The Impossible Mate

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Marie was overwhelmed by the feelings she got when the Alpha Vincent was just near her. It was like a cannon ball of emotions that hit at the strangest and most inappropriate of times. She felt furry like just the sight of him wanted to make her punch a wall. She felt pain that swelled in her heart any time he wasn’t close enough that she could feel the heat of his body. She felt sadness, but Marie had a feeling that it wasn’t really her sadness she was experiencing.

Yet under the core of hard and terrible emotions, Marie’s body was warm and on fire from the ones that made her heart beat so hard as if it was trying to escape her chest. Happiness, joy, chance, and love. It was exhilarating and a full adrenaline rush that made her body purr with excitement. Staying still and just trying to focus were two huge tasks when the Alpha was close, and her breathing always became sharp and fast. It was like having a heart attack, but any time he took a step too far away, it was like her soul had left her body and she was nothing but a lifeless zombie.

It was so much to handle, considering that Marie should be intimidated and shaking in her shoes any time the Alpha was even within a three room distance. She wasn’t a werewolf- she wasn’t a part of their world. She didn’t even know they existed, and from the life she has experienced, there is one thing that very much apparent in the life of werewolves: respect your Alpha’s, even if they aren’t yours. And Alpha Vincent was supposed to be the Alpha of all Alphas. The biggest, scariest, meanest Alpha that could tear your throat out without a second thought for just saying something wrong.

Marie just couldn’t picture it.

Yes, the Alpha was so tall he had to duck though doorways, and yes he was muscular with broad shoulders and thick chest and arms. His showing skin through the black shirt and jeans was riddled with burns and cuts that had turned into small, silver slivers that could only be seen when the light caught it just right; Marie couldn’t even make herself picture just how he got them without her heart aching in distress. He had the strong jaw and sharp nose of a man who wanted no funny business, yet it was when Marie stared into the grey globes of his eyes that she saw the softness of the world’s most feared Alpha. They were soft and kind and seemed to sing a song of patience and love. It was like a ray of hope, even if Marie wasn’t sure what the hope was for, but if this Alpha was involved, she knew that everything will be alright.

The Alpha floats around the room like a dandelion in the wind. His movements were gracefully and his strides were so long that getting across the room to gather up supplies was no problem for the Alpha. Marie sat perfectly still on the stool in the middle of the room, patiently waiting for the Alpha to figure out what he was doing. His brother was unavailable, too worried about helping and cleaning the wounds from the fight from actual werewolves. But she was only human, and humans were the least amount of concern for anyone.

Minus the Alpha Vincent, it seemed.

If her feelings weren’t already jumbled and rapid, then now she felt like a fish out of pond. Werewolves have never given her the time of day, and suddenly the most powerful and lethal and fearless Alpha to walk the earth offers her a helping hand; it’s impossible for her not to be starstruck.

“Why?” Marie whispered before she could stop herself. It was a question rolling around in her mind since he agreed to help her. Werewolves never do such a thing for her, even when she is the Alpha’s oldest child. She was nothing but gum stuck to their shoes.

The Alpha turned around and arched a perfect eyebrow. “Why what?” he inquired, gliding over with thick white bandages and a bottle of a clear antibiotic. She slipped off her cardigan and the thin straps of her dress to expose her shoulders. Even with just the little skin showing, Marie felt too exposed as if all her flaws were showing through the small section showing. But it wasn’t intimidating as she suspected; it was more like strange sensation of hoping to please the Alpha and hoping not to disappoint.

“Why are you helping me?” she said, her voice as quiet as a mouse. She didn’t want to offend the Alpha, but she wanted answers.

“Because it is my duty,” he simply replied, as he unwrapped the ripped and damp bandages. Marie realized that they had probably been on her since she first showed up in the medical center of the pack house. They had blood stains and rips all though them, and she needed them changed unless she wanted an infection.

Marie sighed. “But I’m human.”

“That doesn’t matter.”



Marie shuts her mouth and sighed deeply. Fighting with the Alpha felt wrong, but what else was she suppose to do; no has ever helped her. It just didn’t make any sense at all.

“Avez-vous mal?” The Alpha asked as he pulled off the rest of the old bandages. They tugged and ripped at her new, recovering skin. She nodded quickly and bit into her lip to stop from screaming out. The Alpha stopped, grimacing when Marie turned around to him with water in her eyes. Marie was surprised by the pain in his silver eyes, and even more in shock and disbelief when the Alpha began rubbing her side on her rib cage as comfort. It was always a secret her mother used when trying to calm her down as a child, and how this Alpha knew was adding onto the list of puzzles that she had swimming in her mind about him.

“Je suis désolé, Marie,” the Alphas whispers. “But I must change this bandage.”

“Oui. Just get rid of it,” Marie whispered, her voice cracking.

Still rubbing her side, the Alpha tugged the bandage hard and fast, tearing it off so fast, Marie didn’t feel any pain until a few seconds after. She screamed, the pain feeling like a thousand scratches digging into her skin, trying to get to her bone. It was an itching type of pain that was tempting her so much to just rip off all the other, flaky skin that might be left. Marie sat on her hands to curb the ever eating temptation.

Working quickly, the Alpha began dapping her skin with the antibiotic. Marie squirmed; the itching had dissipated, but had been replaced by a fire. The Alpha was quick as he wrapped her exposed shoulder, and Marie was ever so thankful; the deep embarrassment that had been forming in her stomach was one less thing to worry about.

“You’re father has told me that you have not gotten used to pack life,” the Alpha said as he finished up her bandages with some tape.

“You mean pack life has gotten used to me,” Marie said, her voice cracking from the burning that was starting to reside slowly.

“Pack life is a great thing, and if you put forth the effort, I am s-“

“Excusez-moi,” Marie snapped. “But I have tried. Since the day I’ve gotten here; no one wants me here and I am not going to pretend anymore that I want to be here too.”

“Well maybe if you started acting like you want to be here, they will acc-“

Marie jumped off the medical table and spun around to look at the Alpha. Adrenaline was pumping though her veins, not stopping her from doing something incredibly stupid- like pissing off the most dangerous Alpha who wasn’t afraid to have a little blood on his hands.

“Now you listen here, Mr. ‘I’m the most powerful Alpha ever so I know everything and anything about what goes on in this pack even though I haven’t been here in years’, I don’t belong here. I’ve known that since the day I stepped foot in that threshold. No one wants me here. Do you know why I’m injured? Because I wasn’t allowed to help with the children- they thought I was a bad influence since I am the child that shouldn’t exist. My own father can’t even look at me like a child; all I am to him in an unwanted mess that he hasn’t figured out how to clean up yet. So don’t you dare say to me that I should make an effort to belong! I’ll make the effort when everyone else does,” Marie spats, and turns on her heels, stomping toward the door.

But at the exit, Marie spun around again to say one last final thing. “Merci, Alpha. I really appreciate your help, but I am not one of your people, so don’t tell me what to do.”

And with that, Marie was out the door without another glance back at the speechless Alpha.