To Live and Let Go


There was no way I could avoid seeing Callum. Poppy had a big get together and invited him- I guess she might have hoped we would sort things out instead of avoiding each other. It had been nearly two months now since we had last done anything and it seemed like a miracle that I had managed to not try anything, according to Poppy.

Sat holding a can of Cider, I stood to the side room, surrounded by a few random blokes and a girl name Lucy who I had known since I was little and yet hardly spoke to. I couldn’t remember much about her but from how she presented herself, she seemed more of a whore than I was, with a bigger mouth and an annoying laugh [insert emoticon of enrage].

“Hey, Faye, how’re parents?” she turned to me and asked. I looked at her simply and shrugged my shoulders and she turned to the guys with a big fake smile. “They used to babysit me, that’s how me and Faye know each other.”

I felt like The Monk in Mean Machine and imagined wreaking havoc on this girl but kept those feelings at bay. I downed my whole can, squished it up in my hands and grabbed Lucy’s hand and pushed it into her hand.

“Take the trash out, honey.” I said in a hoarse tone.

“What?! What the hell is your problem?!” She snapped just as I turned my back on her to walk away.

I told myself repeatedly to move. I looked over my shoulder and scowled.

“You know why.” I growled.

I heard her laugh and she approached me, slamming her hands into me, causing me to stumble and fall into a group of people, their drinks spilling all over me. I felt something flicker red inside of mind.

“You always thought you were high almighty! Ickle Faye the perfect little princess!”

Once again things blackened out again but when it was starting to clear, I saw Lucy clutching to her bleeding nose in floods of tears; I was being held back by two guys but I still managed to fight them. Someone pulled them from me and took hold my arms, trying to fight for my attention.

“Callum, get off me.” I said, weakly.

I threw my arms and he let go.

“Come on, we’ll go outside.” He said and placed his hand on my shoulder but I shrugged him off.

I left pretty swiftly, pushing people out of my way. Once outside, I didn’t stop to take in my surroundings and take a breather. I continued to walk out of the small garden and down the street. I could hear Callum calling for me but I ignored him. He caught up with me.

“Where the hell are you going?”

“Anywhere but here, what does it look like?” I snapped.

“Your flat is too far from here to walk, why don’t you just let me drive you home then?”

“No!” I barked and turned hard on my heel to face him. “I’m not going back to that place!”

“Then where are you gunna go?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Can’t I worry about you?”

“No! I’m...” I took a breather and pressed my palm against my temple briefly. “I’m honestly fine.”

I turned away and walked on. I honestly didn’t know where I wanted to go. Maybe I would walk through the whole of the city and wake up the next day, beat after dodging a car, and damp from the morning rain. I could maybe end up in some stranger’s bed with a banging headache and wishing that maybe this lad would forget who I am so I could enjoy life how I already had it- care free and not giving a shit.


I put my card into the slot and struggled with the numbers, my stability to stand on two feet proving just as difficult. My phone began to ring at that point as I tried to look for my account balance. I thumbed through my pocket and pulled out my phone, flipping it open with my nose.

“Helllooo?” I said in a high pitch voice.

“Damnit, girl, where are you?!” screeched Poppy.

I looked about. “Against a building?”



“Which one?”


“Ok, stay put, I’ll come get you!”

She cut the phone call and I began to sulk playfully. I returned my attention to the screen and saw the overdraft was some way to nearly £2,000. At that point, my jolly thoughts had faded and all I could feel was the overbearing anxiety and my vision began to flick black like as if someone was turning on and off my vision; I got my card back and staggered towards the curb, searching for somewhere to sit, only to find a lamp post.

The impact was shocking and the pain was constant, centred down the middle of my face and then expanding. I couldn’t bare the shock and began to tumble backwards. As I staggered around like as if I were in some cartoon, I begged whoever was watching above that no one was to witness this embarrassing moment.

I hit the floor eventually and It was almost as if the stars were moving above me. Someone had ran to my rescue and hovered over me, trying to get me to respond to him.

“Shuush.” I hushed. “I need to sleep.”

Things went dark from then and I begged to god that if I survived this, I would go to church more often if I could.
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My friend actually walked into a lamp post sober in fact and refused to come in the next day xD Anyway, I hoped you liked it :3 I have too much time right now so like chapters are updating like wildfire xD please comment on what you think of the story so far :) Much obliged!! x