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Chapter 7: Lexi

Liz was sleeping next to me while I took watch. The bed was comfy like the one back home. This place had strange people. Maybe the school was strict with work out schedules because all the guys were buff. I kind of wanted to stay and learn more about these strange people, but we knew we couldn’t risk it. I didn’t want to go back. I couldn’t take much more, and I didn’t think Liz could either. Seeing my sister break was the last thing I wanted. The night sky got darker and I knew I should wake her up so we could leave.

“Lizzie, Lizzie, wake up.” I poked at her quietly.

“I’m up. I’m awake. Time to go?” she asked half asleep.

“Yeah I think. I don’t know you tell me.” I said sarcastically.

“Yeah let’s go outside and into the woods we can’t risk them seeing what we are.” She said getting up.

Ugh I didn’t want to move but it was necessary obviously. We managed to get down the stairs quietly enough, and through the rest of the house. The back door seemed more favorable obviously due to the sliding door. Then it was just the walk into the woods and we could fly off on the run again.

We were halfway to the woods when we heard, “what are y’all doing?”

Crap. Seriously, how are we that easy to catch here? We couldn’t keep anything secret anymore. I looked at Liz as she stared down the younger one. Perfect we were caught by the baby. It was silent for a minute and we started running catching him off guard. I heard him yell for us to wait and then yell for Sam. What the hell, can’t they just let us go?

“We can’t fly if they catch up we’ll risk exposing our kind.” Liz yelled as we ran. Just fucking great!

Ten minutes passed and we stopped for a breather hopping we’d be far enough. Suddenly Sam and the young boy were in front of us. This was impossible we were faster than most humans. Did we have no luck at all?

Liz was about to take the lead for running again, but Sam grabbed her wrist looking at her almost pleadingly, “Don’t run. You don’t have to leave.”

“Let go of me.” She yelled trying to pull free. I probably could’ve made a run for it, but no way could I leave Liz.

“Look we know you both are scared, and you have no reason to trust us. But whoever you’re running from we won’t let them hurt you. You’re both safe here.” Same told her still not letting go looking straight at her.

“No, were not. You don’t know us, and what should you care.” She tried glaring him down.

There was a huge shadow that appeared behind me and I froze, but when I heard the voice I didn’t necessarily calm down. The voice belonged to the staring guy from earlier as he said, “We care because we see two girls who seem to be alone in this world. They’re clearly running from someone who’s hurting them and we want them to stay so we can protect them, and they can have some peace. Someone has to show some kindness.”

“You’re human it won’t be enough.” I whispered, and they all turned to stare at me.

“Wh-what?” the young one asked still stunned.

“She said you’re only human. You can’t protect us from everything and we’re not your problems. You…you can’t protect us from…them.” Liz sighed looking down. She admitted the truth, and now that was out there. What did we just get ourselves into?

All three stared at each other as if silently communicating, and nodded. Boy these people were strange, and then Sam spoke, “Were not just human.”

Liz looked at him bewildered, and before I thought it through, “Tall staring guy said what?”

The one behind me and the youngster started laughing. Liz looked at me shocked, “Lexi!”

“What? I mean did you not hear him? They’re crazy!” I argued back at her stern look. She acted like a mom sometimes.

“Look we can protect you. Our… our tribe has a secret, but I suppose we’ll have to trust you with it. We want you to stay, and get better at least.” Sam said calmly, and nodded at the young one.

We noticed he began to shake and poof he was gone? In his place was…oh shit. It was a big fluffy wolf. It looked so cute! I wanted to go to pet it.

“Can I pet him please!!” I asked walking fast toward him reaching out.

“No! Get back here now.” Liz yelled. Damn, come on did she have to be a buzz kill.

“It’s alright he won’t her. None of us would.” He told her seriously as I continued walking towards the wolf.

“Can you let go of my wrist now? Were obviously not running away right now.” She answered annoyed. He let her go but still stayed close, and I heard her add, “So you two also turn into wolves as well? That…definitely changes things.”

I had gotten next to the wolf and began petting it. His fur was soft, and I heard him purr too. Then Sam said, “We want to protect you if you’ll let us. Our home is you’re home. At least stay and rest a few days like Sue suggested. Then if you want to leave still you can. But you’re both welcome to stay as long as you like.”

Hmm… a new home with these crazy people? I like this idea it sounded fun. Liz was silent before asking, “Can I discuss it with my sister?”

“Of course. We’ll be over here, and wait for you.” He nodded for the other two to join him. Sadly the wolf moved.

Liz pulled me off a bit further away. I could feel them watching us. I thought we’d be on the run again. Instead Liz just sighed and looked at me questioningly, “What do you want to do?”

“Really? I’d like to stay they’re strange and all but interesting. Plus they become fluffy.” I said happily. I liked this place it was nice.

“Just a few days and then we have to leave. We can’t be safe here forever. We can’t let them know what we are either Lexi. It has to be a complete secret.” She whispered as we walked back slowly.

“Yeah, yeah.” I muttered.

“Alexandria, don’t get snappy with me.” She scolded.

I laughed as we got back to these strange people. They seemed surprised that we came back. Well who blames them? I was surprised too, but four years of hell we needed an escape and some rest. Liz looked at Sam speaking formally, “We’ll accept the offer to stay until were cleared to leave but that’s it.”

Sam seemed a bit taken aback. Leave it to sis to choose an odd way of showing we wouldn’t let them take advantage of us. Still the point seemed understood as Sam nodded, and we all walked back in silence.

“So are you all the same color?” I piped up hating awkward silences.

“No, we each are different. Though Seth and his sister have close to the same color.” Sam answered. He was staring at Liz again.

“Seth?” I questioned. We hadn’t learned, or paid attention to at least, many names.

The young one waved saying, “That’s me.”

“Oh, so does everyone here have a staring problem too?” I asked casually. Liz jabbed at me and everyone else laughed.

No one answered though which annoyed me as I pouted and walked ahead followed by the big staring man. Once at the house I went upstairs to the room. I could hear Liz be polite as ever and bid them goodnight. I saw her eyes when she stepped in. She still looked so exhausted and I felt like I could still hear Cyrus yelling at her in her mind.

“You sleep first. We’ll switch later ok.” I patted the bed beside me as she had done earlier.
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