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Chosen Family

A Day Off

I woke up and everything went down hill from there. I opened my eyes to a blinding headache, the chills, and knife stabbing cramps. Seriously, I've never felt this shitty; I wanted to cry. I heard Stiles come down to wake me up and I groaned.
I felt him lean over the couch as he said, "I see you're awake." I could hear the smile in his voice.
"Stiles, stay home with me." I grumbled into my pillow. I raised one hand and tried to find him without looking.
"Zak, you okay?" I heard him walk in front of the couch.
"Noooo. I feel like I'm dying."
He felt down and felt my forehead. "You're burning up!" He exclaimed. "Wait here." He ran off as I cuddle further into my blankets. "Zak, you shouldn't do that." He placed something cool on my head. "I'll be right back, I'll call us in."
"Shouldn't dad be doing that?"
"He'll get worried. I'll call him later."
"What about Kaleen?"
"She's not here, must've gone to work or something." I made a noise as I tried to get comfortable. "What do you need Zak?"
"Ibuprofen, water, and maybe toast. Let's see how that goes."
"Will do." He scampered off as I closed my eyes again. I really needed to go to the bathroom, but getting up would either make me dizzy or cause me to pass out. Guess I'll have to wait a bit.
Stiles stayed with me and together we watched a whole slue of movies, only a quarter of which I paid attention to. Dad popped in once to make sure we were okay and called a bunch of times to check up on me; I feel so loved. By the time school ended and Scott, Allison, Isaac, Boyd, and Erica came by, we were on our fifth movie and I had my head on Stiles's lap trying to nap.
They burst through the door, causing me to shrink at the noise, "Quiiiiiet!" I whined.
"Ooop, sorry!" Scott whispered as the group walked over.
"You poor dear, you sure look rough." Erica observed.
"You have noooo idea." I grumbled.
"I think I kind of do."
"Did You turn like this?" I opened one eye to look at her.
"No, but the two have coincided before. I'm a real bitch." She grinned.
"Aren't you always?" I smirked back.
"Let's hope we don't sync up, we'll take over this pack one full moon."
I couldn't help but laugh, which wasn't a good idea since a lightening bolt shot pain through my head. "Fuck, don't make me laugh."
"I don't understand, we all turn on the full moon. Why would you two take over the pack?" Isaac asked. Erica, Allison, and I all looked at him for a moment before laughing. "What?"
"Please, no!" I cried as I curled into the back of the couch.
"We'll tell you when you're older." Erica laughed as she slung an arm around Isaac's shoulders.
"I'm the same age as you!" He cried as he threw his arms in the air.
"You really want to know?" Erica grinned evilly. Isaac nodded.
"No you don't." Derek replied, walking into the living room.
"Tell me." Isaac glared.
"Alright." Erica leaned down to whisper in his ear.
"Deaton said to brew this and drink it, it will make you feel better." Derek handed me a bag of tea leave looking things.
"Thanks." I replied and looked to Stiles, who rolled his eyes and went to make me tea. "Thanks!"
"Oh God!" Isaac's faced turned to one of horror.
"Told you, you didn't want to know." Derek looked at his beta, then back to me. "How are you feeling?"
"A lot better than this morning. I no longer feel like death, however I'm still a hurting puppy. Pun intended." I grinned.
"Good to know you turning hasn't changed your personality." Boyd commented.
"I wouldn't be Zak if I wasn't sarcastic and awesome!" I replied like I was appalled, "Nothing can take that away." Stiles handed me my cup and I took a sip; instantly spewing it out. "Except for that. That shits nasty!"
"Zak, don't spit out your drink!" Stiles scolded.
"Sorry, but have you tasted it?" I grimaced as I looked down at the concoction. "Well here it goes." I took a large gulp, swallowed, and gagged.
"It can't be that bad." Erica rolled his eyes.
"Please take a sip and tell me how it is." I challenged.
"I will." She took the cup and took a sip. She made a face as the liquid went down. "I take it back, it is that bad."
"All things that make you better taste awful." I pouted as I looked down at the contents of my cup. "Stupid sickness thing." I downed the rest and slid the cup as far away from me as possible.
"You ready for tomorrow?" Scott asked.
I looked over at him, "As ready as I'll ever be. I'd rather have it be tonight, I don't like waiting." I yawned and my eyes started drooping. "I think Deaton drugged me." I slurred as darkness encroached my vision.
"Most medicines that make you feel better make you sleep." Stiles replied with a smile. "Body needs a lot of sleep."
"Amnkame." I mumbled.
"What was that?" He laughed with everyone else. I never did answer.

I woke a few hours later suddenly when Kaleen threw her arms around me. "Zaklina! How are you doing?"
I freaked out a little bit at the suddenness of consciousness. "What?" I was disoriented.
She pulled back and frowned, "I asked how you were doing."
I blinked a few times trying to focus, "I'm better, I think."
"You think?"
"I'm still trying to grasp being awake." I heard a few chuckles as I continued to try and wake up. "Okay, yeah that tea stuff worked wonders."
"Let me see." She kissed my forehead and I had a flashback to when I was younger. She always use to check my temperature when I didn't feel well by kissing my forehead. I looked down. "You only have a slight fever." She smiled.
"That's good, I hate being sick."
"Who likes it?" Scott asked with a raised brow.
"Bums who want to skip school?" Scott looked at me for a moment and then nodded before looking back to the video game. "Where have you been?" I asked my mother.
"Didn't I tell you? I got a job at the department store in the perfume section. My kind of place don't you think?" She winked.
I smiled, "Yeah, it's befitting of you."
She giggled, "Well, I'm going to change." She fluttered off upstairs.
Scott turned to me again and asked, "You okay?"
I smiled and got up, "I'll be back." I headed to the bathroom and left the boys alone to kill zombies.
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