The Impossible Mate

Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Marie’s heart was still beating faster than normal when she slammed the door shut in her room. She felt close to a heart attack, and she was out of breath. Maybe it was the two flights of stairs she ran up after only waking up from a coma or maybe it was a certain, familiar looking boy with strange silver eyes.

Marie flopped down on her bed and screamed into her hands. The walls were sound proof, she knew, but she still didn’t want anyone to hear her muffled cries and laugh at her. She didn’t think she could take the emotional toll today after everything else she had already been through. First she’s strapped down her bed, only to be told the very truth that no one wants her here. Next, she has to come to the truth that her only friend here in the America’s is dead, torn to pieces like she was nothing but a meaty animal. Then, that boy from her dream shows up in her father’s office only to mock her existence in her own language.

Marie tasted salt in mouth, and she wiped her cheeks to get rid of the tears that forced themselves out. Never before had she cried as much as she does now before this, and it’s simply because of her own family; people she thought were suppose to love her. But she was wrong. In France, love was everywhere she needed it, but here, she couldn’t even love herself it seemed. Most of the time she just wanted to die.

Pulling her plush, red covers up to her chin, she settled into her bed, ready to just disappear. Maybe if she sleeps, she’ll wake up and find that this is all a dream and she’s still in her sea-themed room back home with her mother cooking her favorite meal of spaghetti and meatballs. She highly doubted that though, and she now she still has another death that she must get over.

There was a knock at her door that made her groan.

“Partez!” she screamed; she was not going to deal with anyone in this horrible place right now.

“I’m not sure what that means, but I’m amusing that means come in!” she heard the muffled scream through the walls from her half-brother. Soon enough, her what-she-thought-was-locked door opened with her half brother storming in. They looked barely anything alike except maybe their high cheek bones. Marie’s hair was a dark, chocolaty brown while Philip’s hair was like their fathers with a feathery blonde that looked like a halo across his palely skin. Her skin was natural a little darker while his was creamy like vanilla. His eyes were dark while hers were like the ocean.

“It means leave. Get out. Get the fuck away from here!” she yelled. Why couldn’t her father live in the Northern parts of America’s were they spoke her tongue with English too. But no; he had to live in the middle of nowhere in a state that was dominated by Germans. The least he could have done was like in the south with those crazy French descants.

“Oh, come on sis,” Philip said. “I brought coca!”

Marie smiled slightly and sat up with her blankets still wrapped around her. Her hospital gown was thin, and she wasn’t going to waste the energy to change out of it.

“It’s the middle of June, and you’re bringing me coca?” Marie asked, her words almost not understandable with her accent more and more dominating. She’s grown to talk almost close with the same words and slurs as her brother and sister, but when she gets upset, all her English words just form together into one giant slur.

Philip shrugged. “I thought you’d need something as comfort after waking up.”

“Merci,” she whispered, taking the red cup with her name on it from him. She had all her own dishes and glasses because some of the wolves here felt as if the bastard child was a disease that they could catch and didn’t want them using the same dishes. She took a sip and smiled softly at her half-brother. Philip was a kind soul and gently soul- even to her, and was one of the only wolves that would actually talk to her.


Marie giggled. “Hello to you too!”

Philip gave a grim smile. “Sorry. That’s the only phrase I know.”

She shrugged. “It’s the only phrase most people know. At least you put in some effort.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes as Marie enjoyed the warmth the odd, winter drink made in her insides that actually cheered up her day.

“Dad wants you downstairs in a bit; he says that you need to talk to the Guardians and him in private,” Philip said after a few minutes.

Marie groaned. “So this hot coco was really just being used as a comforter for when you tell me the news?”

Philip gave her a grim smile and shrug. “Sorry, but you know how father is.”

Marie sighed. No, she really didn’t. After being here for almost five months, she barely knew the man that helped make her before abandoning her and her mother and moving back to the Americas. She knew she looked nothing like him, and took after her mother, and she knew that his wife and mate loathed her existence. She was the child that wasn’t supposed to happen, and for that reason, she is kept at arms length.

