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Chapter 18: Liz

I tried to scream but my cries were muffled. No they couldn’t have found us already. Finally, I managed to push the person off of me as I tried to catch my breath scrambling to get up and run.

“You didn’t wake me to tell me you came back! I was worried!” Lexi yelled holding the pillow above me.

“What the hell Lexi! You gave me a heart attack!” I yelled at her nearly laughing in relief, we were safe.

“Revenge! Simple as that. Not like I would kill you…or would I?” She said wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

“You are so strange.” I said throwing a pillow at her.

As the pillows started flying back and forth hitting each other Jacob and most of the pack scrambled into the room yelling about what was going on. We started laughing despite their worried expressions throwing pillows at them. They just stared at us in disbelief.

“They’re no fun.” Lexi huffed disappointed.

“Sorry she started it.” I added in smiling.

“Did not.” She argued.

“Did to.” I argued back as we continued bickering over who started it.

“What’s going on?” Sam demanded moving to the front.

“A pillow fight. What does it look like?” Lexi asked sarcastically.

“She tried suffocating me because she was mad at me. Then we ended up having a pillow fight.” I said looking slight down, Sam was serious again. Last night’s events started coming back to me.

“But y’all are ok?” Jared asked.

“Yeah.” Lexi answered cheerfully.

“Ok. We’ll be downstairs. Breakfast is ready.” Quil added as they all left. Sam still didn’t look too happy which troubled me. Maybe I’d got my wish and he’d kick us out. Send us on our way, I mean that’s what I wanted…wasn’t it?

“You gonna eat?” Lexi asked me.

“No I don’t think so, but I’ll go down still.” I sighed following behind her. I stopped halfway down the stairs and ran back up to find my journal and pen they had bought me. By the time I got downstairs Lexi was eating with them at the table. They seem to get silent when I got down. Maybe they just all hated me.

“You hungry?” Paul asked me offering a plate.

“No, but thank you. I was just hoping… that maybe I could… if it’s alright… that I go to the beach? I got a journal and thought it’d be a nice place to write…” I asked mumbling. I looked up and saw Sam’s eyes. They seemed so sad. Why was he always so sad?

“You don’t have to ask permission Liz. We over reacted last night. I’m sorry. Just let us know if you leave, but you can do what you want. Just like y’all are allowed to leave, when you choose to.” Sam told me, the kindness in his sad eyes held my gaze. I nodded and left needing to clear my head. My cheeks felt flush from how is gaze held mine.

I sat on the beach sighing. I just stared absent mindedly at the water. How long had it been since I just relaxed?

“Mind if I join you?” I turned startled to see Jared.

“No, that’d be fine.” I answered politely. There goes my relaxation.

“Are you okay?” he asked watching me.

“I’m fine…” I started to answer but his stare told me he knew I was lying. I don’t know why but I finally caved, “It’s just hard. I know I probably seem horrible, but I’ve always been the one to watch out for us. I just need to make sure Lexi’s safe. I can’t risk anything.”

“You don’t think we can protect you from them if they find you?” he asked watching me.

“It’s not just that. You don’t know what we’ve been through. It took six years for us to even think of leaving. They’re horrible, and I’m afraid…” I sighed trying to calm down wrapping my arms around myself. I can’t cry.

“Afraid of what Liz? That if they come we’ll send you back? Or that they’ll convince us that nothing’s going on?” Jared questioned resting a hand on my shoulder.

“I’m afraid if they find us here they’ll hurt all of you because you’re protecting us. I can’t have that…Lexi’s injuries already feel like my fault. I can’t take anyone else’s… I can’t. Sam and all you must hate me…” I began crying surprising at the thought of them hating me.

“Sam doesn’t hate you. None of us do. We’re all worried about the both of you. None of this is your fault. It could never be. We want to protect y’all because you both deserve a chance to be happy. We can protect ourselves. You don’t have to be afraid anymore. You can trust us. Just give it a chance.” He whispered as I cried. Him and Sam, they’re words sounded so good. Could I trust them and try to let go? I felt myself slowly crashing again…
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