The Impossible Mate

Chapter One

Chapter One

Vincent was more than happy to give into the simple pleasure of women. Their soft skin and rosy lips called to him like the additive ingredients of a dangerous drug. But that was all women really were to him, though- a dangerous drug he couldn’t stop resisting. Why should he have to resist the calling in him for them though? He was immortal and unmated. As far as he was concerned, without a mate he had no one he needed to answer to but himself. No worries and no problems; just him, himself, and the Brotherhood of Guardians he owes his immortality too.

That night, Vincent was enjoying the lavish show his new female pet was giving him. She was pretty- maybe even beautiful with her long, dark hair and even darker eyes. Her skin was creamy and soft under his meaty hands, and her voice was like velvet as she screamed his name well into the night. He just couldn’t get enough of her, drowning himself in her again and again until the Brotherhood had to call for him in his most intimate of times. Apologizing to the beauty, he excused himself and got dressed, ready to give them a piece of his mind.

Vincent was the Alpha of the Guardians. He was the strongest, most fierce, and unforgiving of all werewolves ever to walk the earth, and that’s the prescience reason why the Goddess herself gifted him with being immortal with one little catch. He was to fight for her people and his people- werewolves. He really didn’t mind one bit, and was happy to give in to the gift that he couldn’t deny even if he wanted to. You took what the Moon Goddess gives you, and you never regret it.

And Vincent never has. Almost three hundred years old, he blesses the Goddess with his ability to fight alongside his specially chosen warriors that would give their life for him. Vincent would also without a second thought. The Guardians were his brothers, and together they protected all harm from their mortal and vulnerable people. They were unstoppable and always talked about; they were the Guardians that protected all and turned no one away.

Vincent made his way through the silent corridors of the mansion the Guardians and their mates resided in. Vincent was the only one unmated in the house, and he envied all of his brothers for the love they get to share. He may be addiction to the she-wolves not mated and hoping to mate with him, but really they were nothing compared to his beautiful mate that he had lost too many years ago and would never have again. His heart almost stopped beating with the painful images of her death that he could have easily stopped.

Shaking his unsteady thoughts away, Vincent stomped into the meeting room smelling of rage and sex. It was no bother to the other brothers, he knew, but sometimes their looks of disgust were something that hit him too hard. It was uncommon to have a male be lavishing in females like he did, even without a mate, but they didn’t understand the frustrated he felt without his dear sweet mate, and he didn’t have any choice but to give into the sexual disturbance that took over his body.

“Alpha,” they all bowed their heads at his presence. While they were practically his brothers, he was still their superior and still deserved their respect. He nodded toward them, and took his usual, plush leather seat that faced all of them. There were five total in his group of unstoppable weres that all specialized in their own unique way.

Vincent’s second-in-command Beta was his own twin brother. With the same dangerous and sharp features, Michael was a spitting image of the Alpha and their father except with a little bit more of a softer side. Michael liked to smile, and his face was usually glowing with happiness and pride for everything he did. Michael was the expert in healing in their gang of warriors. While it was uncommon for the brothers to get hurt, he liked to help the people they were already called to assist. Pack doctors sometimes couldn’t take on the complicated case of what can happen to a wolf, but Michael could do it all even with his eyes closed.

Michael was also another valuable member because he’s the only one who could get an opinion of the others into the thick, headstrong thinking of the Alpha. Being Vincent’s twin had given him that privilege of getting past that stubbornness in rare occasion that it shows. Or the many occasions, really. Vincent was a great leader, but without Michael by his side, the pack would be in chaos.

Next in line for command was the deadly Jonathan. He was big and almost as tall as their Alpha with a serious expression always and scars that littered all over his massive body. He was the fighting expert, and was feared among all werewolves for his ability to take down anything and everything that might be harmful. He was scary and never smiled… unless his mate was close by. Vincent has never seen him not smile when the stunning and loving Carly is near-by with their nine month old pup in hand.

