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Bay Boy


Jordan's POV

I hauled my lazy ass out of bed and blinked a few times, waking myself up. I wandered downstairs and saw Milena standing at the stove, making something that smelled like eggs. She was so amazing, she had this unbelievable depth to her but you would never know it unless you really got to know her. And unlike most girls she was so easy to get along with. It was nice waking up and having her in my kitchen. "Alright, one extra large omelette with cheddar cheese for the hockey player." She flipped the omelette onto a plate and handed it to me. "Thanks Mila, but you really shouldn't have. We could have gone out for breakfast." Mila waved her hand, letting me know it was no big deal. "Not once in my life have I ever gone out for breakfast, and I'm not going to start now Jordan Staal." I smiled at that, I'd have to take her out before she went back to Montreal, she was so unspoiled. "And for the med student, a normal sized veggie omelette," she said to herself. The way she spoke to herself was weird in a cute way. Mila was quirky, and from her mumblings to her different colored eyes, she really was different from anyone I'd ever met. Growing up in Thunder Bay, most people had been straight laced and hardworking. In Pittsburgh I had experienced greedy, rude, spoiled people. Mila was everything I loved about my hometown with enough of her own personality to keep things interesting. She seemed to have a knack for teasing me and could go at it for hours. Unlike my exes, she could take my good natured joking. But at the same time be could be serious too, which was evident from how hard she worked at school. I'd only known her for a week but if felt like much, much more.

"Hey, earth to hockey player, don't you have practice or something?" Milena's smooth voice jolted me out of my thoughts. "I have to be at the rink in forty minutes. Do you want to come?" Milena nodded, "Sure! Let me go get ready." She made her way upstairs and I listened to the sound of her bare feet on the stairs. My house was always so quiet, I liked the noise people brought to it. Unfortunately I lived alone so most if the time my house was eerily quiet. I didn't like to bring puck bunnies back here though, they could get really creepy and I was scared they'd stalk me. Milena reappeared ten minutes later, in black Nike Pro shorts and a sky blue athletic tank top. She looked great, I'd have to chase my teammates away, but I was worried she'd be cold. "Milena, it's pretty cold out, do you need something warm to wear?" Milena shook her head. "I'm fine Jordan, it's not even that cold. And I was planning on running the steps at Consol to get a small workout in, I used to do it a lot at Georgetown."
"If you wanted, we could workout in the gym at Consol." Milena smiled, her smile made her look like a supermodel. "That would be great, thanks! Just don't get mad when I can lift more than you can and I totally kick your ass. It's happened before. Needless to say, me and that boyfriend didn't last long." She laughed. I loved that she let all life's issues just roll off her back, nothing got to her. I found myself thinking she'd make a good WAG before I snapped out of it, realizing she lived in Montreal. Besides, I liked the wham-bam-thank you ma'am lifestyle of one night stands. It got lonely sometimes, sure, but everything in life had pros and cons.

Milena stood in the stands yelling at me to go faster as we did speed drills. Coach Bylsma looked amused. "All right guys, we're done for the day. Let's kick the Bruins' asses tonight, alright?" We all cheered and headed to the locker room. I didn't bother showering, I was about to work out anyways, and changed into shorts and an Under Armour shirt. "Hey Staalsy, who's your lady friend? She's hot," TK asked. I gritted my teeth. Milena wasn't just a piece of meat and she was mine. I would kill anyone who so much as laid a finger on her, teammate or not. "Yeah Gronk, do you have a girlfriend?" Sid asked, he was probably worrying if a girl would throw off my game. "That's Milena, my friend. If any of you so much as breathe too close to her, I will chop your balls off. Understand?"
"Ooh, someone's touchy," Brooks said.
"Looks like Gronk's got a girl. I always thought hell would freeze over first," Tanger said, smirking. "She's not my girl." I said.
"So you're cool if I hook up with her bro?" TK asked. "I am not okay with that. She's mine but she's not mine," I said, running my hands through my hair, like I always did when I was frustrated. "And besides, she would never go for you. She's crazy smart and really cool."
"Sound like you like girl," Geno said.
"I don't know, maybe we're better as friends. We're great friends. And I've only known her for a week. Besides, she lives in Montreal. But fuck, she's gorgeous." There was more to it than that, but I didn't want to spill my feelings to the guys and get made fun of for being such a girl.
"If you like, go get. You Gronk, you like her. Other things not matter. Oksana in Russia, not matter to me, she mine." Geno's reasoning actually made sense, though I could barely understand his broken English.

After Geno's pep talk, I found Milena running the stairs. She looked hot in her tight shorts. She turned around when she heard my footsteps. Her cheeks were red and she was a bit sweaty, she looked great anyways. "Bay Boy! I was starting to think you'd never come. Ready to hit the gym?" I led the way to the gym, filled with fancy equipment, all emblazoned with the Pens logo. "Wow,"Milena said. "It's a great gym. Ready to hit the weights?" The gym was really nice but I'd grown used to it and it was normal to me now. Milena nodded and sat down at the bench press. I hadn't noticed before but she actually had some definition in her arms. It wasn't gross and bulky muscle, but a small bump of muscle was visible when she flexed. I spotted her as she lifted 180 pounds, her form perfect. Seeing her lifting was one of the sexiest things I'd ever witnessed. Sid walked in during her third set and when he asked how much she was lifting and I told him he seemed impressed. She stopped after her sixth set and I laid down, lifting two twenty. She spotted me and then we split up. I did a light workout on the bike and she walked on a treadmill next to Sid, who was on a bike. They chatted and I smiled at how well she got along with everyone. I'd have to fly her down for our next home game, I really enjoyed her company.
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