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Please Don't Tell Me That I'm Dreaming

Looks Like We're Holding Hands

Loud music startled Vic from his sleep. He groaned, reaching over to his alarm clock, making an attempt to turn it off.

The tried boy tried a few times before he gave up and slowly got out of bed, tearing the blanket off of him. It was really warm today. The sun was very bright today, especially since there were barely any clouds in the sky, seeking into his room through the bedroom window and illuminating his blue poster covered walls.

Vic couldn’t stop thinking about the dream he had. He was in someone’s arms, and he felt warm and safe. Vic longed for that feeling, for a special someone to care for him.

He wanted true love.

Vic was soon shaken from his thoughts at the sound of his stomach growling. He didn’t realize how hungry he was.

The bedhead tore through his closet, and pulled out a Dance Gavin Dance tank and black shorts. He wanted to get ready for the day; it was way too beautiful outside to stay indoors.

He skipped down the stairs, where he was met by his little brother who was munching on a bowl of cereal. Our parents must still be asleep he thought as he walked over to the cupboard to grab a bowl of his own. When he turned around to sit at the table with Mike, he noticed how tired he looked.

“Hung-over?” Vic asked with a smirk, then dug into his breakfast.

“You bet.” said Mike, sighing.

“Why don’t you get a glass of water?” Mike gave him a glare. “Haha ok here let me get you some.”

When Vic was done his breakfast, he grabbed his longboard and headed for the front door. He made sure he had his wallet in his pocket before he went outside.

“Where ya going?” Vic looked up from his shoes to see Mike.

“I’m going to the CD store. Do you wanna come with me?” Vic was kind of hoping that Mike would say no; he liked to have time alone sometimes.

“Nah,” Mike said, and Vic internally sighed with relief. “I’m going over to Tony’s house for a bit in an hour.”

“Ok” and the small Mexican walked out the door.

Once he made it to the end of his driveway, he set his longboard down and started pushing himself towards the little shopping area close by. As he strolled around, he was distracted once again by his thoughts. It would be hard for him to get a boyfriend is no one knew he was gay, right? But he didn’t want anyone to know, at least not for now. He hated himself for caring so much about his reputation, but all of those people made him feel respected and loved. What would his friends think?

There definitely were homophobes at his school; he could hear people mutter the word “fag” in the hallways towards someone, and Vic felt bad for whoever they were saying those terrible things to. But he had planned on coming out a few days before Graduation. Besides, he’d probably never see most of these people ever again anyways.

But soon the thing that was distracting him wasn’t his thoughts, but a really attractive boy that was skating up to him from another street. As this boy got closer, Vic recognized it to be the boy that he met last night that his friend Bri had introduced to him.


From the moment Kellin woke up on the stunning Saturday morning, he knew that today was going to be good. He had to go work at the CD Store today, but that was Ok, because he could listen to music when he was there, and it made him money. It was gorgeous outside today, so Kellin had decided he would skate to work. He jumped out of bed and pulled on a pair of black skinnies, grey vans, and an Every Time I Die shirt. (Yes, you heard right: Kellin Quinn, wearing Vans.)

He started going down his street, not bothering to eat breakfast. He was never a breakfast person; he would just eat something quick, like a smoothie or a granola bar on his way to work. As he got further away from his house, he could see someone else on a skateboard in the distance. He soon realized it was Vic. Kellin suddenly had a boost of confidence and pushed faster, so he could catch up to his crush.

And when he did catch up, holy fuck did Vic look cute today, he thought.

Vic seemed to notice him as he skated up beside him, so he turned around and smiled.

“Hey… um… your name’s Kellin right?” Vic slowed down a bit, so he and Kellin could chat.

“Yeah. So where are you of too?” Kellin slowed down a bit too.

“The CD store. What about you?” Vic said. Kellin smiled.

“Oh I’m going there too! I’ve actually been working there for the past three months.”

“That’s rad! Do you think you could show me some good albums?” Vic hopefully asked.

“Yeah, definitely! By the way, congrats on the game again.” Kellin reached out to touch his shoulder, making Vic shudder at the contact, in a good way. Kellin noticed and smirked at the effect he was having on him, but he wasn't going to point that out just yet. The taller of the two was surprised at himself for being more forward than usual. He was usually shy. But he figured that he should at least try to see if Vic liked him the same way.

They talked about classes and their friends until they arrived at the store. Kellin took their skateboards and placed them behind the register.

“Ok so we have a pretty wide variety of music here. Anything specific you’re looking for?” Kellin questioned as he took Vic’s hand and led him towards the aisle where they kept punk, metal, and hardcore music. Vic blushed at the contact, hiding his face with his long brown hair.

“Uh not really, anything that you think is good.” Kellin went further down the aisle. Vic didn’t know whether to follow him or just stay where he was, so he stayed. Kellin came strutting back to Vic with a CD in his hands.

“It’s Mayday Parade’s first album, A Lesson In Romantics… it’s beautiful,” Kellin went silent, but then whispered, “just like you…”

Vic felt like he was going to burst from emotions. He probably wasn’t supposed to hear that.

“oh um thank you. I think I’ll get it.” Vic awkwardly smiled, and the boys walked over to the cash register. Vic couldn’t help but feel like a teenage girl who just got asked to the prom by her crush. This was a different side of Kellin that he didn’t see before, and he liked it.

“That’ll be 10 dollars.” Vic pulled out his wallet and handed the money to Kellin, who put it in the register.

“Thanks again Kellin.”

“Don’t sweat it Vic” Kellin winked. Vic thought his knees were going to give out. He had just met this boy not long ago, why did he have such an effect on him?

