense year of medical school, brought her coffee during 16 hour long shifts at the hospital when she was an intern and later a resident and taught her yoga relaxation techniques Eric had showed him so she could relax before her Board exam. She passed with flying colors, as expected, and with minimal anxiety. She faithfully watched his games, cooked for him and his rambunctious teammates, took pre-game naps with him and was there to lift the Cup with him when the Canes finally won it.

When Mila and Jordan were 29, a year after he'd won the Cup and once she was a fellow at the hospital, they took the plunge into parenthood and Mila gave birth to two beautiful children, Ana and Ryan, twins. Jordan and Mila bought a house that year in Raleigh with a yard and Jordan finished his hockey career with the Canes before becoming a stay at home dad.
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