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Chapter 14: Sam

I heard them arguing but it was low enough to not understand. What had happened? I know Liz wasn’t happy with any of us. The shopping went horrible, and then the dinner was ruined by the sudden change in weather. It was completely out of nowhere. Suddenly I heard glass shatter from upstairs. Paul and I raced up as fast as we could. I knocked frantically concerned, but Paul just pushed me inside and busted the door down breaking it. Great now we’ll have to fix that for them. Lexi sat alone on the bed, but where was Liz? I could feel my squeeze something was wrong here, terribly wrong. I watched Jared check the window which was broken, but I couldn’t move from the door frame.

“Lexi what happened?” I asked beyond frantic now.

“We were fighting and I said some things I shouldn’t have said. Then she got real hurt and left.” She said staring out the window never turning her gaze to us.

I couldn’t understand. Where had she gone, and how could we have not heard her. I mean the only way out was through us and….the window? I had to ask, “Lexi, how did she leave?”

She wouldn’t answer, but continued just looking out. I begged again for an answer, “how did she leave Lexi?”

“Sam calm down.” Paul told me pulling me away. Somehow, I had ended up right next to Lexi kneeling on the ground. I knew I needed to get a hold of myself.

“She jumped out the window…”Lexi finally answered quietly.

“Sam, that’s a good 15 feet jump down, and I don’t see any prints to how she landed.” Jared told me looking out. This made no sense. How could she have jumped and left no prints. I could smell her scent, but still that didn’t tell me how she got down.

I moved to the hall pacing up and down still being able to hear them talk in the room. This was completely impossible. Being human she would’ve hurt herself with that kind of fall and we would have heard it. Nothing told me she was this bad. Shouldn’t I have known? We had to find her though, and she was still bound to come back. I mean Lexi was here, and after all we could form a search party. Just follow her scent, and she’d be fine. The howling from outside snapped me out of my panicked thoughts. Maybe Seth or Leah had seen her.

“Embry and Quil can you go and check on what’s going on?” I ordered back to pacing as they moved past me.

“Lexi, where did she go?” Paul asked gently hoping she would know. He sat next to her on the bed worried at her nearly empty look. She was worried about her sister.

“I don’t know. She left without really saying anything because she was hurt. It’s my fault.” Liz whispered. Paul placed a hand over hers to comfort her. She didn’t move from it, but just sat there.

I could tell night was approaching as I heard someone run up the stairs. It was Quil and his face showed things were about to get a lot worse. I breathed heavily, “What is it? Is it Liz?”

“No, they found one roaming in our territory. They’re chasing it, but we’re not sure if it’s the only one.” He answered quickly.

“Liz is still out there. Jared and Paul I need you to stay with Lexi here. The rest of us will go check around make sure if there’s only one we kill it. Afterwards we’ll search for Liz. Now!” I ordered quickly rushing down the stairs and out the back shifting easily.

The others weren’t far behind following swiftly running. I could feel all their thoughts rushing in. The pack mind was a very crowded place, but I had to focus. Eliminate the threat and find Liz. That was all that mattered.

There’s three of them!” Leah informed us once we joined.

My thoughts turned to Liz alone. We had to kill these bloodsuckers before they could find her. Before they got to anyone. Once that was done I’d find her.
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