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Chapter 16: Liz

It was getting late, maybe it was time I go back. Lexi’s probably worried, but I’m still confused. I mean maybe I have been over reacting. It’s just how can we trust them? They seem like nice guys, but if Cyrus found us here both of him and his brother would hurt them. We were their possessions and they wouldn’t let us go. They were surely searching by now. Didn’t Lexi get that we put them all at risk. I didn’t need that on my conscious as well. I did want to stay but not with these risks. Lexi’s going to hate me. I lowered myself from the tree I had been hiding in as I pulled in my wings and walked back to the house. The sky was dark with the stars shining; it was probably about ten or so at night. They’re probably all asleep by now. I walked into the house quietly and they were all sitting in the living room. Well almost everyone was there and each just staring at me. Oh, this was not good.

“Where have you been!? Do you have any idea how worried we were!” Sam yelled at me. He looked depressed.

“What the hell, you’re not my father! I was safe you don’t have to worry about me.” I argued instinctively. I wasn’t about to let that situation happen to us again with these guys. Even if that didn’t
seem like the kinds of guys they were.

“You could’ve been killed! You don’t even know what dangers are out there!” Sam still yelled and as much as I wanted to I couldn’t cower back.

“What Sam’s trying to say is our woods and land isn’t always safe. We became wolves because we defend our people from vampires. Sam is freaking out because after you disappeared we were alerted of three on our land. We killed two but the third got away. We’ve been worried because it was still out there and you were alone. Sam, Embry, Leah, and I have been searching for you the past couple of hours. Seth, Quil, Collin, and Brady are still out searching. Jared had to go with his girlfriend and Paul is upstairs with Lexi.” Jacob scolded as I just fell silent.

“I didn’t know…” I answered barely speaking up. I felt guilty and ashamed to have done this, but they were so angry. Just like he use to do when I did something wrong.

“Sam was so angry because he was probably the most worried. Not to mention your sister. Just don’t run off like that next time. Let us know you need time alone, or write a note to let us know where you’ll be and you want to be alone. So at least that way if there’s an emergency we can find you.” Quil added seriously. Quil was never serious from what I’ve seen.

“I’ll remember that if there’s a next time. I’m sorry… I really am.” I whispered not wanting to face any of them. They all probably hated me. God knows Lexi can fit in, but do I?

“Ok, guys that’s enough for tonight. You’ve said enough and I think she gets it. Come on Liz, let’s go upstairs and I’ll kick Paul out.” Leah said leading me by a touch on my shoulder.

As we walked up I didn’t look back at any of them. Especially Sam, I was afraid of what I would see in his eyes. They meant well and I could hear the concern but was it real? Did they tolerate me, but before Jacob and Sam were so mad. They sounded so much like him. What’s wrong with me? Lexi was asleep in the room and Paul was fixing the window when we entered the room. I just sat on the bed trying to keep calm. Paul had watched me since I entered. I could feel his eyes on me but I wouldn’t face him, but I just grabbed my clothes and walked to the bathroom to change. When I got back they were gone and I laid down in bed silently crying myself to sleep.
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