The Impossible Mate

Vincent's mate is dead.

She died over three hundred years ago to a tragedy he knew he could have stopped. Now he walks the earth alone, saving the lives of his people with the guilt that he couldn't even save his own mate. Then he goes to a small town where he meets a girl who is more impossible than pigs flying.

Marie never wanted to be a werewolf. Hell, she didn't even know about werewolves until her mother died of cancer only a few months before. Now she's thrown into her father's life as the unwanted bastard child counting down the days until she could escape it all. The pack hated her, and she hated the pack and anything the pack life brings her.

But when the Guardians come to town to help with a pesky rogue problem, she finds herself enchanted by a tall, dark, and dangerous werewolf. It had to impossible- she was half-human and didn't belong to this life. She couldn't have a mate. And he, the Alpha of the most dangerous and killer group of wolves every to walk the earth couldn't be hers.

Yet fate has other plans, and some of those plans may just be giving Marie second chance at love. But can Vincent save her this time? Or will history repeat itself with the threat of rogues looming over them?
  1. Prologue
    When Rogues Attack!
  2. Chapter One
    A Message in Blood
  3. Chapter Two
    Dreams and Memories
  4. Chapter Three
    An Angel
  5. Chapter Four
    Silver-eyed Dream
  6. Chapter Five
    Rogues get Bold **UPDATED
  7. Chapter Six