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Chosen Family

Dates that Crash

And so life went on. Derek finally agreed to let Nix stay at his place since he was almost a full grown bird, though I had to take care of Nix after school, I somehow managed to keep my grades up, all things supernatural were still eerily quiet, and luckily my mother seemed to be holding up her side of the deal. But still, everyone was still on edge, waiting for something to happen.
I was in English, working on a scene of Merchants of Venice when Ryder gave me puppy dog eyes. I finally caved after twenty minutes and asked, "Alright, what's up?"
"What do you mean?" He asked innocently.
"You've been quietly sighing and giving me sad eyes since we started this thing, what's on your mind?"
"Weeeeeell, I was wondering if you'd like to go out with me."
I looked at him and slowly said, "I'm kind of not your type, darling. I'm kind of missing something essential and have something you don't particularly want in a significant other."
He paused a moment confused before barking out a laugh. "I didn't mean it like that. Sorry." He had to take a minutes to control his laughter. "Sorry, I meant I'm being dragged to another date night thing and would like to know if you'd like to go. I had fun the last time we hung out and would much rather hang with you than someone I don't really know."
I leaned back, "What's in it for me?" I smirked.
Ryder shook his head, "An awesome evening with me of course where I'll be the greatest gentleman ever and pay for you and you can have some fun instead of always hanging out with that loser group you call friends." He grinned at me, which caused me to laugh.
"That loser group of friends includes," I leaned forward and whispered, "The guy you have a crush on."
Ryder lit up red before muttering, "He'll never notice me."
"You don't know that. Anywho, when is this glorious date suppose to be?"
"Thursday since we don't have school Friday."
I thought over my week and nodded, "I believe I can make it. What time and shit?"
"I'll text you all the information." He grinned and bounced slightly.
"I hope you two have been working." Our teacher scolded.
"Of course we have, almost done really." I smiled. Our teacher merely made a noise before moving on.
"So this merchant...."

