The Impossible Mate

Chapter Five

Chapter Five

“It’s impossible, Vincent; she shouldn’t exist,” Michael chanted as Marie closed the door to leave the Guardians alone in the Alpha’s office.

Vincent was in shock, watching at the door closed shut and his mate dared to walk away from him. It was his mate, and after touching her, there was doubt about that. Those sparks that rode through his body told him and his wolf that it was his Marie alive and almost healthy looking. To him, she was too thin for his liking with the already small white dress she was wearing looking like a potato sack on her body. And when his hands touched her frail, breakable shoulders, he and his wolf nearly lost it.

“B-but, it’s her,” Vincent whispered, his eyes still lingering on the door for a few seconds before turning toward his brother. “It’s her.”

“She just looks like Marie,” Michael tried to argue, his eyes getting darker than usual. “Your wolf probably sees Marie in, well, this Marie, and is trying to replace her. It’s been known to happen to wolves that lose their mates and find a human with the same quality.”

“Michael,” Vincent hissed; he could feel wolf starting to emerge and he would do nothing to stop the new and glorious feeling of his wolf finally returning. Even if that meant attacking his own brother to defend his mate. “You don’t think I haven’t thought of this? That’s why I touched her; it’s her. It’s my Marie.”

“Marie?” Vic questioned. “Why wouldn’t Marie be Marie?”

Vincent ignored him and turned to his brother and Jonathan. They knew who his Marie was, and they had to accept that this is her. There was no other way to deny it.

“And you felt it?” Jonathan asked quietly. “You felt the mating touch.”

“Yes,” Vincent stated. “I felt it to the point where my wolf wanted to mark her right there despite the crowd.”

Vincent’s wolf went mad when he touched Marie, pushing himself out of Vincent’s body so he could claim and take her, and now with her gone and his own brother arguing against him, his wolf was whimpering and begging to go after her. Everything in his body was leaning toward her, and every thought was questioning just how she could just leave. Did she not feel the spark? Was his brother right?

“Well then,” Jonathan mumbled, “maybe we have decoded the message on the wall.”

“We still need to check her family record,” Michael argued. “The real Marie did have a cousin that was half human and didn’t turn; she might be descended from her.”

“I’ll get right on that,” Matt stated.

“I’m telling we don’t need to!” Vincent screamed. “It-“

“Alpha Vincent!”

The Luna of the Half Moon Pack yelled from the other side of the door. The Guardian blood in Vincent surged as he rushed to the door to find the wide, brown eyes of the Luna. She was breathing heavy and was trying to speak.

“Th-the-they-they’re here!”

“Who?” Michael pushed through.

“The rogues! They’re right behind the tree line!”

Vincent growled, and commanded his men outside and told the Luna to get the women and children down to the basement. The rogues were getting bold if they really thought they could attack during the high noon of summer. It was scorching outside, and Vincent already knew his wolf was going to be sweating and the fight was going to hard, but he’s over three hundred years old and these fights were easy; they were nothing compared to the fight he has every day he wakes up without the warmth of his one and only true love and soulmate.

The Half Moon’s warriors were already out and having a hard fight against the enemy. Wolves were everywhere, chopping at each other’s necks and lunging for legs to immobile to go in for the kill. The Half Moon Pack was severally outnumbered as more and more wolves ran out from the shelter in the trees. Some looked barely older than just turned, and Vincent growled.

He was meant to fight for his people; that was the whole reason he and his pack were blessed. They were meant to fight against vampires, humans or any other mythical creatures that were causing harm to the first ever supernatural creature on this planet. They were not supposed to be fighting against each other; a civil war blood bath was supposed to be for vampires and their crazy king. Yet as Vincent watched, his stomach churned; it was all wrong.

Taking a deep breath, he ordered his men out. Michael was to help Vincent and Jonathan go into the woods and stop the rogues and force them back. Vic and Matt were meant to help the Half Moon Pack fight against the rogues and make sure they didn’t get to the children and unmated females inside the house. Vincent knew he was counting on Vic and Mat also to make sure they didn’t get anywhere near Marie. He would kill them if any harm happened to her.

Acting quickly, they all shifted into wolves nearly twice the size of any of the others wolves there. They were supposed to be warriors and guardians that were unstoppable to even the worst of the worst. Vincent was the biggest of them, being the Alpha and first ever Guardian. He was the size of an average sized car with stunning black fur with a tint of brown in it. His eyes still stayed the haunting silver his blood-line blessed him with.

Vic and Mat were already in action, helping the Half Moon Pack’s wolves fight off the other predators. It was an uneven match for the Half Moons, but Vic and Mat were skilled fighters and hopefully no others will be pulled into the afterlife from these horrible rogues. Vincent prayed to the Goddess as he always does, and jerked his head as a signal to go, and he, Michael and Jonathan were off to track and stop the rogues from getting any closer.


Vincent and his two brothers returned safely to the house after the fight was over. The rogues backed away at the sight of the Guardians, and no more blood was spilled as they cowered back into the forest. Vincent sent out Vic to track them, and see just where they could be holding a base in this large, spacious community. It would save them time and energy if they figured it out now, and not later. The rogues needed to be stopped as soon as possible, especially now that Vincent’s mate was on the grounds of the battle area.

All the mates and children of the Guardians stay in the mansion hidden away from the rest of werewolf, human, and supernatural creature’s eyes. It was the safest, not only to keep them alive and healthy, but also for the group that the Guardians were helping that day. It was known that all wolves put their mates first, even if they are an Alpha or even a Guardian, and while it’s sometimes useful, it can be just as deadly. And now with Marie inside, safe with the rest of the women and children, she was Vincent’s main priority.

