It was the night of the party and most people usual have to prepare and set things up, but I knew that the party would happen on its own, so I decided to sit and watch TV all day. Actually, I didn’t mean to watch TV all day it just sort of happened.

About thirty people came when the party was supposed to begin which was nine o’clock and an hour and a half later, my house was packed and probably already trashed. I wouldn’t know because at my parties I spend my time on the roof right outside my window. So I get to watch all the stupid stuff that happens in the front yard.

Noah joined me around eleven because he had to wait for his parents to go to bed so he can sneak out. His parents are very strict. The only parties he is allowed to go to are the ones with adult supervision and let’s face it nobody throws adult supervision parties unless they have strict parents. However, why would you throw a party if you have strict parents?

“Well aren’t you a great host.” I turned around to see Ariel holding to beers.

She looked great. Her hair was in a high ponytail and she was wearing white shorts with a black shirt. She could dress so simple yet look so sexy. I wanted to tell her, but I thought that it might have made me sound creepy. Therefore, I just told her that she looked beautiful.

“Sorry I only have two beers.” She said innocently and I knew she wanted Noah to leave, but Noah didn’t quite catch on as quickly.

“That’s okay.” Noah grabbed both of the beers, gave one to me and opened the other for himself. It was awkward for a minute and then Ariel cleared her throat. “Oh shit, Ariel you are welcome to join us if you would like to.” I then slapped Noah on the arm and he shrugged.

“You are the stupidest guy I know.” I gave him the signal we made up for whenever we want to be alone with a girl.

“Oh umm… I have to go be somewhere that’s not here.” He said and jumped back into my room and taking my beer with him. I let out a little growl, but he just responded with “love you too, bro.” as he walked out of the room.

“This is going to be tough on him isn’t it?” Ariel asked and I was a little confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Noah is going to have a hard time getting use to me hanging out with you.” She was flirting again.

I nodded my head and then we sat there awkwardly because neither of us really knew what to talk about. There were actually a lot of things I wanted to ask her, but I couldn’t get the questions out of my mouth. I guess I was just really nervous.

“Well since you're boring me I think I am going to go downstairs and take a dip in the pool.” She took off her top and revealed her gold bikini top. My mouth dropped open because she looked super sexy. She climbed back into my room and I just stared at her like a freak. She turns back around and asked, “You coming?” I nodded my head and quickly followed after.

Walking down the stairs, I could feel everyone staring at Ariel. I knew I was still staring. I have seen bodies like hers before, but I have never been so close to one. I usually admire from a far. This was honestly like heaven to me. When she took off her shorts, I believe I began to drool with several other guys who were by or in the pool. I know I saw her all summer, but she was in the ocean most of the time and the times I saw her outside of the ocean she was wearing a one-piece.

“Dude when are you going to snatch that up?” Noah asked as Ariel did a perfect dive into the pool. She was so graceful, soon those in the pool surrounded her, and my attention went to Noah.

“Snatch her up?” I understood what he was saying it was just a weird way to phrase it.

“Yeah, when are you going to hit that?” That was even worse than saying snatch her up.

“Okay, you should really choose your words carefully and I am not going to hit that or snatch it up any time soon.” Which I hope isn’t true because I really liked her and wanted to be with her, but girls like that don’t fall for guys like me.

“Oh you are psyching yourself out again. Dude last when a girl like you this much and you kept telling yourself she is too good for you, she went to boarding school,” it was true and I actually was the reason why she went to boarding school. “You are the greatest guy I know any girl would be lucky to have you.”

He was right and at that moment, I had a little boost of confidence, so I took of my clothes and jumped into the pool, cannonball style, with my boxer on. Someone yelled chicken fight, so I found Ariel and put her on my shoulders. We did end up to be the champions because Ariel is vicious when she is in the water.

After we got out of the pool, Ariel and I sat in front of the fireplace and I could see myself spending the rest of my life with her.