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Bay Boy


After a quick workout in the gym Jordan and I headed back to his house. I wasn't even sure house was the right word, it was practically a mansion. I hit the shower and after I toweled off I I changed into medium wash jeans, a black tank top and grey knit cardigan. Jordan's house was colder than the Arctic tundra. "Milena! We're going out for lunch. C'mon."
"Sounds great! I'll be down in a sec." I threw my damp hair up into a bun and went downstairs. "I know this really good cafe, is that okay?" Jordan seemed nervous. "Sounds good Bay Boy," I said, trying to put him at ease.

We climbed into the Range Rover and I listened to classical music and took in Pittsburgh as Jordan drove. "You know, Pittsburgh's actually not bad. It's sorta pretty. It's no DC though."
"It's a pretty cool city. From what I've seen of DC it's not that great." I gasped. "Take that back!" Jordan smirked, "Never."
"Well obviously your taste in cities sucks. But seriously, DC is beautiful. Especially in spring when all the cherry blossoms are blooming. It's so idyllic," I drummed my finger on the dash, "If you could live anywhere, where would you live?" Jordan paused to think about it. "That's a tough one. Pittsburgh because of hockey though probably. Or maybe Raleigh so I could play with Eric."
"If hockey wasn't a factor then where?"
"Thunder Bay. It's home. What about you?"
"That's a tough one. If I had no ties to DC and Dad wasn't at McGill, then I have no idea where I'd go. Home is wherever my family is y'know?" Most people didn't understand, most people my age were kids who just wanted to get away from home and their families. I, on the other hand, clung to my family. "I get it." And I knew Jordan understand from the way he spoke about his family. Jordan pulled up to the curb and I practically jumped out of the car.

We sat in the cafe, and I dipped my grilled cheese into my tomato soup. "So Mila, for the game tonight you'll be sitting in the WAG box. I hope you don't mind." I smiled, as if I could be mad at Jordan. "Not at all. What exactly is a WAG though?"
"It stands for wives and girlfriends." I almost choked on my sandwich. "Are you okay Milena?" Jordan asked frantically. I nodded, my face color probably matched my soup. "Fine,"I choked out. The rest of lunch was normal. Just me and Jordan, having fun. When we got back to Jordan's house he went up to his room and then gave me one of his game worn jerseys. It would be huge on me but I was touched by the gesture. "Jordan. . ." I couldn't describe how amazing it was. "The correct thing to say is thank you Mila. And it's no problem. Sorry it's so big. But it's kinda your fault for being short. I'm gonna take a nap now." He laid down is his sweatpants and T-shirt, looking beyond adorable. I almost wanted to climb in with him. "Sleep well Bay Boy."

I slipped into Jordan's jersey, it was huge on me. It went well with my jeans and Keds though. I put my hair down, it was wavy from being in a bun. It looked decent for once. I went downstairs and ate a banana. Jordan woke up soon after and we drove to Consol, Rachmaninov playing. Jordan led me to the WAG box and introduced me to a pretty, petite brown haired woman. "Milena, this is Vero, Flower's girlfriend. Vero, this is Milena. Milena, follow her down to the locker room after the game." I nodded and Jordan left. "Hi,it's nice to meet you," I said softly and put my hand out for Vero to shake. Vero pulled me in for a hug instead. "None of that formal stuff. If you're with Jordan you're part of the Pens family." Vero had a pretty French Canadian accent. "Oh, um, Jordan and I are just friends." Vero snorted and laughed. "Jordan doesn't have friends who are girls. He obviously likes you a lot if he invited you here and gave you his jersey. He's never brought a girl here before." I took it all in. Could I really mean something to Jordan? No, Vero was just flattering me. "I could give you a whole list of reasons of why Jordan and I are just friends, but that's not important. Agree to disagree?" Vero nodded. "Deal. So what exactly do you do?" I smiled. "I'm in my second year of medical school."
"Ooh wow, so you're smart. I was always worried Jordan would end up with some bimbo with the IQ of a hamster. I'm glad he picked you though. So I'm guessing you're at Pitt?" I shook my head. "McGill." Vero continued to pepper me with questions about school, how I liked Montreal and Jordan and I's relationship. I knew she was scoping me out but I didn't mind, I knew a lot of gold diggers probably tried to get with Jordan. Soon more WAGs filed in and they all gave me hugs, they were a friendly bunch. The game started and I was out of my seat half the time cheering and yelling.

In the second period Jordan took a nasty hit to the head and went off the ice. I knew Jordan would try to go back out even if his head hurt him. I couldn't let that happen. "Vero, can you take me down to the locker room?"
"Do you want to see Jordan?" I nodded. "Let's go then."
Four minutes later I burst into the medical exam room where the Pens doctor was wrapping Jordan's head up with some adhesive tape and getting ready to send Jord back out. "Excuse me sir," I said to the grey haired team doctor, "Has Jordan been through and impACT test and an MRI to check if he has a concussion?" The doctor shook his head. "He says he's feeling fine, there's no need to."
"Actually, in many cases of very serious sports concussions initially the symptoms aren't present but a second hit can worsen the cranial trauma. It's important to get the tests done. If they're normal, Jordan can go back out." The doctor huffed but I wasn't going to take no for an answer. Medicine was something I was good at, I'd taken an EMT class my senior year of high school and I was a certified EMT. "Fine." The doctor readied Jordan for the tests and my face sunk as I saw the results of Jordan's MRI. "It doesn't look like a concussion but some stuff in there is a little swollen. I don't think he should go back out and we should check on him tomorrow," I said. "I agree," the doctor stated.
I went back to Jordan and told him the news. He was upset but understood why we were being cautious. "Thanks for taking care of me Mila," he said softly. His voice made me swoon and I had to remind myself I was just a friend to him. The kiss was nothing to him.

The game ended in overtime, the Pens losing and the mood in the locker room was somber. Coach Bylsma pulled me aside. "Thank you Milena. Dr. Burke is a great doctor but a second opinion is always helpful. Jordan's a key asset to the team and we want him to stay healthy. So thanks. Have a good night."
"It was no problem, you have a good night too."
I took Jordan's keys from his stall and after saying bye to the guys we headed to his Range Rover. I drove home and sat on Jordan's bed. I'd have to wake him up every half hour to ask him questions to make sure he didn't have a concussion. I made Jord pancakes and he ate four before plopping into bed.

I woke Jordan up and he groaned slightly before sitting up. "Alright Bay Boy, what's your middle name?"
"And where are you?"
"Good. You can sleep now." At around twelve, after I had woken Jordan up several time to ask him questions he said "This isn't fair Mila. You get to know about me but I wanna know about you too. I should get to ask you questions too." His voice was sleepy and sexy. "Alright Jordan."
By one thirty a.m Jordan knew all my secrets, insecurities and anxieties and I knew his. "Mila, do you like anyone at McGill?" I shook my head. "No. Do you like anyone in Pittsburgh?" Jordan smiled sleepily. "Sometimes." I was confused. "What do you mean by that Jord?"
"I like this girl but she's not here most of the time. But when she's in Pittsburgh I like someone in Pittsburgh-her. And when she's not here I like someone in Montreal-her." I froze, was Jordan saying he liked me? Before I had time to ask he leaned forward and kissed me. His lips were soft and gentle. He was like December, a Tazo chai tea latte, my warm Navajo blanket, the Tchaikovsky song my mom used to play on the piano, Elliott's happy meow. His kiss and him were a whole bundle of emotions I sleepily decided we're happiness, though truthfully I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I couldn't place it but I decided I liked it-a lot. Jordan lapsed back into sleep.
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