When I got home on Friday night I went straight to my computer to search up the article that I had found on her phone the other night. After going through five different newspapers in Florida I finally found the one I was looking for. It then took me awhile to find the article I was looking for. This is what it said:

...Tyler Moore was arrested for the murderer of five innocent people. His trial will be in two weeks and many are expecting his sentence to be life in prison.

People are wondering why he chose these people as his victims. They all seemed to have one connection and that was Ariel Winters. When they met she was fifteen years old and she states that he seemed as normal as the next guy. She spent all summer talking to Tyler, but when school started again she didn't have time for him anymore. Tyler was angry at her for this and had decided to kill those closest to Ariel.

After Tyler's trial Ariel had decided to move out of the state just in case. She does not want to live in a place where she has to see those she has hurt every day. She feels that it is her fault her friends and family members were murdered. Ariel just wants to escape the past...

I couldn't read anymore, but I basically got the gist of what had happened to her. I wish she was still talking to me, so I could help her through this. Unfortunately I promised myself that I would leave her alone for at least two weeks and see if she will come to me.

All of the sudden my phone began to ring and it was Ariel. Shocked and happy at the same time I answered it with excitement. We haven't spoken since Tuesday and I didn't know how much longer I could go like this.

Soon I stopped smiling because Ariel was crying when she answered the phone. She was having troubles with getting words out, but eventually I heard 'get over here now.' I hung up my phone and quickly got into the car.

When I arrived there were police cars outside her house and an ambulance. I noticed that there was someone in the back of the ambulance before they shut the door and left. Was it Ariel? I was really worried and scared right now. Then I noticed Ariel talking to an officer and I could breathe again. She saw me and came running towards me. I gave her a huge hug still confused on what happened.

"She's gone." Ariel was able to say between her sniffles.

"Who's gone?" I looked around and noticed her mom wasn't anywhere that I could see of.

"My mom. That monster killed her just like he killed my dad. What am I going to do? Where am I going to live?" She began to panic and I just hugged her tighter.

I've never had to deal with a situation like this and I usually am not good when people begin to cry especially when someone has passed away. I never say the right thing and I tend to make things worse because I make stupid jokes to make people happier. I knew I had to control myself so none of the jokes would come out.

"You can stay with me. I mean my parents are never home, so they will never know." I said without thinking first.

"No!" She practically screamed at me. "How many times do I have to tell you that I don't want to be anywhere near you because I don't want you hurt?"

"I understand, but I promise you that everything is going to be perfectly fine. I will protect you and I know that you will protect me." I tried to reassure her, but she wouldn't budge. "Please let me help." I eventually went to begging.

"You promise you won't let him kill you or me." I nodded my head even though I knew that it was a promise I wouldn't be able to keep, but the risk was definitely worth it.

I then kissed her like I was sealing the deal. That made her smile for a second but it didn't last long. I was way over my head, but love makes you do crazy things and I would do anything for Ariel even if I had to die.