Sequel: Oh, Catastrophe
Status: 6/1/2013 Completed.

Immaculate Misconceptions

Motionless in White is scorned by society. It's obvious why.
When their show at Webster Hall causes an uproar with members of a church, Chris Motionless finds himself in a tight spot... tighter than you could ever imagine.

So the question remains, will Motionless in White ever get their front man back?

*Rated R for Violent themes involving long periods of torture.
  1. Act One: Taken
    Motionless in White arrive at Webster Hall where Chris Motionless finally snaps... He's arrested and Taken.
  2. Act Two: I Am Chris Motionless
    Motionless in White scrambles to figure out what to do about their arrested band member. Chris Motionless refuses to be silenced.
  3. Act Three: Kuza
    Can Kuza really pass for Chris Motionless?
  4. Act Four: Nightmare of the Missing
    The band's in distress and Chris has a nightmare.
  5. Act Four; Part Two: Leviticus 19:28
    "Thou shall not make any cuttings in you flesh for the dead... nor tattoo any mark upon thy flesh. For I am the Lord..."
  6. Act Five: Drowning
    Chris is starting to panic and the band is overwhelmed. Where is the future taking them?
  7. Act Six: Run
    Get up Christopher Cerulli. Get up. Run. Get out of here.
  8. Act Seven: You Can't Kill All of Us
    "Just as your God has children, they are mine."
  9. Act Eight: Condolences
    These Haunting Thoughts Won't Let You Think Straight.
  10. Act Nine: Tick Tock
  11. Act Ten: The Mark of God / iPhone From the Sky
    "Let this mark the beginning of the end of this blasphemy." / We watch a boy named Caleb occupy himself with a mysterious iPhone.
  12. Act Eleven: Interlude
    "Why do they hurt me?"
  13. Act Twelve: Lead
    "We got to get out there. We just have to." / "Caleb Baker, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Christopher Cerulli..."
  14. Act Thirteen: Answers from an Innocent Man
    Caleb Barker is not the man you're looking for.
  15. Act Fourteen: The Bleeding King
    "Praise Him!"
  16. Act Fifteen: Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death
    "A gong marked the beginning of The End." / "You guys might wanna hurry up..."
  17. Act Sixteen: Crucified
    They found blood and it was fresh... Was he alive? Or were they too late?
  18. Act Seventeen: Found.
    "Officer..." He plucked a match from the box and held it in the air. "Officer!"
  19. Final Act; Act Eighteen: It is Finished.
    It is finished. And he is at Peace.
  20. Epilogue + Author's Note
    So, what happened to Motionless in White? & Author's note explaining writing processes and ideas woven into the story.