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Chapter 5: Liz

What was wrong with these guys? They seemed to have staring problems, and are way too nosy. I tried to smile and play it off but now they found the bruises. It can’t be so obvious what we had been through could it? Still we needed to leave we weren’t safe here.

I felt someone touch my arm,”Do you have bruises too?”

It was the same guy who said this was his house. I took a breath pulling away from him and answered, “No, and she’s clumsy we have to leave.”

It was as if he sensed so easily the lie and he pulled my arm and raised the sleeve. I had a week old bruise that could still be seen. I pulled away turning to Lexi.

“Who’s hurting you? We can try to help?” another one asked having moved to the side of the couch next to the other guy.

“Were fine. No one’s hurting us.” I lied and almost convinced myself.

He didn’t believe me looking down at me. He was almost as weird as the guy in front of me as he continued to stare at me. After a minute he looked away and back to the others. Damn it’d be easier if I’d new their names.

I heard Lexi whimper next to me and pulled her close to my side whispering, “Don’t worry I won’t let them hurt us.”

They all looked at me incredulously like they had heard me. She was near tears, but she wouldn’t truly calm until she had that bear. My sister was unique acting childish and timid and then switching completely to a cold hearted bitch that could be sarcastic as hell. I knew though she was just afraid of everything. The door opened and the one who left came back with her bear. Lexi sprang up off the couch barely faltering to go and get Teddy. He handed it to her gladly looking down at her.

Suddenly he was staring after her as she turned to come back to the couch. What was up with theses guys and staring? I mean seriously! She was smiling holding the bear close and showed it to me saying, “Look he found Teddy!”

I smiled telling her, “Did you say thank you?”

She turned to him still smiling, “Thank you for finding Teddy.”

He simply nodded his head smiling at her, and the guy next to him, the one that had grabbed her arm, stared and smiled too. Just then the door opened and a boy that looked like the others though younger came in with an older woman behind him. She was quite beautiful and carried a black bag with her.

The owner of the house went to greet them and they both looked at us and smiled. The young boy spoke up first, “I’m glad to see you both are awake now.”

Then the owner spoke up next, “This is Sue. She’s a nurse here and she’ll look you both over to make sure you’re both ok.”

Sue then smiled talking gently, “Hello girls. My daughter Leah will come by shortly to help me examine you both. It won’t take long.”

I froze thinking of an examination with all the evidence of our past on us. It wasn’t going to go well. She wasn’t a doctor paid by them to stay silent. The owner seemed to notice my discomfort but once again someone came in the house. I wonder if it was customary here to just walk in unannounced without a knock or permission. This girl must have been Leah, and she was pretty with her short hair. Suddenly he looked uncomfortable when she saw him staring at me. Next thing we knew Sue was pushing the guys out the door demanding privacy for us.

Then she told us, “I need y’all to change into these hospital gowns, and we can start.”

Leah was staring at me almost glaring as I replied, “Please we’re fine we need to leave.”

“Nonsense you were unconscious on a beach. Let me check you out and if you’re fine you can leave.” She insisted and Leah nodded in agreement.

Begrudgingly we changed quickly, and she started routine measurements and observations asking Leah for things from the bag. Then when she started to examine us thoroughly I could tell she took notice on the bruises and scars. Leah did to as he face seemed to soften. Lexi was worse of then me, but as she looked me over I closed my eyes. I felt her finger trace over the scar on my stomach.

I tried not to remember what happened that day I got it. Lexi had broken a vase while dusting and I tried to stop Hunter from hitting her. Then he grabbed me dragging me up to Cyrus. We were on the stairs above the broken vase and he yelled at me, hit me, and pushed me down the stairs. The broken vase cut me in the stomach but didn’t go too deep. I bled there for a few minutes before Cyrus came down and yelled at me for the mess I made and told Lexi to take me to the doctor he had paid.

“We’re you running away from the people who hurt you?” Sue asked softly.

Lexi scooted to my side as I replied, “We can be clumsy sometimes, but no one’s hurting us.”

“They’re not here. You can tell the truth.” Leah said loudly. I nearly cowered away from her voice. I saw Sue eye me.

“I am telling the truth. Please can we leave now.” I asked Sue.

She motioned Leah to the side and they whispered to each other, and they whispered to each other. Then they stood in front of us again. All I wanted to do was leave with my sister and not be caught by them.

I felt my heart sink as Sue said, “It’s not safe for you to leave. You’re bodies have suffered too much it seems. I think y’all need a rest. So Leah tell Sam he’ll have house guest for a few days. Then if you want you can leave.”

She ushered us up the stairs as Leah left outside. She showed us the guest bedroom that was down the hall from what I assumed was Sam’s room. She gave us our clothes and closed the door behind her.

“We can’t stay can we?” Lexi asked quietly a few minutes after she left.

“It’s not safe here. We have to keep moving.” I said sitting on the bed patting the spot next to me saying, “You sleep first, and I’ll keep watch. We’ll leave later tonight when they’re asleep.”

She nodded and laid down falling asleep easily with Teddy. I smiled folding my knees up to my chest holding onto them. Time passed and suddenly Leah stepped in.

She asked me, “Are you ok? Do you need anything?”

“We’re fine thank you.” I answered not looking at her.

“You don’t want to sleep?” She questioned eyeing me.

“No, I’m not tired.” I answered looking out the window.

“Ok, well we’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” Then she was gone, and I just looked out the window towards the forest trying not to think or fall asleep.
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