The Impossible Mate

Chapter Three

Chapter Three

The warm welcoming Vincent was excepting didn’t come when he and his warriors arrived on the grounds of Half Moon Pack.

The road to the pack house was deserted, but lined with towering evergreens and blooming oaks. No wolves were patrolling around the area from what could be seen, and that was one of the first things Vincent was going to change; they needed to patrol if they wanted to protect this large ground of pure woods. As they got closer, they could see the glorious pack house. It was cabin styled with three floors and three peaked roofs with two chimneys where the roofs meet. The third floor had a wraparound balcony, and the bottom floor a wraparound porch. There were many windows and a separate building that probably held all the cars of the pack members. Vincent could see a big, colorful playground for young pups to play during spring and summer months.

No one was outside, though.

Vincent’s stomach wrenched as they stepped outside their truck. He could smell blood- lots of blood and many werewolves. Some he recognized from trips out here to check up on new barriers, and others he recognized from runs in before as they terrorized packs. Scents were all over the place, and the wolf in him was going a little wild. He was jumping and was trying to force Vincent to release him. He took a deep breath.

“My wolf is going crazy; something about these scents,” Vincent stated as he drew his bag form the trunk and flung it was his shoulder. “He hasn’t gone this crazy in years.”

What Vincent didn’t want to say is that his wolf has only ever been really alive when the moon is full and the wolf in him is forced to change. If it wasn’t for that force, Vincent believed his wolf would never come out ever since the death of Marie. Being immortal and mateless may just be one of the cruelest punishments he’s ever endured, but maybe his wolf is finally getting over that giant mountain after only 287 years.

Michael gave him a questioning stare. He was the only one who knew of Vincent’s silent wolf, but Vincent figured that really everyone knew. Once you lose your mate, being your whole self is impossible, and Vincent’s wolf is the one who took the biggest toll. Now the silver-eyed warrior was finally making himself known with the urge to come out and be free, but Vincent didn’t really know why.

“Maybe it’s the human I smell,” Vic said.

Vincent cursed under his breath as he finally was able to find the human stench that was layered under the werewolves. It was old and weak but it was still there, and it was the last thing Vincent wanted to deal with. Vic was probably giving Vincent a warning so he didn’t get shocked and want to rip the humans thought out when he ran into them. It was uncommon for packs to have a human unless it was a bastard child, but it still happened and it disgusted Vincent to all extents.

He loathed humans. They killed his mate, and that was enough to make him want to tear out the hearts of all humans despite who they are. Humans were a selfish species and were nothing but a horrible smug on the Goddess’s perfect people. Well, minus the vampires; werewolves should be the ones dominating society.

“Well I do hope that human stays out of our way; the last thing we need is weak human messing things up,” Vincent said.

The others grunted, and they started their way toward the porch of the beautiful pack house. Ready to knock on the door, it swung open by itself with much enthusiasm. Standing in the doorway was a petite blonde with a big, toothy grin.

“Guardians,” she breathed out, “welcome!”

She moved out the way and welcomed them in. Vincent lead the group inside as the girl called for her father. Her long legs and elegant figured would have Vincent’s hormones out of control… if it wasn’t for his wolf snapping remarks and going against every thought in his head. His wolf was wired only to find one girl appealing, and this she-wolf wasn’t even close to her beauty.

“Guardians, welcome,” a males voice came from a room to the left.

Vincent turned, and offered a small smile to the Alpha of the Half Moon pack. Nate Williams was a man in his mid-forties with blonde hair and foggy brown eyes. He was an older Alpha seeing as he didn’t have a child into he was well into his thirties, and his child hadn’t even reached the age to challenge him for position yet.

Alpha Williams bowed his head toward Vincent before taking his hand in a shake. Unlike other Alphas, Williams was a respectable that understood Vincent’s position and never tried to challenge him for it. Williams was also a good Alpha to his people by caring for them, and even sometimes rogues that mean no harm against his pack. Calling upon the Guardians was probably best for his people, and Vincent was willing to help.