Michael and Jonathan followed Vincent as he stormed inside. Alpha Williams was already inside, reassuring the women and children that everything will be alright. Vincent was anxious to find his mate and comfort her if she was scared, and if she wasn’t, he still was going to hold her to show himself that she is really alright and safe. The safest place for her was right by his side with her fingers intertwined with his because it would show that she was never leaving his side again.

“Where’s Marie?” Vincent asks Alpha Williams when he isn’t able to find the brunette beauty among the crowd. His wolf couldn’t even feel her near, and that was making his wolf want to come out and viciously search for her. She was within his grasps again, and she wouldn’t be allowed out.

“She doesn’t stay with us, Alpha,” the Luna answered before her mate could mutter out a response. The Luna was getting on the nerves with Vincent, and he wasn’t sure how soon he’d be able to control his angry, even if she is a she-wolf. “She’s probably up in her room crying.”

A growl pushed its way up from deep in Vincent’s chest. “She should be underground too, she is part of this pack whether she is a bastard or not, and she is only human. Along with that, she is the Alpha’s eldest child, meaning that she has the rightful spot to being the Alpha of the pack, and deserves everyone’s respect. I will not put up with type of behavior you are showing toward her.”

Vincent didn’t realize how loud his voice was until the whole crowd of people hushed and bowed toward him. The Luna seemed stunned and her eyes flashed with angry before she stormed off, stomping her feet like a child. Vincent let out a deep sigh; that she-wolf was starting to get under his skin in a very, very bad way.

“Your daughter should be protected,” Vincent said, lowering his voice, and allowing the other pack members to continue talking. His own pack was staying in the background, investigating everything they could, while keeping a keen hear on just what Vincent is saying. Vincent could tell through from their constant complaints from the network of thoughts they could send between each other that none of them wanted him to tell anyone of Vincent’s mate until they were sure that was exactly what she was. Vincent tried not to get upset that they didn’t believe him, but he wouldn’t let that bug him as he tried for proper protection of his mate.

“I know,” the Alpha responded back, “but Marie is difficult in refusing to part of the pack. She just doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

Vincent didn’t like the sound of that. She was going to be future Luna of the Guardians, and hearing that she didn’t want to be involved in pack life hit a nerve on both him and his wolf. She would very much have to be involved with the pack life, especially with the other females and children when he was away. She would have to be in control if an attacked happened on their palace if he was gone, and she would have to know how to communicate with everyone. Marie wouldn’t be allowed to just shut herself up in her room and hope for the best. She would have to part of every single thing.

“Then make her,” Vincent growled before turning away from him to return to his brothers. His heart was like a train inside of his chest, threatening to be released, and his wolf wasn’t much better. This wolf was demanding to find their mate, and make her be part of her own world. She will soon be at the very top of the werewolf ranking, right under royalty, and he wasn’t going to allow her to hate it. And if Marie was the same as she was before, he knew she would love it.

“Where is she?” Jonathan asked. Michael was off giving help to any of the wounded wolves in the infirmary.

“Somewhere, but she wasn’t with the group when the rogues attacked,” Vincent explained, taking his seat in the office of Alpha Williams.

“Why?” hissed out Jonathan.

“Williams said she wants nothing to do with the pack; not even protection.”

“Most bastard children are like that.”

“She can’t be if she’s going to be my mate; I’ll have to talk to her,” Vincent whispered, putting his head in his hands.

“Not yet I hope; you might scare her if you tell her that she’s your mate that suppose to be dead,” Jonathan warned.

“I know. I will once everything settles down. Right now, though, we need to worry about these rogues and making sure they get nowhere near my mate and her father’s pack. Has Vic returned?”

“No, sir. Last I heard from him, they were heading north, toward the Erie lake.”

Vincent nodded, and tried his best to drown himself in the work of killing and destroying all the rogues. He needed a distraction, but his body was exhausted with worry for his mate. He knew she must have been okay considering no one was hurt in the battle, and Matt hadn’t seen her or anyone leave, but his heart still ached without her near.

But just as he was finally pushing her away from his thoughts, he caught a small trace of her mouthwatering scent of cherry blossoms and oranges that made his body go crazy with the need to be by her. Excusing himself, he followed her scent to the infirmary where a handful of wolves were getting treatment for their already healing wounds. She seemed so out of place in the infirmary as she went up to the pack doctor. She said something to him, but the doctor only got upset and sent her away without listening to anymore. Vincent’s blood boiled, and as she walked toward the exit, he couldn’t help but to get into his way.

She stopped at the sight of him with wide eyes, and bowed her head. Vincent didn’t like not having his mate think that she was his equal but he had to remind himself that she didn’t understand this yet.

“Do you need something,” Vincent asked urgently. “Are you hurt?”

Marie stood frozen for a few seconds before answering. “No, Alpha,” she whispered. “My bandages for my shoulder are just soaked and bleeding though, and I came down here to get some new ones. I didn’t know we were attacked, though, sir, and the pack doctor told me he was too busy to help me.”

Vincent growled; no one should ever turn down anyone in need of help- especially his mate.

“I will help you.”

Her eyes widen even more, if it was possible. “Y-you,” she stopped and caught herself. “I’m really fine, sir. I don’t want to waste your time.”

She tried walking past him, but he grabbed her arm gently. “No,” he said, trying to calm his wolf from her lack of wanting to be helped. Marie needed to be in her best healthy every day and every second of that day. “The werewolves in this infirmary will heal soon enough, but you are still human and vulnerable. My brother can help you with your bandages.”

Marie was too stunned to speak. “Thank you sir,” she whispered.

“Vincent,” he said, earning a questionable gaze on her perfect face. “Please, call me Vincent.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips, and it made Vincent’s heat soar with her beauty. The beauty he was never letting ago again.
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