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Chosen Family


I sat next to Stiles on the arm of the couch as Derek started the meeting. "Alright, everyone listen up." Everyone turned their attention to Derek. "Yesterday's surprise attack did some damage to both sides. If we're lucky Gerard's pack won't attack until his betas are fully healed. Most won't heal for quite some time so that works in our favor. Zak and I came up with a plan yesterday, but it isn't a great one."
"Thanks for the support Derek." I commented which merited a glare.
"Zak, since it was mostly your idea, you get to explain it." I knew him calling me out was part punishment and part he knew I'd rather tell everyone about the incident. I have such a caring Alpha.
With a sigh I got up. "Alright, so before I go into the amazing plan that I came up with, I have something to tell you." Even without any wolfy senses I could see the anxiety on everyone's faces. Okay ease them in. "So I decided to attend BHCC." Everyone started to cheer since I'd be staying close, "Becaaause, I was bit yesterday by Gerard." Everyone froze and then started shouting how unfunny my joke was. I held up a hand but no one paid attention, finally Derek barked out a quiet. "This isn't some sick joke." I pulled down the sleeve of my sweatshirt to reveal teeth mark scars. "Gerard pounced on me and bit me. And that is where the plan comes in. We are going to use me as bait." Once again, shouts sounded through the house as the pack objected. I looked to Stiles who sat quietly, looking down at his hands.
"Derek, how can you put Zak's life in danger like that!?" Scott yelled, his eyes changing color.
"It was Zak's idea, and she's determine to do it." Derek replied with his eyes on his beta.
"That's fucked up! You're her Alpha, you can say no to this plan!"
"Technically he's not." Everyone's eyes looked to me. "It's like what happened to you Scott, Peter was your Alpha; Gerard's technically mine. Once he figures out he has a new wolf, he's going to summon me to make me submit. We are going to use that against him. The plan is to have me under surveillance once I turn. He can't call me until I've shifted, after that I'm under his control if he wishes it. I will lead you to him and we can take care of it."
"It's a stupid plan, and I can't believe you are okay with putting her life in danger." He shot at Derek.
"Actually, it is a clever plan." Lydia said. "We can ambush Gerard and hopefully keep Zak out of his grasp if we have someone watching her. However, the probability rate of this success is low due to us having so few wolves. Except for Derek, most of us are still in school that we need to attend."
"We plan on including the hunters in this plan. I've asked Chris to come over to talk about it." Derek said which caused many to gasp. I left the spot light and sat next to Stiles again who leaned his head on my side. I had informed him of everything yesterday. He only calmed down when I explained it was the only logical way that we could think of to get rid of the threat once and for all.
"My dad knows about this?" Allison asked.
Derek shook his head, "I called to ask if we could talk about a possible wolf pack threat. He doesn't know everything. Did you tell him what happened yesterday?" She shook her head and then leaned on Scott. All the wolves turned their heads at the sound of a car pulling up. "That should be him." A few minutes later he entered the house.
"You wanted to talk?" He walked over and gave a head shake at the sight of his daughter.
"We need your help eliminating a wolf pack." Derek replied.
"I can look into it, but the code has not been broken so I can't do much." He replied.
Allison gave Derek a look before speaking, "Dad, it's grandpa." Chris shifted his eyes to Allison with his eyebrows knitted together. "He didn't die... He turned into a werewolf."
"And is Alpha of a wolf pack that keeps entering and exiting Beacon Hill." Derek finished, it was his turn. "Last night his pack attacked ours." Once again, Chris's eyes went to his daughter. "Yes, Allison was one of the people attacked, along with Stiles and Zak. All who are human, therefore Gerard's pack broke the code." Chris's face contorted into anger.
"We will help you. I can call in for some help." He said.
"There's more."
"Have other's been hurt or killed?"
"No, so far it's just my pack. The problem is, Gerard bit someone." Before Chris could asked, I raised my hand.
"Me." I walked over and showed him my arm. "I'm part of his pack once I turn. Will you listen to our plan?"
"What is it?" I could sense how angry he was at his father.
"We are going to use Zak as bait." Derek continued. "Gerard by now or soon will realize he bit Zak and will want her part of his pack. He can't do this until she shifts for the first time which is in a week and a half. We want to put her on surveillance until he controls her. We need your help since my pack is so small and we can't watch her all the time due to them being high schoolers."
"So you want us to watch her when you can't?"
"Yes, she'll eventually lead us to the pack if we don't find them first. However, even if we do find them, we'll need people watching her because he could control her if he's figured it out."
"So she's a danger to everyone?"
"My pack has been fine so far, she won't hurt anyone." Derek warned.
"But as Zak said, she won't be part of your pack, she'll be part of... Gerard's. Will you be able to stop her of he starts to control her?"
"Yes." Derek replied with finality, the rest of the pack nodding along.
"I hope so because although I know her, the other hunters don't. If she attacks or does something threatening, they will shoot first and ask questions later. I'm only warning you." I leaned into Stiles more, knowing Chris spoke the truth just so we knew what it would mean to work along side hunters.
"Who are the hunters?"
"I don't know yet, I only found out about what's happen today."
Derek took a second before saying, "Please try to get hunters that follow the code, I don't want a member of my pack hurt or killed because a hunter saw a wolf and just shot."
"I'll try, but can't guarantee anything."
"Just try. We can have a meeting once the hunters come so they know who not to shoot."
"Fine." Chris turned to leave but stopped, "How long have you known about Gerard?"
"He first showed himself sometime in November I believe. He was quiet for a while until Christmas Eve and then wasn't heard from until yesterday."
"And you didn't tell me?" He turned angrily.
"It wasn't your concern then. It was only him and he did nothing more than try and scare us, it wasn't until today that he had any sort of pack."
Chris gritted his teeth, "And you didn't say anything, Allison?"
She shrunk away from her father, "I didn't think of it?"
"Jesus Allison, we are family, you could have told me." He scrubbed his face with his hand.
"Sorry dad." She looked down ashamed.
"I'll go contact some hunters and let you know." He walked out and left.
We were all quiet as the wolves listened to him leave. Erica was the first to finally break the awkward silence by turning to me, "So you're one of us huh? One of ussss."
"Do I have to get a leather jacket? Cos I'm personally not a leather jacket kind of girl." I smirked.
"But they're awesome! Look how awesome we look." Isaac gestured to him, Erica, and Derek.
"Yeeeah, not feeling it." I replied while making a face.
"You are going to be one lame werewolf." Erica shrugged.
I cocked my head, "Scott doesn't have a leather jacket."
"Case and point." Jackson smirked while slinging an arm over the back of the couch.
"Hey!" Scott growled. We all started laughing as Scott and Jackson got into a glare off. It didn't last long as the wolves slowly stopped and looked over towards my side. I scrunched my face in confusion.
"How can you be so calm about this?" Stiles growled. I looked down startled. "You're turning into a werewolf, one not even part of this pack. How the hell are you so fucking calm?"
I looked down, "I'm not calm, I'm terrified. I'm scared Gerard will control me and I'll hurt someone. What if I hurt you, or dad, or Kaleen, or Allison, hell Jackson, or Boyd, or Erica, anyone? I may be a new wolf, but I could still do some damage. What if I attack one of the hunters while under Gerard, they would have all right to do whatever they wanted to me."
"Damn Zak, you have it worse than me." Scott commented.
"Thanks Scott, you make me feel so much better." I replied wryly.
"I try." He smiled.
I shook my head, "I'm going to kill you." I threw my shoe at him. He easily caught it with a laugh. We spent the rest of the day hanging around, trying not to think about the impending fight or the fact that in a week and a half I would be shifting.
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