“Have there been any other attacks since you’ve called?” Vincent asked, looking around. The entrée way was a mess. The plain white walls had wolf claws through them, and were strained with blood and dirt. Some she-wolves were trying their best to wash off the mess, but nothing seemed to be working. The porcelain floors were covered in dozens of wolf footprints, and the twirling stairs to the next level were falling apart.

“No. Just the one a few nights ago where nothing happened and of course, the first one,” Williams answered with a sad look in his eye.

Vincent gave him a grim smile. “We will catch these rogues and kill them once and for all. What they have put your pack through is unacceptable, and we are here to stop them. Now this message they left on the wall; do you have any idea what it means?”

Williams bit his lower lip. “Here, step into my office before we get into any other discussions. Anya, go get Race.”

The blonde girl Anya nodded and went off to find the Beta of the pack. Williams pointed to an office just off to the sides, and the warriors piled in, and each took a chair in the plain, blue room in one of the soft, velvet chairs around the wooden desk. Williams sat behind the desk, and after only a few seconds, another man walked in with a woman that Vincent amused was Luna of the pack. She sat next to Williams.

“We couldn’t read the message until we sent it to you, and we have no idea was it says for means,” Williams says, rubbing his eyes with his hand. The attacks were obviously taking a toll on the old Alpha.

“We believe that it was written to Vincent,” Michael says. “It is in our native language or else we would have thought it was addressed to you.”

Williams raised an eyebrow. “What exactly did the message say?”

“The Goddess is just willing to give you everything, Alpha. Consider this a gift that I am planning on taking away.”

“No, I don’t believe that can be about me,” the Alpha said quietly. His foggy eyes were distant and almost in a trance.

“Yes, and it was written in French, so it mostly was directed to Vincent being that it is our native tongue.”

“Well, unless of course, Marie wrote it,” the Luna hissed out with disgust.

Vincent’s heart skipped a beat with the sound of her name said out loud. No one has spoken it in a long time, and he hasn’t come across anyone with the name.

“Marie?” Vic inquired. “Who is this Marie?”

“My daughter,” Williams whispered quietly.

“And how could she write in French?”

“She’s from there,” the Luna said. “Her mother had just died and she was just sent here. She isn’t much part of our pack and is probably just trying to cry out for attention. She probably wrote it herself.”

Vincent frowned. A bastard child is not what they need in this mix of mess. They were weaker than most wolves, and very rarely don’t even change into a werewolf. If she wrote the message then she could be part of the rogues plot against this pack, and that is punishable by death and the last thing Vincent wanted to do was kill a human girl from France with the name of his mate. His wolf whimpered.

“She didn’t write it,” Williams stated, narrowing his eyes at his mate. “She was unconscious and nearly dead; she only has just woke up right before the Guardians arrived.”

“Well maybe that’s why she’s the only one to live; ever thought of that?” his Luna hissed.

“I don’t know, but she didn’t write it; she’s not that type of girl.”

The Luna didn’t say anything as she crossed her arms over her chest to pout. It was obvious that his wife wasn’t happy with the bastard child as most mates aren’t. Vincent didn’t want to believe, though, that she could have wrote the message; it made his wolf cry and he couldn’t understand why.

“I will talk to her,” Mat offered, “and I’ll get the truth from her. I highly doubt a half human did this considering she probably doesn’t know the ways of the Goddess and saying about gifts that you haven’t received. The only ones to ever receive gifts from the Goddess were Kaya and her mate then Vincent and the rest of us with our immortality.”

“She might consider herself a gift being a child and all children are suppose to be gifts,” the beta Race said. He seemed to be with the Luna on this.

Mat wasn’t so convinced. “Maybe, but still. Rogues wouldn’t work with humans to get to a pack; even if they are the Alpha’s child. They would kill her or capture her. Simply as that. Now seeing that this message was written in blood is also another reason not to believe she was capable of it too.”

