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South Ithilien High School

The guys from the fellowship and some of their friends are in a private high school in South Ithilien where they go through all the ups and downs of adolescent life and learn to deal. This is set before the war of the ring.

[[I know you're going to ignore this, just skip to the end brackets...]]

[[This is just a bunch of shenanigans and problems that they deal with throughout high school. It's like any other high school fanfic. A friend and I are writing a few for our fandoms because there are a lot of these stories around. most of the Lord of the Rings ones are called Middle Earth High School or something. This is called South Ithilien High School because, obviously, their school is in South Ithilien. South Ithilien is a private school for a bunch of rich kids, and if you think about it, they would be a group of rich kids.]]

The updates will be slow going at first because I'm waiting until most of the story is written before posting. I'm only posting now to see the general response.

Sit back, enjoy. Na lû e-govaned vîn :)
  1. 1 - The First Day of School
    Wednesday, the first day back to school from summer break. Told from the point of view from senior Strider meeting up with his friends.
  2. 2 - The New Girl
    It's Isilwen's first official day of school!
  3. 3 - Prima Facie
    Boromir comes up with a plan...
  4. 4 - To Set Up A Friend
    Eldarwen gets a friend a date to Homecoming
  5. 5 - Photography Class
    In which Frodo is a sneaky little hobbit.
  6. 6 - Shopping
    Eldarwen and Isilwen go shopping for Homecoming where they found out something a little more than interesting...
  7. 7 - River Date
    Strider and Arwen are unexpectedly spotted by an unlikely source on their first date
  8. 8 - Expectations
    Legolas learns what is expected of a prince
  9. 9 - Secrets and Stupidity
    Legolas is having a bad day :(
  10. 10.1 - Homecoming - Part One
    Legolas' POV
  11. 10.2 - Homecoming - Part Two
    Isilwen's POV
  12. 10.3 - Homecoming - Part Three
    Sam's POV
  13. 10.4 - Homecoming - Part Four
    Pippin's POV
  14. 11 - Wise Decisions
    Legolas has finally had enough of Alatariel
  15. 12 - Get Him Back
    Sometimes having them understand is all you can ask for
  16. 13 - Suspicions
    Boromir takes charge
  17. 14 - Courage
    A serious family conversation
  18. 15 - After-School Relaxation
    Yeah, "relaxation"...
  19. 16 - A Big Mistake
    In which Elerosse's true nature is revealed...
  20. 17 - Concerns
    Boromir knows what's up
  21. 18 - Coming Out
    A little bit of bravery goes a long way