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Chapter 8: Paul

They were staying for now. I was happy and yet wanted them gone. Why did I have to imprint?

“Thanks for trying to stop them Seth. I probably wouldn’t have noticed them till morning that they were gone.” Sam said to Seth as we sat in the living room.

“No problem. We’re all worried about them. How’d you know though, Paul?” He asked me,

“I don’t know. I was walking and I felt like she was scared, really worried. So I ran here and followed y’alls scents. From the way you were grabbing her sister it didn’t take a genius to guess what happened.” I answered.

We were all silent as we thought about the day. Seth stood up waving and silently leaving. Maybe I should leave to? This damn thing was already too much trouble. Sam interrupted my thoughts though asking, “You alright there Paul?”

“I don’t know. This is a damn lot to happen in one day.” I sighed.

“I know we just have to deal and get ready to face what comes, but they’re our top priority now. We’ll keep them safe.” Sam sighed trying to speak calmly

“What if they choose to leave?” I asked. I mean they had no true reason to stay.

“Sam leaned his head into his hands, “I don’t know. We can’t let them leave because the separation would eventually kill us. We can’t tell them about the imprint it’ll only make things worse. We’ll wait on that obviously. We’ll just have to be as welcoming and hospitable as possible to make them want to stay.”

I just nodded before asking, “Mind if I crash on the couch tonight?”

He nodded yes and left upstairs to his own room. Could he really sleep because I sure as hell couldn’t? I mean with all that happened how was it possible? Then again his imprint wasn’t afraid of him. Mine was, but then again his did seem pretty pissed with him. My imprint though, was afraid of me, but she seemed so cute when she was petting Seth. Not a bit afraid of us at all in wolf form at least. Holy shit! I just used the word cute. I leaned back groaning in frustration. Ugh, this was just not what I wanted, and then again it was. Hopefully it’d just figure itself out or something.

Next thing I knew there was a lot of racket from Sam’s kitchen. Fucking great. I don’t know how in the hell Sam put up with it. I sat up trying to shake off my sleep loss. Hell I didn’t even remember closing my eyes. Begrudgingly, I got up and headed for the kitchen, and great pretty much everyone was here. Wait where were the girls?

Sam must have noticed from my expression because he told me, “They went for a walk.”

“Are you sure they were well enough for a walk?” I questioned getting some snickers from the pack.

“They were fine Paul. Breathe you sound like a worried mother.” Jared laughed. I was about to punch him when we heard two sets of footsteps enter the room. Everyone turned to see the girls had returned. They were safe, and as I turned to Sam I noticed his eyes were solely on his imprint. Meanwhile, my imprint was hiding behind her sister.

“Back already?” Jacob asked.

“We didn’t feel like staying out long. Plus, she got hungry.” She said pointing at her sister.

“Umm… we have food somewhere here. I’ll see what I can fix up.” Sam murmured. This should be

“Sam, don’t burn the house down or the food.” Embry joked, partially.

“I can cook just fine. At least it’s better than you idiots.” Sam glared.

“I can cook. I don’t want to cause trouble.” She said quietly.

“You’re guests in my house. I can’t ask that of you.” Sam said to her.

“I’d prefer to really. If y’all haven’t eaten I can make food for y’all as well.” She said still rather quietly sighing before adding, “It’s the least I could do since you’re letting us stay here.”

“If she wants to Sam just let her. Otherwise you two will just keep running around in circles.” I butted in. She seemed uncomfortable enough without us treating them even more like they’re damaged.

“Ok, fine. We have eggs, butter, ham, and bread.” He said checking the fridge.

She stared at him before exclaiming, “That’s it?”

The whole pack busted our laughing and Sam just nodded. He was probably thinking he should’ve gone grocery shopping. She pulled her sister along taking the stuff out and obviously trying to make due.

“What are y’alls names?” Jared asked. At least someone finally did.

She seemed to think before sighing and answering, “My name is Elizabeth, but you can call me Liz for short, and this is my twin sister Alexandria or Lexi for short.”

Her name was Alexandria, it was elegant, but I liked Lexi it was short like her.

“Twins?” Jake asked stunned. Hell the whole pack was now that it processed.

“Yes just fraternal.” She answered.

It started to grown quiet as both Liz and Lexi started to cook. They were an odd pair, but at least we had started to make more progress with them. Still there was a long way to go, but funny how now the pack was so quiet. Usually you couldn’t shut them up.

“What are your names? We only know Sam, Seth, and Leah.” Liz asked us. Sam smiled hearing her say his name. God, if I got like that I’d loose my rep in the pack.