“It was her blood,” the Alpha whispered. “They used her blood to write the message.”

“Or she used her own!” the Luna proclaimed. “The other dead bastard in the room didn’t have much blood left, so I highly doubt she could have used her blood.”

Vincent had enough. “Stop,” he ordered, and everyone listened. “Mat or I will deal with the human later. Now, I noticed you didn’t have any patrols out when we were arriving; why is that?”

The Alpha’s face was grim. “Our patrols have been sticking very close to the home, and no is to leave. Last time we had any out across our land, they never returned.”

“Which means the rogues are staying close by,” Michael said. “Obviously we are going to need to figure out just what they want here whether it is the gift from the message or your land or something else. The rogues are staying here a reason and that is the first thing we need to figure out.”

“Yes, we will make plans to start exploring the…”

Vincent lost track of what they were saying. Something strong and fresh hit him like a ton of bricks and made is wolf go mad. It was like roses blooming of beautiful spring day mixed in with the refreshing salty smell of the ocean by his home in France. It was relaxing, but also confusing because he knew the scent all too well, but it was impossible to exist.

Just then the doors burst open with a tall girl standing in the door way. Vincent’s wolf howls and he is left in pure shock. The girl was wearing a white shirt that was tied in the back and loose white pants that she was holding up with her hand. She was thin- very thin, and her brown hair was in a tangled mess as it fell down her back. She looked like an angel to Vincent.

But she had to be one.

Vincent forced himself to look at his brother and Jonathan because he wasn’t sure if he was going insane. There was no way she could be here, and his heart was racing faster than when he runs at full speed in wolf form. Michael and Jonathan were shell shocked too, looking upon the angel with wide, fearful eyes. They saw her too, he realized, and he wanted to say something but his mouth was dry.

The angel was crying. Her grayish, blue eyes were watery and tearful, and she only looked upon the Alpha. She was just as Vincent remembered except more beautiful than his dreams. The angel was as perfect as could be, and he wanted to get up and comfort her pain away, but he was scared that she’d disappear into dust never to be seen again if he did that.

“Is it true,” she spoke after a few seconds. Her voice cracked and sounded foreign to the language, but it still sounded like the perfect melody that had his whole body swoon. “She’s dead. Sandy is dead, right?”

The Alpha was in shock, and couldn’t talk, but the Luna seemed to know just what to say.

“You idiot girl, but do you think you are doing?” the Luna snapped, and Vincent bit back a growl. “You are interrupting a meeting and being disrespectful. You have no place here at all, and you should still be in a coma.”

The angel’s tiny fist clenched, but she ignored her. “Father,” she said again. “Please tell me she somehow stayed alive.”

The Alpha seemed to be able to gather up the words to speak. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, and the angel’s tears started pouring out even faster.

Vincent started getting his voice back and he wanted to say something comforting to her or even sing the song she used to sing to him or the packs pups when times were tough. He wondered briefly if she could remember it, and if she could, why she wasn’t looking at him. He could feel the pull, he could hear his wolf chanting to take what was there, but she didn’t even seem affected by his presence as if she wasn’t feeling it or as if she was ignoring it.

“You’re supposed to be dead,” he whispered in their native tongue, but really didn’t mean to. He wanted to say something sweet, but his shock just took over. Michael and Jonathan seemed speechless.

Finally she turned to him and her grey-blue eyes widened as she set eyes on him. His heart skipped a beat, and he had to hold onto the chair to keep himself from embracing her in his arms. But as quickly as she appeared, her eyes narrowed and turned dark.

“I’m sorry to disappoint,” she snapped in English. The Luna looked ready to kill the angel, but before she could, the angel turned on her heels and left without another word. Vincent’s heart almost stopped and he had to use every ounce of strength not to go after her.

Because there she was; his mate; his Marie.