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Chapter 11: Lexi

“Uh, oh.” I said as Liz walked into the house. She was loosing it. These people just seem to stress her out.

I knew she was worried about us being here. We were supposed to leave so why form bonds. It just seemed illogical but they were already forming. I could tell Sam was a little sweet on her too. Her being “Big Sister” never notices since being so constantly focused on little ole me.

“Is she ok?” Sue asked worried.

“She’s fine just moody.” I said walking in with my bags. They all turned to me and I just shrugged sitting down. I heard the door slam. She could be dramatic when she wanted to. Probably my fault in a sense, but hey I could make it seem cute at least.

“What happened?” Sam asked obviously concerned.

"Nothing, just her throwing a fit at gift giving.” I answered nonchalantly.

“I’ll go check on her Sam. You finish the food.” I believe, Jared, replied.

“Thanks.” Sam answered heading outside.

“Food? Thought y’all couldn’t cook?” I questioned.

“No, but we can barbeque. We wanted to have like a welcome to La Push dinner for y’all.” Jake answered. I liked him.

Then we heard Liz slightly yelling at Jared, not a good sign, and he came back down the stairs. Sue seemed troubled. Sam came back inside concerned. I could practically see his tale wagging.

“What she say?” Seth asked first.

“To leave her alone and go away. Thought maybe she’d want to talk to Sam by chance cause of earlier, and then she pretty much yelled no at me.” Jared answered looking apologetically at Sam as his invisible tale dropped.

“Maybe we should cancel the dinner.” Paul suggested he probably hated these things.

“Nope, I got this. Don’t worry she can’t throw me out. Technically it’s my room too, or your guest room. You know what I mean.” I said awkwardly as I headed up the stairs.

I went inside throwing my things down, and jumping on my bed. I looked at my sister smiling innocently, “Hi grumpy.”

“Shut up Lexi, what do you want?” she said eyeing me suspiciously.

“They made us a fancy dinner. Well it’s actually barbeque. So they made us a fancy picnic I suppose.” I told her excitedly.

“No, were leaving in three days. Why are they doing this?” she mumbled frustrated turning to bury her head in a pillow.

“They’re being kind and taking pity, kind of, on us. Why not enjoy it?” I questioned.

“You’re getting attached. This is dangerous.” She scolded mumbling in to the pillow which made me laugh.

“You like it here too and just don’t want to admit it.” I scolded back before adding, “Now let’s get ready for dinner.”

“Bossy.” She muttered sitting up.

I stuck my tongue out at her, “Now you know how I feel.”

“Oh shut it Lexi.” She grumbled.

“You like it here. Admit it already.” I told her.

“How can I? We’ve only been here a day. You’re making assumptions.” She argued.

Then there was a knock on the door. We both hushed. Well, shit I forgot they could probably hear us. Whoever knocked grew quiet and I moved to open the door. It was…Quil. Thank you memory!

“Hey, Sam wanted me to let you both know that dinner is ready and we’re out back on the deck.” Quil told us leaving quickly never entering the room. Odd one he is, very odd.

“Come on Liz.” I pulled at her hand.

“Fine. I’ll make myself get through it.” She gritted getting up.

We changed into simple outfits of blouses and jeans. Keep things simple, and just be happy because that was what we deserved. I dragged Liz down the stairs and out back taking a while to get there with her great enthusiasm slowing us down.

“The party has arrived.” I yelled with my hands up in the air as they laughed and rolled their eyes. See I could tell we fit in perfectly here.
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