“Uh by the way, do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch? I think they’d really like you.”

“That’d be awesome! Ok, see you on Monday?”

Vic nodded, and walked towards the door. Kellin couldn’t help but look at Vic’s butt in those tight jeans.

As Vic walked out of the store, he was grabbed by his shirt, resulting in him screaming. The person who grabbed him turned him around. It was Jaime.

“Dude Haha you scream like a girl!” Vic punched Jaime in the arm.

“That wasn’t funny you scared me shitless!” Vic pouted. Jaime just laughed again.

“That dude was checking you out, y’know.” Vic tried his hardest not to blush.

“Oh… um well his name’s Kellin and he’s eating lunch with us on Monday.” He said, making Jaime shrug.

“Okaaayyy…” Vic didn’t like Jaime’s reaction very much. It seemed kind of… asshole-ish.


Monday came up quicker than expected. Students got out of the buses and into the school, crowding the hallways. The first few classes went by like a breeze. It was lunch time.

Kellin walked around the cafeteria, looking around for Vic and his friends, or the popular kids. He barely ate in the caf because in his freshman year he felt ignored and unwanted, plus it sparked the opportunity for kids to harass him.

But that was mostly in the past. Kellin made more friends, friends that cared about him.

Meanwhile, Vic was sitting at their usual table at the center of the caf, pretty much where all the popular kids ate their lunches. At this particular table, other than Vic, sat Josh (Franceschi), Tony, Jaime, Jack (Fowler), Zack (Merrick), Alexander, Mike, Martin (Broda), and a couple of girls named Jessica and Lisa.

Vic was getting nervous about Kellin coming to sit with them. And every second he waited longer didn’t help that feeling.

“Vic, are you ok?” Vic turned back to face the center of the table, looking at his friend Josh. “You look worried.”

“I’m fine.” Vic replied, “I just don’t know where Kellin is, he’s supposed to eat lunch with us.”

“Well, I’m sure he’ll turn up soon.” Spoke Tony. Jaime gave Vic a weird look, but the small boy chose to ignore it.

After a minute of shoving through crowds and looking for his friend, Kellin finally found the table at the center of the caf were Vic’s group of friends were. He coughed a little, to try and get the boys’ attention.

Vic looked up from his burrito and saw Kellin, looking hotter than ever. He was wearing a vest with a band tank underneath, showing his slightly- not as much as Vic's, toned arms.

“Hey Vic, don’t let your burrito get cold!” Zack yelled. Vic didn’t realize he was staring.

“Hey Kellin. Um here sit down beside me.” Vic scooted over so Kellin could have some room to sit with the group.

“Do you want to introduce me to your friends?” Kellin asked after a few moments of silence.

“Oh yeah well Jaime is the one with the explosion on his head,” a few of the boys chuckled, including Jaime, “the guy with the Padawan braid is Tony, Zack is the buff guy, Alexander is the guy in classy button up shirt, Jessica is the girl wearing the pink dress,” Jessica gave Kellin a flirty look, making Vic a little ticked off, “and I’m guessing you know Mike, my older brother, and I believe you’re friends with Jack right?” Kellin nodded, trying to process everyone’s names. Jack waved. “And last but certainly not least is Lisa which is the girl in the floral shirt. Oh and, sorry, this is Martin, the one with the light brown spikey-ish hair.” Martin smiled. “So yeah, this is Kellin.”

The two girls looked at each other and giggled. Luckily Vic knew how to speak girl, not fluently though, but enough to know that If they were given the chance, they would get into Kellin’s tight ass jeans.
“Where do you usually eat lunch Kellin? I’ve never seen you around the caf before.” Asked one of the boys, that Kellin guessed to be Alexander.

“I usually eat with Bri outside.” He answered, earning “oooooo”’s from the boys of the round table. The girls’ flirty looks turned to looks of jealousy.

“Kellin, my man, that girl’s a solid 8 and a half.”

“Oh, we’re just friends.” Kellin said, focusing on his food.

“What?! Are you gay or somethin’?” said Martin. The table erupted into laughter, and so did Kellin, trying to go along with the joke.

Yes. He said in his head.

They all joked around until the bell rang. Everyone sighed, dreading having to go to the rest of their classes.

“That Kellin boy seems a little shy.” said Tony, walking to his next class, which he shared with Vic “we should fix that, because he seems like a really cool dude.”

“Tony, don’t get him into trouble or anything” Vic sighed, moving some hair out of his eyes.

“Don’t worry man, we’re just gonna open him up a little more.” Vic gave Tony a glare. Tony and Jaime liked to fool around the neighborhood with their new friends to toughen them up a little. But it usually resulted in their new friends becoming trouble makers, and getting suspended from school. It ranged from stupid dares, to setting off stink bombs at front doors across the suburb. Vic didn’t really see the point in it, he liked Kellin the way he was, even if he wasn’t as ‘badass’ or as though as his friends.


Vic spent the entire Math class lost in his daydreams, despite Tony’s various attempts to get his friend back to reality.

“Vic? hello? Earth to Victor?” Vic jumped out of his seat when a hand slapped down on his desk. The entire class laughed. The person who disturbed victor from his imagination was his math teacher, Mr. Ready.

“What were you thinking about Victor? What could possibly be more interesting than this lesson I’m trying to teach?”

Anything, math sucks.

“N-nothing, Sir.” Vic looked up at the board and quickly tried to catch up with the notes. Tony was the only one in the class still laughing. But really, what he was thinking about was way more important to him that some boring math lesson- his crush, Kellin Quinn.
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