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Chapter 15: Paul

Well, hell this day just gets better and better doesn’t it? Sam’s imprint was missing and now we had a leech in our back yard. Lexi just continued to watch the trees outside the window. What do I do now?

“Hey, I’m going to go get Kim. We’ll come back and be downstairs if you need us ok?” Jared said rushing out the door.

Great, I’m alone with my imprint, but what now? I was completely clueless on how to help her. I mean Jake would’ve been better for this job. This is how her sister tends to be, but I guess they’re both alike then. I mean maybe her sister just shows it more because she knows us and Lexi hides it. I don’t know. . I moved around and ended up just sitting now on the other side of Lexi. She never looked away though. It was like her mind was completely in a different state.

“Lexi, are you ok? Do you need something?” I asked her watching for a response. Something to show she was alive besides her breathing.

“No, I’m fine thank you.” She answered extremely polite, but she finally turned her gaze away from the window looking around at the pretty empty room. She looked at me confused, “Where did they all go?”

“They were all needed. There was a bit of a situation.” I told her vaguely remembering we hadn’t mentioned the vampires to them.

“Did they go to find Liz, because that won’t be possible?” She answered seriously.

“No, but I’m sure Sam will afterwards. Why would it be impossible? I mean I’m sure she’ll be back,” I replied mumbling most of my response.

“I know she’ll be back. I’m still here duh! But we know how to hide. So what else is out there that they’re chasing? Vampires?” She asked sarcastically.

“Ummm...” I just stayed silent.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. There’s fucking vampires too! Think that would’ve been helpful information you idiots!” She yelled jumping off the bed.

I got up blocking the door, because I couldn’t let her run off, yelling back, “What the hell we didn’t need to tell you more than was necessary! We’re doing y’all the fucking favor!”

“Whatever. Y’all were the ones who insisted we stay!” She yelled back. I couldn’t believe we were here yelling at each other. How did this happen? Oh right, I got a crappy temper, and this one is going to make me lose my mind at this point.

“Fine, fine. True before this gets any worse.” I yelled back once again.

It was silent for a moment before Lexi just started giggling. I stared at her confused, but she wouldn’t stop giggling. What the hell? Maybe my imprint was crazy after all. I mean we went from yelling to her laughing by herself.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked curious.

“You were calling a truce and still yelling at me. It’s funny.” She said breathless.

I just eyed her strangely and shrugged it off, “You’re a strange one pipsqueak.”

“I’m no pipsqueak!” She pouted, “I’m fun sized! Liz said so!”
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