Sequel: Death of Giovanni

Lucario Love

Chapter 4

The next day, Ash and Lucario woke up to Kidd, Brock, and May bending over their entwined bodies, looking at them with a curious expression on their faces. Ash and Lucario looked at each other, and knew they had a little explaining to do.
Brock made breakfast, so they could all eat as Lucario and Ash told their tale of the previous night, leaving out all of the more private moments. Even all of the Pokemon they had with them were out to listen to what had happened. After they had eaten and Ash and Lucario had spilled their beans, so to speak, the gang had packed up their camp and left it the way they found it. The next time they stopped, Ash and Lucario went out on their own, leaving their friends with knowing looks on their faces.
Ash followed Lucario up a small hill, and asked, “Hey… Lu, where are we going?”
Lucario looked back, smiled mysteriously, and said, “I want to show you something. Something that’s very dear to my heart.”
Ash, still looking confused, and more then a little curious, followed Lucario.
They reached a small clearing with a hut in the middle. The hut was very unkempt and more then a little of it was covered over by vines. Lucario walked past this hut and moved towards a steep cliff over looking the rest of the forest with a beautiful view of the Tree of Beginnings.
Ash looked at Lucario and smiled happily. “It’s beautiful, Lu,” Ash said as he hugged his lover.
“I thought you would like it, Ash,” Lucario said as he hugged him. They looked on at the view a little longer and then they moved back to the hut.
A little ways from the hut, Lucario showed Ash the training ground he and Aaron had used all those years ago. The place obviously had the feel of neglect and misuse due to the fact that no one had set foot up here in over 1000 years, but it was still usable.
“Ash, I want you to try and tap into your Aura,” Lucario said, “It’ll help you out a lot during this trip.”
Ash nodded and asked, “Is this how Aaron taught you?”
Lucario’s expression turned dark as he said, “Don’t say that name ever again… Aaron was a knight of Aura, and he betrayed his kingdom and ran away from the battle. He doesn’t deserve our respect.”
Ash walked over to Lucario ad hugged him. Lucario returned the hug grudgingly and said, “But in answer to your question, yes, this was how I was taught to use my Aura. He let these logs swing through the air and he stood in the very center of their path blindfolded. He dodged them as easily as I breathe.”
Ash looked surprised at Lucario’s tone. It was one of fond remembrance, but the look on his face told Ash that Lucario was getting irritated. Ash let go of his lover and asked, “So… um… How do I use my Aura?”
Lucario looked grateful for the change of subject and replied, “Close your eyes. Try to think of the most peaceful place you can and go there. Feel the life around you….”
Lucario’s voice faded from Ash’s ears as he found his center. He opened his eyes to look for Lucario, only to find himself in a serene field of beautiful flowers, the breeze gently pushing his hair. There was bird-type Pokemon flying over head, and water Pokemon in the stream. The other Pokemon were happily moving along as if Ash wasn’t there. Ash noticed a faint blue light just ahead of him. He moved towards the light and saw Lucario training on his own, close to the edge of the stream.
Lucario looked up and smiled his dog-like smile and went back to his training. Ash joined him after a moment of marveling at this sight and Lucario taught Ash how to summon his Aura. Ash learned how to use his Aura to fight, to increase his strength, and how to give his Aura to another living creature.
“That last ability... the ability to give Aura to another being is one that must be used only in the direst of circumstances,” Lucario said with a fatal seriousness, “To give your Aura… means that you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the one you give it to.”
Ash nodded and he continued to learn how to use his Aura to its fullest.
After several hours, Brock, May, Max, and Kidd went looking for Ash and Lucario.
They found the two sitting on the edge of a cliff, Lucario’s head on Ash’s shoulders and Ash’s head on Lucario’s, looking out over the forest as the sun set with a look of such content that it was almost a crime to break up the happy moment. But they had too, it was getting late, and dinner was ready for all of them.
Back at the camp, Brock served up his usual extravagant cooking, the best plate of food saved for Kidd and a Poison Jab reserved just for Brock from his Croagunk. As Brock lay on the ground twitching, Lucario and Ash ate their food amidst uproarious laughter. Lucario even chuckled a little at the fact that Croagunk had just said she loved Brock and wasn’t going to sit by as “some hussy steals her man”. Ash laughed as Lucario told him this in their private mental link they had established. May looked over at the two and asked, “What’s so funny?”
Ash replied, “Croagunk has a crush on Brock! She’s jealous of the girls Brock flirts with.”
Kidd, May, and Max snorted into their food as Ash said this and fell out of their chairs laughing, with Brock looking at his Croagunk with a wary eye.

Later that night, Lucario and Ash sat against Kidd’s Hummer and looked up at the sky.
“Tomorrow, we’ll have to continue on foot. There’s a cave up ahead that’s too small for this vehicle,” Lucario said with a stony look in his eye.
“Okay, I understand,” Ash said. He looked at Lucario and noticed that his fur shone brilliantly in the moonlight. He put his hand on Lucario’s chin, raising his face up to meet Ash’s. He closed in for a kiss, but Lucario turned away so Ash ended up kissing his soft cheek fur.
“Please... not right now… I’m not in the mood,” Lucario said as Ash pulled back, confused.
Ash lay down next to Lucario and spooned him and said, “Sure, Lu. If there’s anything I can help you with… let me know, ok?”
Lucario looked back at Ash and softened his features a little from the stony glare it was a few moments ago and said, “I love you, Ash…”
Ash smiled, kissed Lucario’s cold, wet nose, and cuddled with his jackal lover.
Lucario smiled a little and fell asleep.
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