I invited Ariel over after school on a Friday to have a movie marathon. She’s never seen Harry Potter, so we decided to attempt watching them all tonight which we only got through three of them and then she fell asleep in the middle of the fourth one. She was lying on my lap, so I didn’t move or bother to wake her. She looked so cute and peaceful.

All of the sudden her phone began to vibrate. It was her mom who was calling her and I was debating if I should wake her up, but I decided just to answer it myself. I know we aren’t really there in the relationship since we aren’t even boyfriend and girlfriend, but I am the only friend of Ariel’s that her mom has met, so it shouldn’t be that awkward.

“Hello.” I said in a whisper.

“Ariel are you okay? Why haven’t you come home yet or at least called? I was worried sick.” She did sound extremely terrified.

“Mrs. Winters it’s Cody and did Ariel not tell you she was coming over to my house?” I was still whispering.

“She told me that she was going over to her house, but with her I am always over protective.” She said sounding more calm then a minute ago.

“Why?” I probably shouldn’t be questioning her parenting style, but it just kind of slipped out, so I couldn’t really take it back. Well I could have, but she began talking before I had the chance to.

“I would love to tell you why, but my daughter will tell you when she thinks the time is right. Please tell her to come home soon.” She then hung up.

Whatever she was talking about probably had to do with the other reason for why she is glad she doesn’t live in Florida anymore. I then began to go through her phone for clues, but stopped myself because I should respect her privacy. Then I thought she is asleep, so she will never find out.

I began to go through her pictures and there was not a single clue. I then began to go through the pages she has bookmarked on the internet. One page caught my attention because it was an article on some news site, so I clicked on it. Her phone was loading very slow and when it finally load all I got to read was the title which was Stalker/Murder Finally Behind Bars. Then I dropped the phone, which woke Ariel up.

She began to stretch and she gave me a smile. Then she looked at the clock and totally freaked out. She reached for her phone on the table and realized it wasn’t there. She then found it on the floor and it was still open to the article. “Were you snooping through my phone?” She asked angrily.

“No, your mom called and I didn’t want to wake you because you looked so peaceful. So I answered it for you and she just wanted you to come home. So I was about to wake you up, but when I was going to end the call your phone dropped and that’s all.” That sounded like bullshit, but I was hoping she believed me.

“Wow you are full of bullshit and next time when my phone rings then wake me up instead of answering it yourself.” She stared at me for a while before she continued. “God, who the hell do you think you are?” Then she stormed out. I think I just ruined a great friendship or future relationship.

What ever this secret she is keeping from me is about is definitely puts her on edge. I wish I wasn’t so clumsy because I know it would have been wrong, but I need to know this secret. I am such an idiot sometimes. I barely know her, so what right did I have.

I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night, so in the morning I had to call her to make sure she was okay. I mainly just needed her to forgive me. The first three times I called her she didn’t pick up. I couldn’t wait for school to make my apology, so I got in the car and drove to her house. I rang the doorbell about ten times and there was no answer. I was hoping she wasn’t home and that is why she wasn’t answering.

I thought about waiting on the front steps, but then I thought it may have looked desperate, so I decided just to go home. I guess I will have to wait until school to apologize if I even get a chance too.