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Chapter 6: Sam

This definitely wasn’t the way I thought my day would turn out. I imprinted, and by some miracle so did Paul. Then we found the bruises, and no she’s inside my house with my ex. I kept pacing back and forth since we were far enough from the house that we couldn't over hear anything going on inside. We thought we owed them that much in privacy. I looked at my pack brothers and couldn't help but wonder what the hell was going to happen. The sisters didn't want to leave and I didn't know how to stop them.

Seth stared at us before finally asking, “What did I miss?”

“Paul and Sam imprinted.” Jake answered.

“Wow. Which for which?” he continued to question.

“My imprint was the one who looked older. They’re sisters, but that’s all we know.” I answered staring at my house.

“Someone’s been hurting them they’re on the run.” Paul stated emotionlessly.

“What makes you say that?” Seth looked at Paul shocked.

“They both have bruises on them, and I’m pretty sure me and Jake brother imprinted. It’s the only thing that makes sense.” Jared answered looking for conformation from me. I simply nodded.

“Brother imprint? You mean the imprint that’s rarer than imprinting itself?” Seth was really special all right sounding so amazed with questions.

“Yes, it’s said that a member of the pact can only be a brother imprint to an imprintee, and only if she needs the extra protection or support.” Jared explained.

“So basically all were waiting for is your mothers conformation that our imprints are damaged, and possibly in danger still.” Paul clarified sounding like he barely cared.

“Paul!” I yelled nearly ready to attack him. He wasn’t going to talk about them like that.

“Sam? Heads up, here comes Leah. She doesn’t seem pissed? Shouldn’t she be pissed since you imprinted?” Jake rambled on as Leah approached closer.

I watched as she headed towards us wondering myself why wasn’t she mad? Leah had still wanted to be together once she started shifting, but I knew it wasn’t possible. This was the exact reason why because one of us could imprint. Its not that I thought Leah would hurt my imprint, but I did expect her to not be happy with either of us. My unease continued to grow now.

“Calm down Sam. She’s alive and alright. I didn’t do anything to her. I’ll make this short someone is hurting them. They’re probably on the run. They have bruises and scars all over. The younger one was targeted more it seems.” She told us looking… sympathetic.

Seth sighed, “Paul was right then.”

Leah looked bewildered from Seth to Paul, who had his head buried in his hands, before asking, “Did Paul imprint too?”

I just nodded my head, and stared back at the house. I wanted to see her...

“They seem so set on leaving as soon as they can. My mom wants them to star for a few day though. She put them in the guest bedroom. One more thing is we don’t think that physical abuse was all they sustained.” She said looking at all of us worried.

“What do you mean?” Jared asked concerned. I felt my stomach twist prepared for the worse.

“When I asked who hurt them I guess I was a little loud. They both backed away. The older one tried to sound like she wasn’t afraid now, but my mom thinks they may have been emotionally or I guess verbally abused too. There’s no way to just know for sure. It just takes time, but try not to speak to loudly to them.” She explained a little sadly.

“You don’t seem mad Leah we expected you to be pissed Sam imprinted?” Jake said.

“Jake-“ I yelled stunned, but Leah interrupted me.

“It’s ok Sam.” She laughed, but it didn’t last long as she continued, “I was practically glaring but seeing and knowing what they went through it’s hard to be mad. I feel sorry for them because they don’t deserve that. No one does.”

“Guess it’s a good thing they have brother imprints then.” Seth concluded.

No one said anything, and we were silent as I started to work towards my house. I could hear the others follow me, but my mind was on our new members to the pack. That’s what they were now without a doubt. I wouldn’t let them be hurt again. It was quiet inside. Sue was in the kitchen cooking as I went over to talk to her.

“Hey Sue, you didn’t have to cook.” I said trying to smile.

“Well, it was for those two, but I figured you’d all be hungry as well.” She always teased us cause of
our well known appetite.

“How are they?” I asked sobering the mood.

“Sleeping hopefully. They’re more exhausted than they realize. Leah told me you imprinted.” She said smiling.

“Yes, both me and Paul. My imprint is the older one. Did you by chance learn their names?” I questioned hopefully.

“No I’m sorry. I’m glad for you though. They’ll need people like you in their life.” Sue reassured me placing a hand on my shoulder. Sue was like a mother to the pack, and we knew we were lucky to have her.

I headed back to the living room, and noticed Leah was gone. I listened and could hear her upstairs, by the voice; I could tell she was talking to my imprint. I tried to listen in until Jake interrupted, “She went to check on them when she heard Sue mention food for them.”

“We still know practically nothing about them. You do realize that right?” Jared pointed out.

“I know you would’ve thought y’all would’ve thought to ask for their names at least.” Leah said sarcastically as she descended the stairs.

“How are they?” Paul asked surprisingly.

“Umm… guarded. The younger one is sleeping and the older one is just staring out the window like she’s keeping watch. She looked exhausted though. Sorry I don’t have better news to give.” She concluded softly.
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