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Chapter 9: Sam

I looked up to the stairs she was silent in their room. Her sister had started to open up, but she locked herself up after Quil’s questions. I could feel her sadness. Jared had stopped me from following her but that’s all I wanted to do. She had barely eaten, and was so defensive. Liz was in so much pain, and I didn’t know how to fix it.

She was my imprint and though she may not know it; that didn’t change the fact that I wanted to comfort her, to be close to her. Lexi was entertaining the pack taking a seat next to Jake and Jared. Paul was actually smiling watching her, and it was easy to see he was accepting this. All he had to do now was find a way to reach her. I looked to Jared who just shook his head and waved his hand smiling. I just ignored him as I got up to head for the stairs knowing he wouldn’t stop me. I was almost sure she’d turn me away, but I had to try to see if she was ok. I approached quietly and knocked on the door.

It was quite for a moment before she asked, “Who is it?”

I opened the door slightly so she could see me, “It’s me. Mind if I come in?”

She just sighed and waved me in nodding. I sat on the edge of the bed turning to look at her. Her eyes were sad and it look like she had been crying. She was still wearing the clothes from yesterday. She looked at me then just turned outside. This was going nowhere and nearing awkward fast.

“Are you ok Liz?” I asked having nothing else to say.

“Fine. Just don’t want to talk about home much.” She mumbled.

“I know leaving your home isn’t easy. Even with everything you’ve both faced.” I told her sympathetically.

She turned to stare at me before saying almost bitterly, “How could you possibly know. You’ve lived here you’re whole life.”

I smiled at her sadly explaining, “When I first shifted into a wolf I was the only one. I was scared as you could imagine. I was just in high school at the time nearly ready to go on to college. One day I’m normal next I’m a wolf. I ran from home. Afraid of what I was. How could I come home? Months passed by, and the elders somehow found me. They explained to me what was going on with me. I found out I could control it. I could go home. My mom and girlfriend at the time were furious with me though.”

“How did they react?” She asked just watching me. Her expression softened.

I looked down, “I couldn’t tell them. I kept it a secret. I had to. So they never knew.”

“Where is your mom?” She asked curiosity in her voice.

“Still I didn’t look up. I didn’t want to see the sadness, “She dies two years ago.”

“I’m sorry Sam. I really am.” She sighed.

We were silent for awhile when she asked, “Why did you tell me this?”

I looked back up at her, “So you know you’re not alone. Others feel pain and though it may not be the same they can help you get through it. If you let them.”

She smiled and my heart beamed. She was so beautiful when she smiled, “Thank you for sharing that. I don’t know if I can believe that, but who knows.”

Her words saddened me a little, but still I got a smile out of it. I could see she was still so tired, and decided I should probably let her rest. “I’ll let you rest now,” I smiled as I rested my hand on hers for a moment and got up. By the time I turned to close the door she was laying down looking out the window. I went downstairs, and to my surprise saw Leah getting her hair braided.

“Did you lose a bet?” I joked as Lexi kept making little braids.

Leah glared, “No it was a dare.”

I laughed at her then looked to Lexi, “You and Liz didn’t bring anything right?”

“No, just teddy.” She answered.

They needed clothes. Little knick-knacks, things to call theirs. We had only a few days to make them feel welcome enough to stay. Maybe a special dinner today too. Show them that they’re truly welcome by all. The only one who could take them shopping was Leah. The while they’re gone we could make and shop for dinner. It seemed like a good plan. Maybe later this week a bonfire.

“Lexi are you almost done with Leah? I wanted to talk to her real quick.” I asked trying not to be rude.

“Yes, I’m done.” She smiled moving from Leah sitting between Paul and Jake.
Leah had bout four different braids coming from her head. I stifled back a laugh and she just glared. We walked out the back as she stared at me expectantly.

“I need you to take the girls shopping.” I told Leah simply.

She just nodded, “Ok for what?”

“Um… everything?” I asked questioningly. I handed her the money we had, and she went to get Lexi. Least that was settled. Things couldn’t go bad shopping could they?
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