“I guess,” she whispered. “Well I better shower and change out of this thing. Will my bandages be fine if I take a shower?”

He shrugged. “Should be. Here let me take your cup.”

Taking her cup, he left, and closed the door, leaving Marie alone as she always is.

It only took a few minutes until Marie decided she didn’t like the Guardians.

Sitting in the office with the five, over-sized men was making her heart race and her body to shake slightly. Her nails dug into her chair to keep herself still from wanting to run, and to stop herself from going near a certain silver-eyed man. She didn’t know what it was, but every part of her body just wanted him. When she entered the room, he was the first person she made eye contact with, and it knocked the wind out of her because of his beauty and the need her body had to just go to him and curl up in his arms. It every ounce of energy she regained after her shower to sit in the sit in front of her father’s desk. He and his mate were in the room also, but their presence added nothing but more dread.

“Now,” one of the Guardians started with short, red trimmed hair, “I understand if that are you might be uncomfortable talking about the night of the attack, but we need answers, and you are the only one who saw the wolves closely to tell us about them.”

Marie took a sharp intake of breath and nodded. The last thing on earth she wanted to talk about was watching her American best friend die in front of her, and being bit herself by those horrible creatures.

“Bien,” she whispered softly, encouraging for the ginger man to continue.

“Can you tell me what some of the wolves looked like?” the ginger man asked. “Like their fur color, eye color, or even any scars that they have?”

Marie bit her inner lip, and tired to control her short, raspy breathing as she recalled the scene. “I-I can’t remember a lot a-a-bout them, but I can remember one. He was huge and black and had some of the most jaune eyes I’ve ever seen. They were almost… or colored.”

The ginger gave her a grim face. “Jaune and or?” he asked lightly.

“Yellow and gold,” a husky voice that sent shivers all through Marie’s body responded. His voice sounded sexier and even manlier when speaking in her native tongue, but even now in English, it managed to almost drive her over the edge of sanity. Why someone so rude to her earlier was making her feel like way was beyond her, but maybe it had to do with the intense eyes she could feel watching her every move.

“Oui,” Marie answered. “Je suis désolé. Sometimes I forget colors and things of the English language.”

“How can you be dumber to forget something as easy as yellow?” her father’s mate known as the Luna Brittany hissed.

Marie’s mouth was dry with an answer. Brittany was right, though; how could she be so stupid? She’s been speaking English all her life with her mother and even through classes at school, but sometimes just simple words have been slipping her mind the more time she spends here. It could be her desperate need to speak her own language and not to lose her native tongue that drives her to mix her words and forget simply ones, but Marie really wasn’t sure.

A soft growl echoed in the room, and Marie jumped. She already knew who it was coming from even without turning around. She could almost feel the growl being made in her chest as it is made in the silver-eyed boy. She wondered how that could even be possible considering that she could feel such a strong pull toward this mystery man- no, wolf- that was making her question why she would ever want to leave this place unless it was with him. The only words he’s ever said to her were insult that hurt her, though, but she just couldn’t think of him in a bad light. Everything about was just lighting up her senses and she just couldn’t wrap her head around why.

Maybe it had to do with her dream that she only had this morning. She thought it was nothing but a dream since she had never seen someone so beautiful until she barged into her fathers office. She knew right away he was the same man she was dreaming of with his sharp features and cleft chin. His hair was just as dark as the boy of her dreams, but now it was a bit shorter and not as carefree looking. His lips were still perfect with their light pink color and small scar above the right part of his lip. The scar only made her want to kiss him more, despite her mind still pushing that insult in front for her to see. He wanted her dead, and she just needed to keep remember that, and not look into his eyes. Because she knew if she saw his perfect, round, deep silver eyes that shinned too much to be grey, she would lose it and wouldn’t remember the harsh words he spoke to her because all she would want is him. She kept her back to him even when the room all glared at him with a confused expression.

