The Impossible Mate



It was the end of May when the first attack came.

The air was humid and hot even though the sun had already dipped below the horizon. The moon was high and mighty in the dark sky, and there wasn’t a sound except for the soft wind against the newly bloomed leaves. The grass in the open field behind the house was as tall as a toddler, and no one noticed the yellow eyes slowly crawling through it.

The men and mated females were enjoying the full moon by running in their four-legged form on the private grounds of their gated estate. Over 75 acres belonged to just them and the trees that they gladly maneuvered around with grace and confidence like any other wolf. They played and fought until the sun came up before doing it again the next night while the moon was still full. The children and unmated females were lounging at the house, playing board games and watching television. It was nothing out of the ordinary for any of them when the moon was full. The unmated females watch over the still growing pups, and took care of them while their mothers and fathers enjoyed the hunt. Some wanted to play outside on the playground just outside the doors of the pack house.
They were the first to die.

When the attack came upon the youngsters outside and the two unmated females, every quickly ran to lock the doors. No one was sure what to do or where to hide, but the closed all the blinds, and rushed the children down into the underground basement. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and since all the children and unmated females hadn’t changed, there was no way in getting a message to the pack. So the unmated females hid the children away, forgetting about anyone upstairs.

Marie Williams and Sandy Race were upstairs on the top floor of the three story home. They didn’t hear the commotion or screams for they had a movie on that was turned up to the highest level. They weren’t really welcomed in the pack with their half-human status on top of the simple fact they were both bastards to high ranking officials in the pack. Mate less, also, the two females were not on best terms with any of the pack members, and even though they’d love to help with the children, the other unmated females wouldn’t allow them.

Sandy Race was familiar to this type of treatment; she had been living in the house her whole life. While beautiful and had a great personality, she was still half-human, making her a pest among the full-blooded wolves. Her mother was mated to the beta- her step father- and while he was kind to her face, it was no secret that he dreaded the mistake of his mate. Sandy was nothing but that- a mistake. A bastard. And Marie was just the same.

Marie wasn’t used to the pack, though. When her mother gave birth to her, she wanted none of the drama the pack would give her. Her mother was human, but knew of the treatment that bastard children get in the pack. And with Marie’s father finding his mate before she was even born, Marie was kept a very well secret. Then her mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, and, on her death bed, she fessed up to Marie’s father, in hopes that she would have a home. She was given a roof under her head, and a powerful father she never imaged, but a home? The pack house was far from it.

It was a place to live though, for her last year of high school. While almost 18, she was in no way shape or form ready to fend for herself when her mother passed, and she was very grateful for the home her new father provided. It was the whole werewolf thing that got her. She didn’t even believe them when they first told her until someone changed right in front of her. It nearly gave her a heart attack but it proved their point: they were wolves. Then the whole she has to be mated to change: that got her too. But she wanted nothing of the world she’s been thrown into and hoped more than anything that she will never find a mate. Who needs boys when you have music?
The movie had just hit its climax, and Marie and Sandy were laughing so hard that tears were streaming from their face. Romantic comedies always seemed to make them laugh at the same time that they feel so pained for the couple in distress. But with the baby daddy singing off key to his used-to-be-one-night-stand it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen and heard. They couldn’t contain their laughter.

Then the wolves busted through the doors. Neither of the girls knew what to do. The wolves had coats that were blacker than the night sky, and their blood stained teeth were bared. The girls pressed themselves against the back wall, trying to figure out a way to escape, but over-grown wolves had them surrounded. There were five of them, and all were blood thirsty and hungry. The two, teenaged girls looked like the perfect meal.

The biggest one with cruel yellow eyes lunged first. His mouth was opened wide showing off sharp, pointed teeth that could rip through flesh without much work. Marie watched as he attacked Sandy first with his teeth digging in right to the bone of her arm. She screamed and Marie froze; she didn’t know what to do. But what could she do? She had little to no power, and the black wolf was bigger than her 5’8” height. She was paralyzed with fear.

Sandy continued to scream, even when another joined in by biting into her face and crushing her skull. It was like the scream was on replay even if the life in her caramel eyes seemed to have disappeared. They were pale and looked like glass against her dark skin. The screams echoed in Marie’s ears as she watched five wolves dig into their prey, ripping apart her flesh and breaking her bones. Marie had never seen the insides of a person’s body before, and now seeing the organs of her one friend here in the states, Marie never wanted to see anything like that again. And the blood- there was so much of it. It spilled in puddles at Marie’s feet, and she was in too much distress to feel queasy as usual.

It only takes minutes for the killer wolves to finish their meal of Marie’s friend. She was in shock, and couldn’t move even if she had an open opportunity to leave while they dug in. She couldn’t leave her friend behind and even if she could- she was frozen. Soon the biggest wolf with the yellow eyes came stocking toward her. His hair was stringy and rough looking and his paws were bigger than her head. The others kept digging into the leftovers of Sandy, but this one was looking for more flesh- more meat. Marie’s whole body shook with fear.

The giant wolf slowly made his way toward her and she pressed herself harder against the wall, hoping for it somehow to break so she could get away. Or at least fall to her death since anything would be better than getting eaten alive by one these monsters. The wolf made a sound deep in his thought that made Marie believe it was almost like a chuckle; it probably was, she later realized; these are werewolves after all. He bared his blood stained teeth at her, and went for the first bite.
He bit her deep in the hard muscles of her thigh. Marie screamed but it was drowned out by the howling of excitement from the other wolves. The yellow-eyed wolf bit her again, but this time was deeper and he tore away flesh. She felt no pain though as numbness took over her leg and she wasn’t able to support herself anymore. Marie crumpled to the ground, ready to give up. She already knew she was going to die; her dreams were slowly slipping away from her and she was being left in the dark, empty pit of doom and despair. It was the only way she could describe the feeling of death because there was nothing relieving or even hateful away it. It was just cold and dark like her wine cellar in France.

She could only feel the sting of sharpness when another wolf joined in on the first. This one attacked her side and ripped apart her shirt. With the knowledge of werewolves, she should be embarrassed to be so bare in front of men that she didn’t know, but she couldn’t focus past the darkness. It was just consuming her until it was everything she could see and hear. The blank pain that submerged her body was still lingering, but she figured she’d feel that for all eternity, that the blank numbness was death.

Marie was sure she was dead.