I spent my whole summer at the beach and I hate the beach. The ocean freaks me out and I hate how sand gets into places you prefer it doesn’t. Why would I waste my summer at some place I hate? I kept asking myself that, but the reason is obvious. I was there simply because of a girl who looked very majestic like a mermaid. I even considered that she might be a mermaid because I have barely seen her out of the ocean.

Everyday I kept telling myself that this would be the day that I would make my move, but unfortunately, I never got the guts to. I felt like such a stalker. Thank God, she never noticed me and that I will probably never see her again.

As I walked through the doors of Concord High School for my first day of senior year, I saw standing at the other end of the hallway the same beautiful blonde hair girl that I admired all summer. My immediate reaction was to quickly walk up the stairs that were to the left of me. I don’t know why I had the urge to hide because she didn’t know who I was and plus my locker was downstairs.

I went back downstairs only to bump into my best friend Noah Parker. We’ve been friends since we were three. He claims he became friends with me because I was clever about how I stole his cookies, which I don’t think is true since I just tapped him on a shoulder to get him to look one way and then took his cookies. My older brother taught me that. Anyways Noah wrapped his arm around my shoulder and walked me to my locker. I know it sounds gay, but it’s just simply a bromance.

After throwing all my binders and school supplies in my locker, I closed it, turned around and noticed that the blonde girl’s locker was across the hall from mine. I wanted to look away, but I am a man and I couldn’t take my eyes of her ass. Then Noah stood in front of me, which blocked my view.

“Hey that’s the mermaid girl from summer.” Noah practically shouted and while pointing at her. I quickly put down his finger before she noticed we were talking about her.

“Yeah, I noticed. There is no need to let the whole world know.” I said in a hushed and annoyed tone.

“Maybe she can finally put an end to our bet.” Noah bet me twenty bucks that she was a mermaid and since they don’t exist I couldn’t pass up an easy chance for money.

“So are you going to ask her if she is a mermaid?” I asked and Noah stood there for a second pretending like he was thinking about it when I knew that he already knew the answer to that question.

“No you are.” He pushed me across the hall and when she noticed me I knew I couldn’t turn back.

With a closer look at her I noticed her ocean blue eyes and I couldn’t stop staring at them. Then I realized I probably seemed like a total creeper right now. I looked back at Noah who nodded at me to ask her. I sighed and asked if she was a mermaid. When she gave me a confused look I explained the days at the beach, without making me seem like a crazy stalker, and then explained the bet.

“You do know that mermaids don’t exist right?” She shut her locker and then leaned her back against it. I was surprised that she didn’t leave right away especially with a stupid question like that.

“I know that, but it may be a little hard to break the news to my friend over there.” I pointed to Noah and he gave me two thumbs up.

“No I am not a mermaid. I just love the ocean and I love to swim.” She smiled.

“Thanks,” I began to walk off, but then I realized that I was being rude and haven’t introduced myself yet. “I’m Cody by the way.”

“Ariel.” She tucked a piece of her wavy long blonde hair behind her ear.

“You know that doesn’t help the whole mermaid thing.” She laughed which was weird because I normally am not funny. Maybe she was just flirting, but I don’t really understand this whole flirting thing.

“Well I come from a family of swimmers and apparently my mom loves The Little Mermaid.” She ended with a smile, but I couldn’t tell if she was joking or serious. Unfortunately, the bell rang before I got the opportunity to ask her.

I don’t really believe in the whole love at first sight, but to be honest that’s how I am feeling. All I know is that she loves to swim and her name is Ariel. How could I already be in love with her? Doesn’t matter a girl like her could never fall for a guy like me, but I guess I can still put up a fight.
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