“Alpha,” the ginger spoke warely toward her silver-eyed dream. “Is there something wrong?”

“Non. My wolf is just acted up today, Mat” the Alpha of the Guardians hissed out, and for some reason, now that he had a title, it only made Marie even more drawn to him. Every part of her body wanted him even more, and that made her feel like a whore. She shouldn’t be worrying about a man’s power, especially in a wolf pack since she wanted nothing to do with one, and she shouldn’t even be worrying about this man; she could never be near him.

“Fine,” the ginger Mat said a little unsure before turning back to Marie. “Is that all you can remember?”

“Non. But the rest of it is something I would rather not go over,” Marie whispered and looked at her hands in her lap.

“Yes, I understand. Now there is something else we need to speak about.”


“There was a message written on the walls. One of the wolves that attacked you wr-“

“Don’t feed her those lies, Guardian,” Brittany butted in, “we all here know that she wrote the message for attention because she is nothing but a whore who needs it just like her mother.”

The insult stung a little, but it was nothing Marie hadn’t heard before. It was no secret Brittany hated Marie and her deceased mother, and no one really did anything about it. Brittany was their Luna, and maybe if she wasn’t, someone would stick up for the Marie when she first got here. She used to fight against Brittany, hoping to bring pride to her mother’s name who was never with another man after being with Marie’s father. But soon Marie grew tired and just let the Luna speak on.

“Alpha Nate can you please excuse your mate from this meeting?” the Alpha of the Guardians inquired through a strained but lethal voice. “She is distracting us from our purpose and we need none of that here. None of us but her believe Marie wrote the message, and she only believes it for her own selfish reasons. Now please leave.”

Marie liked the way her name sounded with his voice, and loved the way he almost stuck up for her. She figured it was simply because he needed to know of the attacks, and Marie was the only survivor so she was a witness they needed whether she was suppose to be alive or dead. It still gave Marie hope and pride in her silver-eyed dream for telling off the now angry looking Brittany. She stormed out of the room with Marie’s father following closely in her footsteps. Marie frowned; of course he would go with her and not stay with his daughter to comfort her. What else was Marie supposed to except?

“Thank you, Alpha,” Mat said. “She was really starting to get on my nerves.”

“She was starting to get on all of our nerves,” another Guardian said. He looked very similar to Marie’s silver-eyed dream, but his eyes were more almond shape and grey.

“Yes, well, Luna’s are the biggest pain with letting their personal feelings get in the way of things.”

“Mat,” the Alpha hissed with enough force that even Marie was scared. She didn’t even want to know how Mat was feeling.

“My apologizes, Alpha,” Mat mumbled. “Now, Marie. This message we know wasn’t written by you; it’s impossible. Michael is a doctor and when going over your medical records, you were passed out way before you would have had enough to write it in your own blood.”

“Mon du sang!” she yelped.

“Err,” Mat wasn’t sure how to respond, and Marie was about to have a panic attack. Her blood? This message was written in her blood?

A pair of hands lands softly on her shoulders, and Marie didn’t have to turn around to know who it was. Her body ached toward the man behind her, and calm down with just his lightest touch. To her his touch was like ecstasy, and she didn’t know if she could ever resist this man.

“Mat,” the Alpha said sternly. “Let us not scare the poor girl after everything she’s been through.”

Mat just shrugged, but eyed up the Alpha’s hands on Marie’s shoulders. “I thought she knew of the message.”

“How considering she just woke up from her coma only a few short hours ago?”

“Sorry, sir.”

Marie could feel the Alpha smirk. “I think Marie has had enough for the day, non?”

“Je suppose,” Marie whispered, and rose from her seat, keeping her eyes to the ground. The Alphas hands left her shoulders and she suddenly felt cold like she took a dive into the English Channel. Wrapping her arms around herself, she excused herself because she knew if she didn’t get away soon, she wouldn’t be ever able to the Alpha’s side again.