The Impossible Mate

Chapter Two

Chapter Two

Marie was dreaming of a silver-eyed boy.

He was holding her close in an appropriate, but heart-pounding way. They were twirling around and dancing in a beautiful ball room with golden walls and marble floors. The walls were covered in painting of great kings and battles that brought victory and hope onto the land. The floors were so white and clean that she could see her face if she looked closely. She was wearing a heavy, dark purple dress that belonged in a time way before her. It had a corset top and the skirt was huge with ruffles, but the fabric was soft and kept her warm in this unusually cold room. It must have been winter time, and it this place just didn’t have a heater.

There was a band playing, but it was unlike any band Marie had ever seen. There were violins and guitars only with a harp and cello. There was no singer and there were only a handful playing the two-step beat that everyone was dancing to. She wondered idly where the horns could be, or even a piano, but the noise they made was very pleasing to her ears, nether-the-less, and she enjoyed dancing with the silver-eyed boy that lead her around and around just like all the other couples. She doesn’t think she’s ever felt happier than she was at that point, and she had an odd feeling it had to do with her partner.

“Marie,” he called her with such a deep and loving voice that it made her heart skipped a beat. She looked up at him through her thick lashes and he grinned. “You look absolutely glowing tonight.”

Marie blushed but still managed to put a smile on her face. “I do believe that is because of you,” she whispered. Marie was embarrassed she could ever be so bold with a stranger, but it was like her thoughts had no say in what she did or said. “And maybe of something else too.”

The boy raised a dark eyebrow. “Hmm, and I wonder what that could be?” he inquired.

Marie’s smile grew even bigger. “I think I-“

She was cut off by a loud bang. Men in blue uniforms were marching through the doors with muskets in their hands. Marie gasped, and the boy pushed himself in front of her. She could hear him growling, and pushing her back, far away from the action that had invaded and ruined the party. Everyone was frozen in place it seemed, unsure of what to do. Some started running, and others were gaping at the men who looked meaner than any one Marie had ever seen. She wrapped her arms around her stomach.

“What are they doing here, Vincent,” she whispered.

“I do not know love,” the boy-Vincent- responded. “But I do not like it, and I want you to get out of here. The men and I will make sure that these soldiers understand that this is the wrong party to be messing with.”

“Be careful,” she said, and followed his orders in finding a door to get out the room. Other women seemed to be doing the same thing as they all piled out of the doors to the main hall of the mansion this ball was taking place in. Some were frantic and others were as calm as day. Marie didn’t know what to think as she waited her turn in getting away from whatever was going to happen. She somehow knew that all the men were more than capable of taking care of a few dozen soldiers.

Suddenly, she heard a gunshot, and she spun around. She couldn’t believe that they fired, and soon panic was all everyone, including her, was feeling. Men started turning into wolves the size of horses, and attacked the soldiers who shot fearlessly at them. Marie couldn’t see Vincent, but she had a feeling he was in the middle of it all and her heart sank with a feeling of worry. She didn’t want him hurt.

Too wrapped up into her own mind, she couldn’t see the soldier that had somehow past all the wolves and gotten to the back of the room. The one door was still filled with panic women and even men trying to escape, and Marie knew she had to find another way out. She spotted the soldier and gulped, and backed away from him, hoping he wouldn’t notice her.

She knew she could shift, but that would bring danger onto the being growing in her belly, and she wasn’t going to risk that for someone that might not even notice her. Plus, wolves were everywhere, and this man was bound to get attacked somehow. She backed up against one of the golden walls and held her not even developing stomach in her hands. She needed to get out of her before one of the soldiers or even out of control wolves got to her.

She stayed quiet and kept her head down, avoiding all trouble, but a chilling feeling was brought down on her just as she heard another loud gunshot. There were many in the room, but this one was close and stung her ears. It was then she felt pain in her chest.

Her legs felt numb as she fell to the ground. Her chest felt as if an elephant had sat on her, and breathing was short gasps that she couldn’t control. It was like no air was even getting to her lungs at all as she lay on the ground. She could just hear the ringing of the gunshot in her ears, but she could see so much going on around her. The wolves were still fighting, and that soldier she saw earlier was lying on the ground nearby with his side completely eaten away. Many other soldiers were also dead, but her vision was starting to fail. Black dots were covering her eyes, and the pain was becoming numb, like it wasn’t even there. Soon she closed her eyes, and she herself wasn’t even there.

Marie gasped and opened her eyes. She felt numb and shaky, but the scene around her had changed. The room around her was white and warm. Really warm, and she could feel the clothes she was wearing sticking to her skin from the sweat she was giving off. She groaned, and tried moving her arms to get the thick blanket that was up to her chin off. Her arms felt heavy as if they were bricks and it took almost all her energy, but she was able to pull the blanket down and get some cool air on her. She sighed in relief and looked around.

All around her was white. White walls, white floors, white beds, and white equipment. Her arm was attached to a beeping white machine and a bag with clear liquid in it. Marie groaned, and rubbed her temples as feeling began to come back to her body. She was sore, and her shoulder and thigh burned and stung like a swarm of bees had attacked. She looked at the bandages covering her shoulder and partly her chest; what did she do now?

“Oh, good, you’re awake,” a familiar man walked up to her. He was wearing a white lab coat with a powder blue sweater underneath. “I thought you’d never wake up.”

Marie licked her cracked and chapped lips. “W-why,” her voice cracked as she tried to speak, “am I here?”

She couldn’t remember much at all, only cruel yellow eyes. She placed a hand over her chest, and figured that maybe being shot was just a dream. So what had happened to her shoulder? And why was her leg burning as it a fire had been released on it? She ran her fingers through her long tangled hair. What happened?

“The wolf attack,” the doctor said while checking her vitals. “Your shoulder and leg were bit, and you are missing a chuck in your leg.”

Marie heart started beating as the memories of that night came back. Being kicked out of the kitchen, away from the children; watching a movie with Sandy; the wolves bursting in; Sandy dying. Marie’s body started to tremble as the amount of blood she saw came back to her, and the pain of that lurked in her body as that cruel, yellow eyed wolf dug deep into her leg. She could remember the other wolves howling in pleasure as the life slowly drained away from. But most of all, she could remember Sandy’s paling eyes as the wolves savagely ate away at her.

“Sandy!” Marie cried, as she tried to push herself up and off the bed. “They killed Sandy!”

The doctor pushed her back down on the bed, and Marie hit her head against the wall. She cried out in pain for a second, but that didn’t stop her from screaming. The doctor struggled against her as she tried to get away, and others came in to help. For a half-human she was athletic and strong, but the werewolves out matched her completely, and soon had strapped down to the bed. She screamed at them in her native tongue, but they paid little attention to her.

“Tell the Alpha his daughter is awake,” the doctor commanded one of the wolves.

Tears were spilling down her face. “They killed Sandy,” she whispered again for the hundredth time.

“Yes,” the doctor said, “and everyone wishes they killed you too.”