Everyone turned to Sam he was our alpha after all, “What? Y’all can introduce your own damn selves.” He sighed frustrated as they continued to stare before he caved, “Fine! On that end you have Embry and Quil. Collin and Brady our youngest; Paul, Jake, and Jared were the ones that were also here yesterday.”

Liz followed where Sam pointed before asking, “So you all turn into wolves?”

A few of the pack got startled looking at Sam who just shrugged. There really wasn’t much more thought given to it as Lexi brought plates of food to each of us, ham and eggs with French toast. Wow not bad considering what they had to work with. Simply to say everything tasted amazing as I ate. I had been watching Lexi, but she never looked at me all morning. Damn this shit.

“Hey they cook better than you Leah.” Jake teased stuffing his face.

Leah glared and threw her fork at him. Yep, typical day here at Sam’s. I was about to tell Sam that those two would destroy his house, but of course his attention was elsewhere. His expression though was troublesome. As I looked at the girls I realized what bothered him because now it bothered me. There was barely any food on Liz and Lexi’s plates.

“Don’t you two want more to eat than that?” I asked staring at the plates, and in turn drew the packs glances too.

Liz took a breath before replying, “No, this is fine we don’t eat much.”

Sam and I exchanged worried glance, but then Jake butted in, “Is Lexi ok? She hasn’t said a word all morning.”

Lexi hid into Liz’s side again. I wouldn’t mind having her that close to my side. She seemed so young and innocent, acting like a child. Liz stared down at her before looking at Jake, “You’re all strangers so she keeps quiet. Probably best at the moment, don’t know if you’d find her comments entertaining or annoying.”

All of a sudden you heard a small foot slam and Lexi let out a laud humph, pouting at her sister. Her older sister just smiled, and it was so cute a lot of us couldn’t help but laugh at them. These two would fit in well with us here.

It seemed like the day could go fairly smooth at this rate. Or at least till Quil and Embry let their curiosity get the best of them. Embry started first with the questions, “How old are you two?”

“Sixteen and a half years old.” Liz replied easily.

“Cool we all range here in the pack. Sam and Leah are the oldest at 21 I think. Collin and Brady are only 15. So did y’all finish school already?” Quil probed.

Liz looked puzzled and Lexi just stared till finally it seemed she understood, “Yeah, last year we finished early.”

“You’re kidding?” Jake asked, everyone looking stunned.

Liz just nodded with Lexi as Jared asked, “Why didn’t y’all leave for college then?”

They both froze, but Liz composed herself quickly. I looked at Sam, he must have realized we were beginning to question outside of their comfort zone, but Liz answered eventually, “We were needed at home.”

Quil just stared at them mouth a gaped, “Are y’all human?”

Their eyes widened and half the pack started to choke on their food as Sam yelled at Quil, “What is wrong with you?! Of course their human, but obviously family is important to them. You don’t know!”

“It was a damn joke. I got the point. Shush.” Quil muttered.

Lexi tugged on her sister’s shirt, and whispered, “Do they know?”

I eyed her carefully and blurted out, “Know what?” Sam glared at me. Damn now they also know we have a keen sense of hearing.

“Nothing, ignore her.” Liz sighed. We all just stared at them puzzled as she merely walked around picking up the plates. Lexi started to wash. Leah spoke up, “Seth and I will wash them Lexi. You two have done enough by cooking for all of us. Really I insist. Please leave them there.”

Lexi nodded, and Liz just left the dishes by the sink. It was silent all around, and few words were spoken.

“So did y’all leave behind anyone special?” Embry asked. I saw them both freeze again and realized I spoke to soon with the day going smooth.

“What do you mean?” Lexi asked confused.

“You know a crush, boyfriend, or fiancé?” Quil replied.

I leaned in wanting to know about as badly as Sam did. They were after all ours. Liz’s face hardened then went blank. You could barely hear her say no, as she walked out and up to her room. Lexi just looked after her and shrugged. Sam nearly got up to follow her, but Jared pulled him back.

“So has anyone ever put bows on your wolves?” Lexi asked curiously. Leah busted out laughing, but the rest of us were clueless.

“No?” Jake answered half questioningly.

“If I get some can I put them on y’all?” she said sweetly. It snapped in our heads as well looked at her in horror at the thought.

“Yeah Jake why don’t you let her? Or why not you Paul?” Seth joked laughing, probably imagining me with a bow.

I was about to say no and I caught her looking at me with suck pleading eyes. Oh, hell how was I supposed to tell her no, this was unfair and evil? I sighed looking away saying the next best thing, “We’ll see, but I don’t like it.”
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