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Chosen Family

New Year

"ZAAAAAAK!" Stiles called as he ran/flailed down the hallway.
"Yeees?" I inquired as I shut my locker door and leaned on it.
"What's your schedule like?"
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Stiles easily grinned and passed me his. I looked over his fall semester courses and shook my head. "It's amazing that everyone passed last your. And hot damn Stiles, look at these AP courses."
"I'm just as surprised as you and what are you talking about? You have at least two more AP classes than I do." He handed me back my schedule and I passed him his.
"Where's your other half?"
"Oh, he's saying hi to Allison."
"Speak of the devil." I smiled as Scott walked up to us with Allison. "How does your schedules look?"
"Okay." Scott shrugged, "No AP classes for me. Stiles is ditching me, I only have like one class with him." He playfully glared at his best friend.
"I can't help that I have the brains of a genius." I snorted. "What?"
"Nothing little brother. How's your semester looking?" I pointed the question towards Allison.
"Alright. Some honor level classes, but only one AP class." She smiled.
"So, ready for lacrosse to start?" The two boys cheered as Allison smiled and shook her head. The warning bell sounded and we headed to our first class. "I'll see you guys later."
"Oh Zak. Dad's not going to be home until late , so it's just us for supper." Stiles called as he continued down the hall and I went to enter my class. I gave him a thumbs up and headed to forensic science.

"Alright, stretch and then run until I say stop." Coach Finstock commanded. "Better late than never, Zak." He commented as I jogged on the field.
"The locker room was a jungle Coach, the cheerleaders were viscous!" I cried and took my place next to Stiles and Isaac. "Hey Issac."
"Hey Zak." He gave his infamous boyish smile. Jackson and Scott lead us through our warm ups and then we started jogging around the field. "Zak?"
"Hmm?" I hummed as I stayed beside him.
"Why aren't you captain? I mean you're a senior, shouldn't you have seniority to the position?"
I thought as we jogged, "Huh. I don't know, but I don't mind." I shrugged. "Now I'm curious though. It's probably because I'm not the greatest lacrosse player ever. Jackson and even Scott is better than me."
"Well, they're kind of cheating." He smiled with a knowing glint in his eyes.
"Yeah, well before Jackson became... he was better than any of us." We kept talking until Coach told us to stop and the practice began. By the end, I was exhausted and ready to pass out.
"This is so not fair." Stiles complained when we all met up in the parking lot. "Zak and I are tired and bruised, while you three are fine. Werewolves suck."
"Derek could give you the bite." Jackson grinned which caused Scott to punch him. "Hey!" He scowled.
"Nah, I'm good. Humans rule!"
"And we aren't that lucky. Oh my god, the freshman!" Isaac groaned.
"Freshmen? They weren't that bad."
"It wasn't that..."
I deep voice came from behind me and caused me to jump a little, "It was their inability to hide their raging teenage hormones."
"Shit Derek, don't scare me." I placed my hand over my heart. "Raging teenage hormone?"
"You're the only girl on an all boys team, don't be dumb Zak."
"Ah. Well, they'll get over their inevitable crush on me once I beat the shit out of them. For a human I am pretty good at the sport."
"I can attest to that." Stiles nodded, remember all the times we played together and all the bruises I've managed to cause.
"Anyway, why are you here?" Jackson asked, looking to his Alpha.
"Meeting tomorrow." He replied, crossing his arms.
"Couldn't you have just called or texted?" Stiles asked. Derek raised an eyebrow and Stiles wacked his forehead. "No phone, my bad. Well, we'll be there. What time?"
"After practice."
"Sounds good." Stiles gave a thumbs up while everyone else nodded. We talked a little while longer and then we all went different ways. Stiles and I dropped off Scott at his house and then we went home to eat. While we ate, I did some homework while Stiles played COD.
The week went by uneventful. The pack adjusted back into the lull of school, practice, and pack life. Derek had us train two times a week and I made them when I could. Over the summer I started interning at the local forensic lab and loved every minute I spent there. Unfortunately I was only able to work on weekends, but that was only while I had lacrosse. It had been a year since Scott, Stiles, and I had been dragged into the world of werewolves and other supernatural creatures and on Thursday night of our first school week,the three of us reminisced about it.
We were hanging out in the woods, laying about, when Stiles asked, "Anyone notice Derek has been kinda... quieter than normal lately?"
Scott and I paused as we thought back on his behavior. "I've noticed that too." Scott replied.
"Wouldn't that be because his sister's one year anniversary was recently?" The guys looked at me strangely. "It was around this time last year you," I stared directly at Stiles, "Dragged us out find the dead body and Scott was bit."
"How could I forget?" Scott groaned and fell back on the ground. "That was the night things got all screwed up."
"Yep, pretty much. You're so oblivious sometimes Scott." I chuckled. He growled playfully at me, but said something. "Hope he's okay."
"He will be, he's got us now." Stiles grinned.
"True, but it's not the same." I looked up at the waning moon. I heard Stiles whisper a quiet 'yeah,' but for all I know I could have imagined it.
"Shit, we gotta head back or dad will kill us." Stiles jumped up and helped Scott to his feel. We ran out of the woods and back to Stiles's car where we pushed the speed limit to get back before the sheriff.
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Zak has short blonde hair and brown eyes like Stiles. She's very much a tomboy and rarely thinks it strange that she has more guy friends than girl ones. -hair cut -first day of school outfit