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Chapter 3: Sam

“Hey, oh mighty alpha, where did you hide your food?” I heard Paul yell up. Great I had to endure his company so early in the morning.

“I don’t know maybe you should check for it at your house,” I mumbled frustrated as I descended the stairs.

“Nope, that house serves no purpose other than a place to take girls home to for a night.” He stated plainly.

I just shook my head starting to prepare a pot of coffee. I felt my phone vibrate than start to ring. Great first Paul, and now who knows what happened.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Sam, we have a bit of a situation.” I heard Jared’s voice.

“What happened now?!” I questioned it, was too early for this.

I heard Jared hesitate and sigh before he explained, “We found two girls on First Beach. They’re alive but unconscious and don’t appear to be from around here.”

“Is it just you?” I asked thinking over the situation.

“No, Jacob and Seth are with me.” He answered quickly seeming ill at ease.

I took a breath thinking over what had to be done now, “Tell Seth to get Sue so she can make sure they’re fine once they wake up. You and Jacob can bring them here and rest them on the couch.”

With an ok and goodbye I was left wondering about how to prepare for whatever was about to happen. Paul looked at me questioningly but I had no time to explain as Jacob and Jared entered through the back. I helped them set down the girls gently on the couch. I looked at them both seeming so young and yet identically beautiful. Maybe they were related though one seemed to be a little older. Could they have been running away? I mean to be here on their own so young.

I went to the kitchen filling two bowels with barely warm water and took two towels. When I got back to the living room I handed a bowel to Paul with the towel. He stared at me before asking, “What’s this for?”

“Easy. You’re here so help out. Wet the towel, squeeze out excess water, and place it on her head.” I ordered.

Paul just grumbled but didn’t argue. I did the same with the other girl. Oddly I felt like I knew her from somewhere but I could swear I’ve never seen her before. The four of us just sat there watching and waiting. Waiting for them to wake and waiting for Seth to show up with Sue.

“How do you think they got here?” Paul asked suddenly.

“Who knows, we just finished patrol and there they were.” Jared replied.

I listened to them talking looking between the two girls. What in the world could’ve brought them here with us? Why were we the ones to find them? Just then the one I had been looking after opened her eyes. I got closer placing a hand over hers, but she quickly pulled away frightened.

“Where am I?” she questioned trying to sit up with little success.

“My name is Sam, and you’re in my house. Some of my friends found you and brought the two of you here.” I said calmly looking into her eyes.

Suddenly my whole life changed just by looking into the eyes of this beautiful stranger. I wanted to just pull her into my arms letting her know it would all be ok. I knew that doing so would only frighten her more and think I’m insane, but still it took all I had to resist knowing that she was frightened. That’s when I knew without a doubt that I had just imprinted.
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