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Chapter 12: Paul

They both looked lovely even if so simply dressed. Shit now I was using lovely get it together Paul! Still by the look on Sam’s face I could tell he agreed. Jared and Jacob pulled out chair for them near the center of the table. Lexi seemed more carefree now here, but Liz was as closed off as could be. I know that must have disappointed Sam since he hoped he had helped her feel more comfortable earlier.

“Are you ok Liz?” Jared asked concerned. He had felt like he was neglecting her already as a sister.

“Fine.” She answered tersely. Not friendly at all today. Sam looked at her concerned and disappointed.

“Well isn’t it nice out here. It’s cute huh Liz?” Lexi said staring at her sister. She remained silent for a few moments then we heard a thump from below the table.

“Ow!” Liz glared at her sister. “I agreed to come down at least alright.”

Jake laughed awkwardly, “Nothing like siblings fighting.”

Sam tried to distract from them glaring at each other with food, “We have plenty to eat. There’s chicken, sausages, burgers, Mash potatoes, corn and biscuits. Plus, Sue also brought deserts.”

Quil and Embry then decided to show up carrying a banner saying ‘Welcome to La Push’. Great this couldn’t possibly make matters worse. Liz bit her lip and sighed before saying, “Thank you all for your hospitality but must y’all over do everything. I mean you remember were leaving in three days as soon as we’re clear? It’s not that I’m not grateful but it’s a moot point.”

The pack grew silent and looked between them and Sam waiting to see what would happen. Hell he was going to have a hard time with her. Mine’s just ditzy, but not nearly so stubborn. I figured I should try to help Sam out.

“So what do you girls want to eat? You get first pick because if you let the rest of us at it the food won’t last long.” I said offering them plates.

“Thank you.” They answered in unison. That’d probably take some getting use to. This time though they at least put more on their plates then this morning. Then the rest of the pack attacked the food as usual. What can I say we eat a lot? Still you could feel the tension in the air.

“Well this is lovely.” Leah added sarcastically.

No one really said anything still silent. Hell we were all eating slower than usual. Lexi and Liz were mostly done. Lexi kept watching everyone, and Liz wouldn’t look up at any of us. How in the world do we fix this level of awkwardness? Wasn’t this Sam’s plan for a nice welcoming dinner because I didn’t even feel welcome. I sighed and got up knowing I was risking my food. I walked back into the house trying to remember where Sam put it last. Then I saw it on top of the fridge, the stereo. I took it outside and plugged it in turning it to a popular country station not knowing what else to put on. Everyone looked back at me, and I just shrugged. Music was better then silence. Lexi started to sway in her chair and the atmosphere seemed to lighten up finally. Maybe we could still enjoy this evening on one of our rare sunny days. Songs kept changing and we were all still quiet.

Out of nowhere Lexi jumped up, “I love this song! It’s like the only good country song.”

“The only good—,“ Sam was about to argue with her but she interrupted him.

“Dance with me!” She pulled Jacob’s arm as he looked at me before getting up.

There they were dancing on the back porch. Jared was half singing along probably thinking about Kim. Seth was trying to drag Leah up to dance saying she needed to have fun, even if it was her kid brother. The Jacob started twirling Lexi around. My wolf was at ease knowing it was him, but I… felt jealous?

I looked to Liz and was shocked at how she was glaring. Her arms crossed over her chest practically wanting Jacob to fall. Guess it’s a good thing Sam saw this too and though worried was probably holding back on asking her to dance as well. I turned back to my Lexi, and then began to glare as Jacob spun her out and into Quil’s arms. Now both my wolf and I were both extremely jealous. He shouldn’t be touching her. I growled low and Quil shrugged. He’d get his later.

The song nearly ended when suddenly I heard the thunder roar and lightning struck the sky. It was a warning and it followed through with a sudden down pour of rain. Jacob grabbed Lexi and we all ran inside. I guess the day wasn’t meant to be. Just very odd though…
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