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Chapter 2: Lexi

Dinner was the same as always. Smile, laugh, and act like the bruises didn’t sting every time Hunter pressed against my arm. I looked at Liz across the table from me she seemed so happy with Cyrus holding her hand on the table. Only four minutes apart and she could act so much better than I could.

Every fake smile and laugh made me sick. Their parents thought they raised such wonderful men. Ha, I’d love to break the truth to them. Hunter eyed me as I continued to play my role. After dinner it was over for the day then back home to our house for the night. For once I thank the Council, since they were the ones that decided we could not live with them till after our weddings.

As dinner ended we said our goodbyes to their parents as we exited the house with our fiancés. Ugh, I hated the word we were only sixteen and a half and betrothed to complete assholes.

“Fly or walk them tonight?” Hunter asked Cyrus since he was the eldest talking about us as though we weren’t there.

“Fly, the faster I get rid of her the better.” I heard him answer as her looked with disgust at my sister. It took all my might and sense to stay quiet.

We all let our wings free and leaped up to freely soar the sky. Our house was only five minuets away flying, but I still heard Cyrus yelling at her the whole way there. I breathed as all I could do was hope it’d be over soon for the both of us.

As we arrived our parents were waiting outside and the charade was back on. They said goodbye with fake tenderness and my throat burned with acid as Hunters lips were on mine. Then it was over and they were walking away.

Then Cyrus turned back to us, “We won’t pick you up tomorrow till noon we have business in the morning.”

We went upstairs to our bedroom, and I just laid down staring at the ceiling. Neither of us spoke and hour by hour time slipped by. I turned to the clock it was three in the morning. I sat up poking Liz and she turned immediately. She’d been staring outside the whole time but her eyes were blank. She tried so hard to stay strong for the both of us. If only we hadn’t been the chosen ones of the prophecy.

“Are we going?” I asked hesitantly

“What time is it?” she questioned.

“Three in the morning. Please Lizzie lets go. If we stay here we’ll eventually end up six feet under!” I begged letting my lip quivering, she’s the only one to see this side of me.

“Hush Lexi, were not dying. If we go though, we leave everything here. No trace we left and nothing to carry. Not a single thing.” She said looking down sounding exhausted.

I stared around the room looking at all we had and then at my stuffed bear. The only thing I found comfort in holding it now to my chest. Could we really leave this all behind?

“Even Teddy?” I questioned sadly.

She looked at me sympathetically, “Only Teddy.”

With that we took one last look, jumped out the window and didn’t turn around. We flew off for what felt like hours. Heading towards the West Coast as fast as we could, leaving our land behind us. Then suddenly I felt the air colder before it registered we were falling towards a beach. Then my eyes closed from our endless exhaustion.
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