Vic and Mat were the last in the chain of command. They were still young with Vic only having joined a little over 80 years before and Mat only 50. Still learning and improving, Vic and Mat did everything Vincent asked without question, and followed exact orders. They were excellent warriors and did everything and anything for their people and mates. Vincent had great respect for them on top of his two co-leaders. They were all great fighters- even if they were nothing compared to him.

“This better be important,” Vincent snapped while taking a seat behind his massive oak, wooden desk.

“Alpha,” Mat addressed him, “the rogues, they’ve attacked again.”

Vincent cursed under his breath. “Where?”

“In western Pennsylvania, sir. In between Erie and Pittsburgh where the small pack of Half Moon resides.”

He ran his fingers through his black hair. He knew the Half Moon pack even if they were small. They were respectable and very strong for their size. Why the rogues would ever want to attack them is a heartbreaking question; they were known for doing nothing but good for all.

“How many perished?” Vincent growled.

“About six. All unmated females and young kids. One is seriously injured and on the brink of death.”

“How long ago?”

“About five days ago, sir.”

“Have they attacked again?”

Mat only nodded. “Yes, but no one was hurt or killed. The men stayed by the house when the full moon hit and was able to drive them away, but they keep seeing them in their forest and their scent hasn’t gone away even with the storms that have been happening, sir.”

“So they believe that they are staying there?” Vincent questioned. If the rogues were staying near the small pack, they didn’t have a chance despite their strong wolves. Rogues were ruthless and unforgiving; they wanted something dealing with the pack and it could be just to wipe them out completely.

“Yes, sir,” Mat said. His brown eyes were wide as they looked at Vincent and only grew as the next words fell out of his mouth. “The rogues, they, we believe, are waiting for us to come there and save the pack.”

Vincent raised an eyebrow. Rogues tended to leave and cower away when the Guardians showed up to save the day. They were nothing but cowers and traitors to their people, and they knew that the Guardians would kill them without much of a second thought.

“And why do you believe that?” Vincent inquired.

“There was a message, Vincent,” Michael spoke up. “A message to you written in the blood of the one girl that survived.”

“And what did it say,” he hissed out, disgusted that they would ever do something like that.

Mat was shaking when he handed the folded up paper to the Alpha. “I-I-I couldn’t read it, but Mi-Michael could.”

Vincent snatched the paper from his hands and opened it. It was a picture of a wall that the Alpha of Half Moon pack must’ve taken to send considering that the chances he’d ever be able to read it were slim to none. It was written in Vincent’s native tongue and made his stomach churn uncomfortably. The message made no sense, and Vincent wasn’t sure he wanted to make sense of it. Written in blood and French, the message was nonsense:

The Goddess is just willing to give you everything, Alpha. Consider this a gift that I am planning on taking away.

“What gift?” Vincent asked.

“None of us know,” Michael said, “but I suggest we find out quickly before this ‘gift’ is taken away.”

“I guess, so,” Vincent mused. “We’ll leave in an hour. Get your stuff together and contact the Alpha of the pack and tell them of our presence. I want no more dead, and I want to know just what this rogue wants.”

“Yes, sir,” they all said as they ran off to pack and say goodbye to their mates.

Michael lingered behind. “I wonder what it could be,” he said after a few seconds.

“This ‘gift’ they are talking about?” Vincent leaned back in his seat. “I’m not really sure I want to know what it is.”

Michael frowned and narrowed his eyes. “If it’s a Goddess sent gift, I would start appreciating it even if she gives you gifts all the time. You are just the luckiest of us all.”

Michael walked out of the office, leaving Vincent puzzled. Of course he’d accept the gift the Goddess is willing for him, but he couldn’t understand why Michael was even worrying about it. Grunting under his breath, he followed in his brothers footsteps and got ready to pack, knowing little of the life-changing events that would happen at the Half Moon pack.
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