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With The Scars You Left Me


The next couple of days were back to normal. I had no more outbursts of bravery, but I did still mumble a welcome home whenever my father got home from work, and I had managed to say "No thank you." every time my mother offered me dinner, instead of shaking my head.

My voice felt weird to use, since I was using it much more often, and it sounded weird.

I was stuck on my routine of only hearing it when I sang, or hummed. Or made snide comments to myself.

It was now only a week away till Lillian graduated, and although I said I wasn't going, and deleted the reminder off of my phone, it still was embedded into my brain.

Something wasn't letting me forget that, and it was eating at me inside everyday that I wasn't going and I wasn't going to see her anymore after her graduation.

Sighing deeply I stood from my bed, throwing away the remains of the cherry stems I was chewing on. Light threatened to creep out from my blinds, and I had to battle myself to keep from opening up the window.

I wasn't ready for that yet.

My nose felt stuffy from all the circulated air, making me feel even worse.

I hadn't had fresh air in who knows how long.

Taking one last longing glance at the window I turned, dropping two mice into Karma's tank and walking out of my room, silently making my way down the stairs.

I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep. I was stuck in reverse.

Reaching the last step, I turned to the door just in time to see the knob turning and my father walking in the door.

"Welcome home..." I mumbled, my eyes brightening at the tiniest glimpse of sun coming from outside, then dimming just as fast when he closed the door.

I looked down at my feet, shuffling them awkwardly, as he thanked me and hung his coat up on the wooden pole, then walked into the kitchen.

"Would you like some tea Teagan? I'm going to serve myself some."

I followed him around the kitchen like a lost puppy, covering my mouth with my sleeves and nodded up and down, not trusting my mouth with words.

Every so often I wouldn't pay attention and move too close to him, brushing my arm against his, or almost bumping into his back and I'd have to stay rigid for a few seconds and regain my composure as my eyes shut tightly.

Sitting on one of the stools surrounding the island, I waited patiently with my hands in my lap for the mug of tea in front of me to cool.

My father sat on the stool across from me, reading the newspaper as he blew on his tea, his slowly graying mustache moving as his mouth did.

A small crinkle was on the corner of his mouth as it always was, deepening his dimples.

There were various little wrinkles on his forehead but you couldn't tell, his short black hair was choppy and covered most of them.


I shut my mouth, as he stared up at me questioningly. I looked away from him, trying again.

"How was work?" I asked, my voice wavering slightly as I cleared my throat.

I subconsciously used my finger to trace the rim of my mug, tuning him out as he chatted with me lightly, a genuine smile on his face that I was trying to talk to him.

The tiniest smile made it's way onto my face as I watched his gray eyes look at me adoringly, averting my gaze back to my untouched mug of tea I lifted it up, blowing lightly and taking a small sip.

He had stopped talking by now, but that smile never left his face as he read the paper, and the look in his eyes stayed the same.

I slipped out of the stool, pouring the almost full mug of tea down the sink and silently walking away, making my way to the living room and retiring to the couch.

Flipping aimlessly through the channels, I scrunched up my nose and frowned.
Same thing as always.

"Teagan, I'll be in my office if you need me." my fathers small head popped out from the corner of the door and I replied with a small hum that I heard him.

I heard the jingling of keys but didn't move my eyes from the TV as my mother stepped through the door, wiping her feet on the mattress and placing her purse on the table next to the door.

I was just out of view from the front door, but if I leaned a little bit to the left I'd be visible.
Shrinking back into the couch I wished I was invisible.

"Teagan, I have a surprise for you." my mothers gentle voice sang, laced with Italian accent.
Frowning, I turned to look at the doorway I knew she would enter from. I hated surprises.

But what I saw made me freeze, I became so tense I could hear my heart thumping in my head.
"Teeee!" the small boy exclaimed, his face brightening as mine came into view. I fought back so hard not to cry then and there.

Why would she bring him here. I didn't want him to see me like this.