~Thursday Evening~
I was lounging in the front room with everyone, waiting for Ryder to pick me up. "So what are you all dressed up for?" Lydia asked as the guys tried to blow each other up while playing Mario Carts.
I looked up from my phone and replied, "Going out."
Lydia rolled her eyes, "No duh, where?"
"Ahh, not really sure." I commented, "Never was told."
"Wait, are you going on a date again?" Lydia grinned and turned to face me. I heard the game being paused and felt everyone's eyes on me.
"Sort of, I guess."
"With Ryder again." I could hear Lydia bouncing inside.
I sighed, "Yes."
"Are you dating him now?" Stiles asked, half being curious and half demanding.
My eyes flicked to Danny for a second before replying, "I'm not exactly his type. However he get's tired of being thrown together with random girls so he asked me so he has someone to hang with."
"He likes you." Allison said.
I gave out a harsh laugh, "Yeah, no. I can promise you he doesn't like me as anything more than a friend." Just then a horn sounded and I got up. "Later."
"How you doing?" Ryder asked in a suave voice once I entered his car.
I looked at him for a second and broke down laughing, "Really?"
"Yeah really. Too much?" He asked with a smirk.
"Just a bit. But since you asked, I am doing quite well though everyone thinks you either have a crush on me or we're dating."
"Really?" He asked surprise.
"Yep. Are you actually that surprised they think that?"
"Kind of."
"Didn't we go over this last time? I never go out, especially on dates so going out twice with the same guy is mighty suspicious for them."
"Sorry Zak."
"Don't be." I nudged him. "I am helping out a friend in need and I get to have fun, what's to be sorry about?"
"Your whole group of friends think you're dating someone you're not?"
"Eh, they'll eventually figure it out I'm not. Kinda surprised they haven't." I muttered the latter part.
"Why's that?"
I looked over at him, "Oh, they tend to be exceptional at picking up if I'm lying and since I didn't you'd think they'd catch on."
"Sometimes people don't see things they should."
"How philosophical of you."
"I try." He smiled and parked outside a mini golf course. He got out and opened my door, "M'lady."
"Thank you kind sir." We walked quietly for a second before I nudged his shoulder, "You coould always ask Danny to prom and that'd clear things up."
"Zaak." He whined.
"Chill Ryder, I was kidding." I patted his arm as we met up with his friends. We started our round of mini golf and i met one girl that hadn't participated in last time's merriment. Halfway through the game my pocket vibrated with a text that said CALL ME ASAP from Stiles.
"Hey Ryder, I'll be right back I'm gunna use the bathroom." He nodded and I wandered off to the bathroom. Once in, I called Stiles. "Better be a good reason to almost freak me out in the middle of mini golf."
"Gerard's around here." He replied causing my blood to turn to ice.
"Yeah, sorry to ruin your date."
"Don't be, I'll be home soon. Stay safe."
"You too." He ended the call and I headed out. "Hey Ryder."
"What's wrong you look pale?"
Thank God. "I'm not feeling good, do you mind taking me home?"
"No, are you going to you know.."
"No! Just a pretty bad stomach ache."
"Okay." He turned to his friends. "Sorry guys, we're going to leave early. Later." We said farewell and headed to the car. Ten minutes later I waved bye to my friend and walked into the house to find only Stiles.
"What's going on?" I demanded.
"Derek picked up Gerard's scent twenty minutes ago. We are meeting at the Hale house, let's go." We headed out to the blue jeep and started towards the house. We didn't get far before I caught something in my side mirror. I turned around to see two sets of amber eyes glaring me down as they started to catch up to us.
"Stiles." I hissed turning around. "Stiles!"
"What!?" He yelled.
"Drive faster."
"FASTER!" He slammed down on the gas peddle and the jeep lurched forward. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. "Stiles."
"I'm trying." He bit out as he tried not to crash into anything.
"Shit." I muttered as one unknown wolf came up on the driver's side. "Break."
"Stiles!" Right as one wolf was about to crash into us, Stiles slammed down in the brakes making the jeep stop suddenly. Stiles hit the steering wheel as I got whiplash from my belt locking in place. The wolf that had come up on the side tumbled across the street, unable to stop the momentum he had established while running. His partner full on crashed into the back of the jeep; denting it. "Stiles?" He didn't respond, knocked out from the crash. "Dammit." I unstrapped him and switched seats with him; hoping we wouldn't have to stop quick again. I stomped on the gas and sped off, keeping my eyes on the two wolves I had left behind.
"Shit." Stiles muttered as he started to come to. I whipped out my arm and slammed it in to his chest as I pressed down on the brake. "OOF!" Stiles braced himself on his dash board as we stopped once again. "What the-" He cut himself off as we stared into the eyes of Gerard. Giving little thought I went into reverse and drove off again, only to heard Gerard laugh.
"Stiles call someone, we need help." I gritted as I tried to drive backwards. "And buckle up, this is gunna be one Hell of a ride."
"Derek, we need you guys to find us. We're surrounded by Gerard and his lackeys.... Just hurry dammit!"
"Spinning around." I warned as I cut the wheel and the car spun. I quickly put it into drive and continued the journey down the road. We passed the spot where we had first stopped, but found no one there.
"My jeep is going to diiiie." Stiles complained as the speedometer jumped between 95 and 100 m/h. I grunted, not really paying attention to him as I tried to make sure we weren't being followed. Suddenly we heard a THUD from the side of the jeep and it swayed a little. "Fuck!"
I was about to step on the brakes again when Scott's head popped in. "It's me guys."
"Don't ever do that again!" Stiles scolded.
"Scott, in now or you're going to die." I said as I saw the unfamiliar eyes of the wolf Stiles hit earlier. He quickly slipped in and buckled up.
"Zak?" Stiles called scared as we sped closer to the wolf. "Zak what the hell are you thinking?"
"This." The wolf's grin soon became confused as I braked and cut the wheel. He didn't have time to think as the rear of the jeep swung around and collided with him. He flew a good ten feet and slammed into a tree.
"Where the Hell did you learn to drive like this?" Stiles spazzed as we once again began to drive off.
"Go carts. We aren't going to last long at this rate, we're down to less than a quarter of a tank."
Two minutes later Stiles touched my arm. "Pull over, we'll run. They're trying to trap us, hopefully they won't expect this." I nodded and pulled over. We quickly got out and ran through the all too familiar woods.
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