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Beautiful Lies

I closed my laptop and whipped the tears from my face. I looked over at my phone. It was vibrating. I answered the call.

" hello?" I said controlling my sobbing.

" oh, um, this is a message from a friend of mine. She said that she knows that you made out with her boyfriend and did a whole lot more. She also said that she knows you gave the baby away to." The unknown caller said laughing.

" I-I don't know what your talking about." I sobbed into the phone. I whipped more tears away.

" your a dirty little girl, ya know. Her boyfriend has um, uh, aids now. How dirty of you. You should be shamed." They said laughing at the end. I Hung up the phone and threw it at the wall. I screamed in annoyance.

" WHAT THE HELL AM I SUPPOSE TO DO!!!" I screamed punching the wall. My step mom came in the room.

" what in the name of god is wrong with you." She scolded slapping me.

" I'm not going to sit here and take this crap from you." I said stormed up to my room. I locked the door and grabbed my guitar. I plugged it up to the amp and started playing rebel love song. Stopped at the sound of my dad slamming the door closed. I ran downstairs and stood in front of the front door. I watched my dad walk through it. I ran outside after him. I cought up to him and stopped him. Mouth the word sorry and drove off.