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Chapter 13: Lexi

Jake brought me inside and I pouted at how the rain had ruined my dancing. Wait, something seemed off about the rain. I looked over at the last ones coming in, but Liz was the trailing behind all of them and looking pissed. God damn my sister. She wouldn’t even look at me.

“Damn Washington. Today was supposed to be a clear day.” Quil grumbled trying to dry off.

“Well, looks like that’s over with. Seth and Leah can you go patrol for right now.” Sam asked heading to what seemed to be a closet.

“Sure, come on Seth,” Leah said heading out the door waving bye.

“Here, so you can both dry off.” Sam said handing us some towels.

“Shame about the rain, and we were all having such a nice time.” Liz said as Paul eyed her. I couldn’t stand it, younger or not, i knew this wasn't right.

“Sam if you’ll excuse us. I need to talk to my sister upstairs.” I said grabbing her hand.

We climbed up the stairs her following willingly not even turning to see the confused faces of the guys. I was mad as hell I mean fine we can’t stay here, but couldn’t I enjoy my time here. She closed the door behind her once we entered the room just staring at me.

“So are you going to yell at me now? They’ll hear everything you know that.” She smirked.

Big sis could sure be aggravating when she wanted too. I whispered, “Don’t act cute Elizabeth. You know what you did was wrong.”

“On the contrary Alexandra I’m keeping an eye on you as always. This is dangerous!” she whispered back.

There we stayed glaring at each other standing still as the storm outside raged and the thunder roared. How’s this helping and why was she letting her powers show? I mean seriously. What the hell was my sister’s problem!

“What’s wrong with you!” I almost yelled for them to hear.

“Nothing! I want to keep you safe, but that won’t happen here.” She said curtly

“How could it not? Were free here! They’re kind; we can rest and be safe.” I argued knowing maybe it wasn’t fully true.

“No, we can’t we will never be safe. We have to move and stick together. I think we should leave now.” She answered looking at the window.

“No.” I answered automatically.

“No?” she answered confused and shocked as if I had slapped her. I’ve never not agreed with big sis.

“No I don’t want to leave. At least not till Sue clears us. I want to stay and have fun. But you keep ruining it! Just cause you want to be stuck and constantly afraid of them doesn’t mean I have to be.” I said louder and once the words were out I regretted them instantly.

She looked as hurt as when he yelled at her. She tried to keep her composure as she merely answered, “Fine.”

The next thing I knew she threw something at the window breaking it, jumping out, and flew to the forest.

Crap. What did I just do? How do I explain this to them? I mean I should’ve known better. I know she won’t go far but still how long till she comes back? I mean she wouldn't leave without me right? Then I heard knocking on the door.
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