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Chapter 10: Liz

“Liz wake up.” An excited Lexi jumped on the bed.

“What Alexandria!” I nearly yelled again exasperated. I just wanted to sleep since I had talked to Sam.

“We’re going shopping!” She exclaimed.

“What? We have no money Lexi.” I said shaking my head.

“Taken care of already. We’re wasting Sam’s money. Come on.” Leah said from the door.

“Sam’s money? I’m sure he can have better use for it then buying us things we can’t take.” I stated looking at her.

“Well, I have orders to take you shopping and buy y’all any other necessities.” She said nonchalant waiting still on me.

I got off the bed heading downstairs to argue with Sam. This was ridiculous. We wouldn’t even be able to take any of it with us. I walked past Leah and down the stairs, but no one was there. They had all left, and now what could I do?

“So are you coming along easily or do I have to call my mom?” Leah asked. Just from our one encounter with Sue I knew she was someone who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Call Sue! Call Sue!” Lexi yelled jumping up and down.

Perfect she was hyper. “Who gave her candy?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Paul? Come on lets go already.” Leah said holding open the front door.

“Fine, but I’ll be telling Sam something about this later.” I mumbled following a hopping Lexi.

We were in a car silent when I heard Leah ask, “Would you feel better if I limit your choices?”

“It might. What do we have to get exactly?” I questioned looking outside.

“At least: three shirts each, two jeans or shorts, maybe a skirt, and a dress. Plus knickknacks. Like books, frames, wall art, or I don’t know something.“ she answered thinking aloud.

I just nodded as I got out since we parked. I heard her whisper once she got closer to us, “and underwear if that wasn’t obvious.”

This was going to be a long day. That house and this place could not be home. It was risky, and I had to think about Lexi. Who thankfully had come down from her sugar high; we walked through a few stores, and tried on different simple outfits. Nothing just fit right, but Leah was having a great time teasing us.

About two hours passed, and Lexi had everything but the dress. I had only clothes, and was looking for a dress as well. I couldn’t get little home items. It didn’t feel right. I didn’t get why I even got the clothes items. We couldn’t stay and Sam knew that. So why was I still here trying on clothes?

“Liz, look at this one!” Lexi exclaimed spinning in a dress that made her look like a tall five year old.

“That’s cute.” Leah nodded

“Alexandria you’re 16 years old, and yet you insist on dressing like your five.” I laughed shaking my head.

She pouted and went to change. When she came out she was now wearing a blue strapless dress with white flowers. Damn, I should’ve let her be a five year old. Last think we needed was for one to take an interest in us. I just nodded at her and she twirled.

“Well, she may not look like a five year old, but least she acts like it.” Leah laughed continually at our expense.

I just went into the changing room my self and tried on a simple black spaghetti straps dress with a red ribbon at the waist. It looked elegant and casual as well. I decided to take it, and that was mostly because I’d never have the chance to actually wear it. We’d be gone soon. End of story.

“You still need a few other things.” Leah told me as I came back out of the dressing room holding the dress in one arm.

“No, I don’t want anything else.” I argued.

“Come on Liz! You don’t have to get anything extravagant or little arts and crafts like Lexi. Just get two things!” She pleaded with my exasperated.

“Look Lizzie. This journal is pretty!” Lexi came up holding a deep blue journal with the moons and the stars over it.

“You sent her looking for stuff for me!” I accused Leah.

Leah smirked back, “No she volunteered.”

“Fine, I’ll take that.” I took it letting my hand caress the cover. It was pretty.

“I found a pen with your name on it and they have books too.”

I begrudgingly followed her to the books and found one I liked turning to give Leah the three items asking, “Happy now?”

“Ecstatic.” She answered sarcastically.

God knows she didn’t want to be here. I mean she had been on her phone the whole time. It seemed like she couldn’t wait to get out of here and be done with us. Then again who could blame her? Once we were done there we drove back to Sam’s house. As we were about to enter I saw another car pull up.

“Hey girls. How are you?” Sue asked getting out of the car.

“Fine.” We answered in sync.

To my horror I saw her pull out of the the trunk six bags with three in each hand. She walked up to us smiling, I didn’t like this smile, as she held a hand out to each of us yelling, “Surprise!”

Lexi jumped up and down taking her bags, as I just asked, “What?”

“Leah told me you both didn’t have many clothes so I bought some for y’all. Leah texted me your sizes.” She answered.

“Thank you Sue.” I said simply, and took the bags heading inside. The guys were back, but I ignored the hellos and headed upstairs slamming the door. Was this me acting like a brat? Probably, but I didn’t want anything from them. Why make this more difficult?

I heard a knock on the door and sighed as it open expecting it to be Sam. It was another guy, but I couldn’t remember his name.

“Hey Liz, are you ok?” he asked.

I sighed trying to keep my voice even from anger, “Fine.”

“I’m Jared in case you forgot. I just wanted to check on you.” He said still watching me.

“I’m fine Jared. Just go away please.” I said barely controlling my voice. These people didn’t know me well enough to intrude this way.

He sighed heading for the door when he asked, “Would you rather I send Sam up?”

“No!” I nearly yelled. He simply closed the door and left downstairs. Ugh I was hating this day.
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