His face fell when he saw my expression and he hesitantly walked over to me, sitting next to me.
His usually pale face was full of life, and his hair was more vibrant, shinier. He looked so healthy and it was overwhelming.

"Hi, Lexy." I managed, giving him a half smile.

"Mrs. Anderson thought it would help improve your situation and your development if I brought him over. He's only been out of the hospital for two weeks! Can you believe it?" my mother said, walking around us to ruffle his hair.

He smiled, showing off his tiny white teeth and letting out a small giggle.

My heart squeezed, wanting nothing more than to give him the biggest hug and show him how happy I was he was better. He was only five, and a survivor of leukemia. They spotted it early so it was easier to treat.

That little boy stole my heart from the moment I saw him, I had a soft spot for him.

Before it happened, I use to visit him twice a week at the hospital. It's been a while since I've seen him, and I have to admit I was happy....

"Your mommy says your sick, so I came to visit you just like you use to visit me, so you can get better!" he chirped, his big brown doe eyes looking up at me.

I covered my mouth with my sleeves, hiding my smile and blinking back tears.

"But, you don't look sick at all." he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Are you sure you're not just trying to stay home from school? I did that once when I didn't want to go to school..." He leaned over, whispering so only I could hear.

I laughed, but it sounded more like a cough since I wasn't use to it and his eyes widened.

"Oh! Maybe you are sick, I'm sorry Tee." he frowned, worry crossing his features.

This only made me smile wider and I moved my sleeves, showing him and blushing slightly. No one had seen my smile in a while.

"Thank you." I mumbled, crossing my hands in my lap.

He placed is fists on his hips, looking up at my mother proudly.

"See? She's already feeling better!" she smiled, ruffling his hair once more before going to the kitchen to fix us snacks.

"Tee, after our snack can we go outside and play catch?" he said, looking up at me hopefully.

I frowned, feeling guilty as I shook my head.

"Oh, okay.." He said, looking disappointed.

I felt bad, so I walked over to the cupboard we kept all our games in and pulled out his favorite batman and robin action figures, I hadn't brought them to him since last time I visited him in the hospital.

His eyes lit up and he rushed over to me jumping up and down. "Oh, can we Tee, can we please!?" he begged, looking at them pleadingly as I held them up.

I nodded, and he took Batman from me, his tiny delicate fingers brushing up against mine slightly. I froze, rigid for a few seconds but counted back from ten and opened my eyes to see his confused face.

I offered him a small smile as I followed him to sit on the floor.

He moved Batman up and down like he was flying, making crashing sounds and rearranging his fists
every so often. I just smiled, following along behind him and doing the same, minus the noises.
Soon my mom came with a small plate of oreos and two glasses of milk, mine only half full and his completely full. I was guessing it was his nap time.

I frowned, not wanting him to leave so soon.

I watched as he dunked his oreos in his glass before biting into it. Smiling, I did the same, but only nibbling at it.

He looked at me and frowned.

"Hey! If you don't drink milk to get your muscles big and strong you won't get better, and be able to stay my sidekick!" he exclaimed, pushing my glass closer to me.

I stared at him adoringly as I forced down more milk, scrunching up my nose in distaste. I didn't like eating or drinking a lot.

After we finished our snack I could see his energy was low and he was rubbing his eyes tiredly.

I moved over to the couch and patted the spot next to me, switching it on to some kid cartoon.

Within minutes he was out and I got up, placing a blanket over him and turning to leave.

I felt him grab my hand and froze, having a mental freak out. He seemed to notice how tense I was and let go so he was only holding one finger. I relaxed but not completely.

"Stay with me, please." he said, looking up at me with those big doe eyes.

I nodded, letting go of his hand and moving next to him before sitting down and sending my mom a quick text he was asleep.

"Thank you, Tee." he said, smiling as he shut his eyes and leaned against me slightly.
It wasn't that bad, since the blanket was our barrier.

And I swear, I really smiled.
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