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Chapter 4: Paul

The three of us were looking puzzled at the staring contest between the girl and our leader. Well, I’ll be damned looks like another of the pack had imprinted. Great, as if Jared and Quil weren't bad enough.

There was stirring from the other girl and Sam’s imprint turned to her. Meanwhile the genius was still gawking at her. Taking the opportunity I used my foot to pull the chair out from under him. I laughed as he growled from the floor, but the crash of the chair woke the other up with a shill scream. Crap. Sam’s imprint glared at me hushing the other. She looked smaller and younger biting her lip like she was about to cry.

“Sis where are we?” she asked Sam’s imprint.

“I’m not sure but were ok for now,” she said calmly the two of them getting closer. They were afraid of something, but was it us?

“Where’s Teddy?” the younger one yelped.

Her sister looked at us expectantly, “The bear. Where you found us was there a stuffed bear? She’ll go into hysterics without it.”

Jake jumped at the chance to get out of there first, “I’ll go find it.”

Still the younger one started to cry her sister trying to quiet to her. I looked at the two of them then at the younger one. At the moment her eyes caught mine I wanted to hold her and brush the tears away. Looking at her I wanted a real home, and a family. I felt like I had a purpose for once. Oh shit. I did not just imprint.

I bit my tongue and forced myself to look away from her. I saw Jared’s face and was about to smack the smirk off when I heard Sam talking or trying to talk to the girls.

“We’re not running from anything.” His imprint insisted. Even I could sense the lie.

I started looking at her sister and that’s when I noticed her arm. Someone had left a bruise on my imprint’s arm and it looked just like a hand.

“Who did this?!” I demanded through clench teeth trying to control my anger as I grabbed her arm.

She flinched back as her sister tried to pull her free from me saying, “It’s nothing I’m clumsy.”

“Then why does it look like a hand print?” I breathed angrily.

“Paul, let her go.” Sam ordered. I let go I almost bruised her too, and I was hit with the instant regret at letting my anger get the best of me. I didn't look back up at them. Great now my own imprint is terrified of me. Maybe, though, it was better this way.
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