To Live and Let Go


Standing outside the venue, I rubbed my cold hands together as I jutted on a spot, staring at a group of fangirling girls not far in front of me. What had I gotten myself into? I looked away and found Poppy lighting a second cigarette since we had arrived.

“Honey, you tell me off for doing bad things and here-”

“Faye, shut it!” She laughed and poked her tongue at me.

“Ryan would hate to see you breaking your own rule.” I laughed.

“That’s the thing... we kind had a little fallen out so... yeah.”

“Ah.” I said simply.

I shoved my hands in my pocket as I searched for something comforting to say, instead I just made things more awkward by standing rigidly. In the end I patted her on the shoulder and she laughed quietly, snorting out the smoke through her nose.

“You’ve not broken up have you?”

“No, no, we’re just having a little break.”


“I may end up coming to sleep at the flat, I don’t know yet…” she laughed though I could tell she felt uneasy.

“That’s fine, me and Monster would be cool with the company.” I laughed.

Suddenly the crowd of girls became excited and wouldn’t stop giggling. I attempted to see what all the fuss was about but all I could see was some cute guy with a clipboard. I crossed my arms and subconsciously stared at him as he hurried by, grumbling to himself as another two guys hurried to join him. He glanced up at me and it was then in that split second I had a mini heart attack. I wasn’t expecting him to look at me; neither did I notice that I was watching him. I felt creepy.

I noticed him smirk and I pulled a sharp confused expression and turned to Poppy.

“That dude smiled at me... I might be paranoid,”

“I think he was smiling at you, psycho.”

I laughed and the turned straight face. “Don’t say that!”

“What? Psycho?”

“No! That he was smiling at me! That means he saw me staring at him!”

Poppy smacked her hand into her face.


I looked around and saw that Poppy had vanished and I was left with her All Time Low hoodie which she had left me in charge with because she felt too sweaty... I actually couldn’t see why she couldn’t just have held it herself. There had to be about an hour left of the concert and I was left looking stupid in rapid current of squealing fans. Without Poppy, I felt like I didn’t know how to act and I couldn’t even join in despite wishing the music would grow dark and heavier.

I eventually evacuated from the front of the crowd to the very back and fell out like as if I was being sucked back in. I decided that I would phone Poppy at the end so I wouldn’t ruin her night because I knew she would abandon her post to find me, maybe she had already, I didn’t know.

I noticed the bar at the side and fled towards it digging my hand into my bag for my purse. I ordered a pint of cider and sat at the bar drinking it whilst playing a game of Jewels on my phone. I hadn’t noticed the time slip away and became too engrossed in the game that I didn’t notice that everyone was leaving.

People were gathering all around the bar and I decided that it was just too much for me since I was practically in the way. I was on my third cider but my stability was still there. I got up and turned abruptly to flee but was stopped unexpectedly by a man.

Things went a little dark from the panic that ran through my mind and when things began to clear, I could feel the presence of another’s skeleton beneath my own. My face was buried into his chest and my cider soaked his clothes and he smelt of a mixture of sweetness.

“Ah, shit, sorry mate,” I said as I pulled myself from his body.

I looked up and noticed the face. It was that lad from before. Though he didn’t look all that happy but mind you I had just drenched him in my cider. He propped himself up on his elbows, an expression of shock and anger staring me right in the face.

“What the-”

“I said I was sorry, pretty lady,” I said, putting my hands up in defence and got up from the floor.

I stretched a hand out to him and he took hold of it; I pulled him up and left pretty quickly before anything else would kick off between us. Poppy phoned me and I was glad she did as I hurried as fast I could. Someone then grabbed me and I half screamed.

“Poppy!” I gasped and took hold of her arm. “I may have started an apocalypse, I poured my drink on some guy- the guy I saw this morning!”

“Oh you mean Flyzik?”

“What the fuck?! You know the bugger?” I demanded, my face melting with shock.

“Yeah, well, no. He’s All Time Low’s Tour Manager.”

“Poppy, we’ve got to run, I think he’ll skin me alive!”

“Don’t be silly!”

A person who was standing by the Flyzik dude pointed me out and I grabbed hold of Poppy and hid behind her. Was this really then end? I thought. A mere mortal verses a very attractive Tour manager, why doesn’t he just spank my bottom instead looking like he could commit a very messy death.

Our eyes were locked in a strange staring competition and I felt like I had to stand my ground and stood confidently beside Poppy, my hands in my pockets though I couldn’t help but give into the fear the bubbled inside me.
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