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Chosen Family


My first thought upon reentering the conscious world was 'Holy Fuck I'm Cold!' and my second was 'Shit my jaw hurts.' To say that I was unhappy was a bit of an understatement. I groaned and tried to curl in on myself.
"Zak!" A familiar voice called in my ear.
"Loudness go away." I murmured, pain shooting through me head.
"Zak, you need to talk to us." A deep voice said gently. "How are you feeling?"
"Cold." Literally a second later a heater cuddled up close to me. "My jaw hurts and I have a minor headache."
"Can you open your eyes?" I made a throaty unhappy noise as I carefully opened them. "Good, I'm going to touch your jaw." I hissed the moment Derek touched it, but seconds later I purred as the pain faded away. "Your jaw seems to only be bruised, not broken. And you have a slight cut on your head, but nothing to serious."
"Praise the lord." I muttered.
"What happened?" Derek's eyes grew hard as they stared into mine.
"Ummm..." I had to think back, my mind was still a bit fuzzy from whatever event had occurred. "I ran outside... um then... Oh then someone came up behind me and scared the shit out of me."
"Who was it?"
"Who... who... it was..." Then the voice popped into my head and I cringed. Why me? "Gerard. He told me to warn you Derek, that you'll never find him. Or if you do, it'll be too late and..." My eyes shifted to Allison, "He said that you are going to have to pick a side soon and it better be the right one." Allison bit her lip as Scott's arms tightened around her. "Then he proceeded to spin me around and deck me in the chin. Instant KO. That fucker." I growled which almost perfectly matched Derek's 'I'm super pissed off, someone threatened my pack' Alpha growl.
Stiles nudged in and looked at me concerned, "You sure you're okay?"
I tried to smile, but it hurt too much, "Yeah, I'm gunna be popping Motrin for a while though." I froze and groaned. "How are we going to explain this to dad and Kaleen?"
"Got into a fight with a lax bro?" Stiles tried.
"Yeah, like he'll believe That again." I rolled my eyes as everyone went quiet. Oh, right... We really need to stop getting into fights. How do other packs survive?
Derek cleared his throat, not completely over being pissed but more in control. "Let's head back inside." We all got up and entered the station. Lydia handed me some painkillers and soda to wash it down with.
"What are we going to do?" Jackson asked, "We can't keep walking around like we have been."
"I know." Derek leaned on the cable car. "We'll hold a meeting in two days. If any of you come up with something we'll talk about it then, but if it is something the pack needs to know about ASAP, don't hesitate to call, text, or whatever. Understood?" Everyone nodded and we tried to get back to having fun, but found it hard.
At around 11:30, we all decided to head home. As predicted, dad and Kaleen both freaked and I got a stern talking to about getting into fights. I apologized and went to bed as mournfully as possible; they seemed satisfied with that. I slept in Stiles's room because there was no way in hell I was sleeping alone after having Gerard surprise me again. As usual, we remained in the dark for weeks as we tried to find Gerard; tricky bastard. All too soon winter break ended and third quarter of my senior year began. This year was proving to be just as eventful as junior year.
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